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  1. Version is a complete waste of time. It doesn't auto login nor does it remember passwords from my previous version depsite me importing the backup file. I also cannot import the txt file which has all of my passwords listed. Don't get me wrong, I think KTS and PWM are great but come on guys, you're letting me down here. I also see suggestions to re-install MS C++ but why should I have to ? Surely the programmers are capable of writing code without this sort of fix.
  2. I borrowed a graphics tablet from my sister a while back and it worked great (I was using KAV at the time). Now I've bought one for myself and it works great apart from it stops Total Security and Password Manage from operating. If I remove the drivers then KTS and KPM work as they should. This even happens if I allow Windows to automatically install the drivers when I plug it in. Has anyone else found this to be a problem. I'm using a fully licensed version of Windows 7 64-bit with an up to date service pack.
  3. I use this excellent site for free software but most of the downloads carry a wrapper which validates the download and installs the software. It has a suffix of .gcd and when the pc tries to access the installation file an error message appears telling me the files are corrupt and must be downloaded again. This not true because if I disable KTS and restart the pc without it running the file installs correctly. Is there a way to let KTS know that this specific file is ok to access the giveaway site ?
  4. I'm trying to STOP the green K's appearing on websites, they completely screw up the formatting on some sites. I disable web anti-virus and apply then the K's disappear. Once I go to another site, they're back. Any clues on how to kill them off ?
  5. Hi, I seem to have sorted it through the component services in Admin tools. I stopped (and prevented from starting) a few processes which may have been updated on a recommendation by KIS 2009. So far everything's ok. Nice tool the getsysteminfo is. I'll keep it for future reference. Keep up the good work Kaspersky. I'll never go back to any other AV software.
  6. Thanks for the help. It was ok this morning until I started updating software which KIS decided was an advisory. After that, snails ensued. I've already commenced cleansing the system by disabling punkbusters A and B and updated my Marvell adapter drivers.
  7. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...3d7146507e3a199 Is this the one ? I can't see anything obviously mucking things up but as you can tell, I'm no expert.
  8. My KIS is using CPU resources by up to 98% every few seconds making browsing the web very tiresome. I'v recently updated some software recommended by the advisories list. Is it obvious to anyone what's going on ? I'm getting to the point where I'm temporarily disabling KIS. :angry:
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