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  1. Hi, I'm not sure what "signature database" you're searching, but it's showing on VT and http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...5271da46a2443e4 Regardless of if it's showing in a table of hashes or not, the main test whether or not Kaspersky detects it or not
  2. If that log file comes back and is very big again, ask the software's forum or support team letting them know the file name and location. It may be a setting you need to change. If it's Kaspersky, do what Jowi said in post #2. If its another software, you need to ask them for support.
  3. Use WinDirStat to see which file/folder/program is consuming the space. That should give you a good starting point to see why the program/folder is consuming the space and resolve it from there.
  4. Hi, 1. Try to use the removal tool (if you did it via Add/Remove only) and ensure the Superfish Certificate is removed - http://support.lenovo.com/en/product_secur...rfish_uninstall If detection reoccurs, is Lenovo trying to download/install Superfish again - or has it been re-installed in the background?
  5. Phishing Site, how do I resolve?

    Hi, I've reported this to Kaspersky's virus lab (http://newvirus.kaspersky.com/) as a false positive. They'll check and update detections.
  6. Feedback on Kaspersky Virus Desk

    I'm not getting a reply from the lab neither. Think the "I want to get check results by email" tick-box shouldn't be there if the emails are not coming. Don't want to have false pretences - even if it may be a bug. When the functionality is enabled, then having the tick-box is ok. Edit 20/11/2014... got a response just now saying "An unknown file has been received. It will be sent to the Virus Lab.". Seems like there's a big delay in the response. Oddly enough, it says I sent the sample on 20/11/2014, although I sent it before 17/11/2014. Ref: KLAN-2264205731 and KLAN-2264239200
  7. Hi Jay, Kaspersky first started detecting them as UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic. detection name has by now probably changed. These won't be the only variants of the new DOJ malware infection method, there will be many more as new malware and variants of existing malware are released all the time. It's important to ensure your antivirus is updated to stay protected. Participation in Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) also support further with ensuring you're quicker protected. http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...e660310f5a0668c http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...1177A4D13DD8065 http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...abcbfc4ed40c955 http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...296715f1ec25aea http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor#sea...678A1326B91953C
  8. Feedback on Kaspersky Virus Desk

    Thanks Rodion, looking good I got two bits of feedback at the moment. 1. Download URLs to Virus Removal Tools 1.1 - Kaspersky Virus Removal tool is now called Kaspersky Security Scan. Come to think of it, we should also rename it in this forum's Home User section. Mods able to do? I don't have access to it. 1.2 KRD and KSS links should take users to the the download page rather than support page. A page like http://www.kaspersky.com/security-scan (for KSS) is great as it has information about the tool. KRD's equivalent of a page like that or this download page would do the job - http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/rescuedisk#downloads 2. About us URL Linking to Kaspersky's main site. Should be http://www.kaspersky.com/about.
  9. Feedback on Kaspersky Virus Desk

    Hey Rodion, the URL doesn't take me to the virus desk. It takes me to the old Kaspersky site and all images don't load. The images all load in the new Kaspersky site and is functioning as normal when I go to www.kaspersky.com.
  10. kaspersky labs Emails

    Hi, these e-mails should be from support_subscribe@kaspersky.com. Also, hovering over the hyperlinks should show it's linking to support.kaspersky.com The tools should only be used in the case of an infection where Kaspersky is unable to remove it successfully, or if you have been instructed to run it by a forum helper in the case of an infection as they know better what tool to use when. I wouldn't advise people to run all the tools if it's not required.
  11. Hi !

    I never seen you online believe me :).

    You are the good person and i wish you all the best

    GOD bless you friend !


    Syed Irfan Naseer

  12. Simple test of downloading speed

    1. Country = United Kingdom (England) 2. Connection speed = 40Mbps (checked on speedtest.net at time of download). 3. Download time: 14s (downloading at around 3.4mb/s)
  13. You're still protected even if it's not compatible as Kaspersky does most it's dangerous website analysis at network traffic level rather than browser level. I personally always disable the browser extensions as I see no use for them, but some people like it. Each to their own I guess.
  14. 1. Please compress the files into a zip archive. 2. Password protect the archive with the password virus. 3. Send the archive to newvirus@kaspersky.com and state the password of the file. The lab will then check the files and determine if it is malicious and should be added to detections or not. Kind regards, dawgg
  15. I'd suggest to add the folder to exclusions and clear the detection logs. That way Kaspersky will no longer have files causing the red colour in its detected list and items will not be added to the detection list again.