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  1. I have performed backup KAV Administration server database successfully. SQL database for KAV Admin. server is located on another, SQL server Questions are trivial, but I have to check to be sure Will klbackup "know" on where to restore sql databas? When I perform restore of KAV Administration server database, what will happen with sql database on sql server? Will it be replaced with previosly backuped database?
  2. Yes. "Uninstalled" KAV communicates with KAV Administration Server perfectly Any idea how to correctly perform uninstall?
  3. Could you send me beta-keys for KAV for workstation? Our non-beta key is not accepted.
  4. Could I download beta KAV 6.0 for workstations for testing on several workstations?
  5. We use KAV Admin Kit 5.0.1152 and on our workstations KAV for Windows Workstations 5.0.676 is installed. I have created and tested task: Kaspersky Administration Kit> Product deinstallation task> application to uninstall> Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations Task was started and finished succesfully. Problem is that the Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations was not uninstalled, only system tray icon and group from start menu>programs disappeared I have taken a screenshot, picture is attached. I suppose that this is not a normal behavior for uninstallation task?
  6. I think it will not be necessary, i have found reason for cpu overload. Event log on server was loaded with errors like this: "Object C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\WinVNC4.exe is infected with the virus not-a-virus:RemoteAdmin.Win32.WinVNC.4110 (User: user)" Strange thing is that in policy for the group that wokstation belongs, in the Threats and exclusions > General list of exclusions, entry (object): "C:\Program Files\RealVNC\*.*" was added earlier. However, I have modified general list of exclusions, apllied all policy settings to the local settings at first policy application, now CPU load does not exceed few percent. Thank you.
  7. Scan network drives is disabled. Scan My Computer is scheduled once per week. No scans are performed while CPU load was measured. CPU load is the same with NA 1.0.1150 + KAV 5.0.525 and with NA 1.0.1152 + KAV 5.0.676, no improvements are noticed
  8. I am experiencing exactly the same type of error on one workstation. Have no solution for this yet.
  9. I will check all options and perform further monitoring. Thank you for answer.
  10. Cpu utilization was recorded from yesterday (sunday morning) until today. It was not a working day, nobody worked on PC, there was no background applications that would cause cpu load, except kaspersky av for windows workstations. On PC are installed: Network agent 5.0.1150 KAV for windows workstations 5.0.676 CPU is intel pentium 4 with HT. Everything else is normal, except cpu utilization over 60% when idle. Is this normal behavior or not?
  11. Task is: "Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0.527 for Windows Workstations installation" Option is greyed regardless of version of KAV that should be installed, or network agent. Only the tasks "Licence key for Windows Workstations installation" have this option enabled. Why is this option greyed?
  12. It's the same situation with this network agent on ftp. Error occurs only on several workstations, on 90%+ everything goes fine.
  13. On several workstations, installation of network agent ver 5.0.1150 fails with error: Remote installation failed on the host: Installer error: -3 (Required data not found in the Setup.iss file (i.e. unexpected dialog appeared).) What could be a problem?
  14. Unfortunately, it won't work on KAV Personal 5
  15. We have AD and KAV Administration server (ver 5.0.1150) with cca 700 workstations with KAV for windows workstations and network agent installed,. We have also cca 50-100 workstations with KAV Personal Pro ver 4 or ver 5, with network agent installed. Our plan is to install KAV for win. wkst. on all workstations in AD and we would like to avoid manual uninstalling KAV Personal Pro on every workstation. Is there a way to remotely uninstall KAV Personal Pro on all workstations, I suppose that KAV AdminKit could not be used for that? Thanks.
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