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  1. 看了报告,显示“未处理对象,已跳过”,也不告诉是哪个文件,哪个进程释放的病毒。
  2. Hello, On Windows 11 Pro 64bit 22H2 (Build 22621.1413) and Kaspersky Internet Security the windows security center warning im not in optimal status, and after looking on microsoft KB the cause could be this error reported in systems logs Microsoft-Windows-CodeIntegrity/Operational Event ID 3033, CodeIntegrity Code Integrity determined that a process (\Device\HarddiskVolume3\Windows\System32\svchost.exe) attempted to load \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 21.3\x64\antimalware_provider.dll that did not meet the Windows signing level requirements. Is there some hint to correct this error? PS: I have fount two old post about this, but solution was provided by waiting MS Update on older windows release
  3. chrome版本:111.0.5563.147 卡巴斯基版本 浏览器插件版本 重复安装了很多次,也更换了chrome的不同版本,问题依旧存在,chrome的设置也重置了,也没有用 插件的权限也全部打开了 但是在edge里,卡巴斯基的插件是正常工作的 点开插件 如图所示
  4. I am getting the following errors listed below in my Outlook view of my IMAP mailbox, where any emails from united.com I get that error and I get error report, where outlook is blocking any emails from United.com, this has been going on for years and frankly I am finally tired of this. What are the steps that I need to take to exclude the emails from United.com? I have added the trusted addresses and no luck. Do I need to add entries in Outlook as well? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I have Kaspersky Premium version I installed the Firefox browser and installed the Kaspersky protection and Kaspersky password manager extensions and I have a problem. The protection extension is shown in grey color, and the KPM is shown in red color and asks me to download and install the Windows app (screenshots attached). I'd be happy to get help to fix this issue.
  6. So I just activated Total security and Internet security, and I thought the internet security would only be activated after my total security expire? Anyway, after a crashed windows update caused by the application, both my KTS and KIS became Kaspersky Pure (picture below), and my android phone is still the free version of Kaspersky? Is there like a mobile and pc version of KIS? Also, the Security cloud application seems to be activated with a 3 years protection for 3 devices but my subscription is listed as free, and my current device seems to be expired. I'm lost here folks. What's the difference between Total security, Kaspersky Pure and Security cloud free? Is KSC better than Kaspersky Pure, or is it like Kaspersky SC Paid>Kaspersky Pure>Kaspersky SC Free>Kaspersky Total? What are the differences and capabilities? TA
  7. Me gustaría saber cómo puedo evitar que kaspersky vpn se actualice automaticament, ya que la nueva versión no funciona tan bien como esta versión antigua
  8. Hi, After I uninstalled kaspersky total security not long ago 4 days ago due to expiring license key and not enough funds to extund it. My win11 system started acting weird and corrupted even tho (sfc and DISM scans say otherwise "no corrupted system files") for context (windows update was blank and perma loading, system settings crashing, diagtrack not working, GPU drivers corrupted and deleted ???, even planification services not working due to MMC error) my system was all good before uninstalling kaserpsky I never do shady stuff I always surf safely. I kept restoring system to previous restore points but same problems and didn't fix issue. so I reinstall kaserpsky because I suspected kaserpsky to be the casue of this due to the fact that I did nothing as big this week as kaspersky removal (no win update, nothing as big + no shady downloads) and GUESS what everything works fine without even having an active license key couldn't restore point from faulty point to previous restore point cause kaspersky would not allow it which is normal. so I used kav removal to force uninstall kaspersky again on my faulty system and GUESS what all restore points all are gone and now I am stuck in this faulty status great. so my point here is, you put backdoors on ur customers systems so as soon as they uninstall ur solutions and products u corrupt it in a clever way so that they suspect it to be due to virus or malware infection. when it is not, so to make them extund their subscription to ur products and that is just fked up and sad. I was a vivid fan of ur products, infact I even rated ur products 5 ratings on ur website, always recommended ur solutions to my family and friends. and even downloaded ur products in times when people boycotted ur solution due to political reasons (russia ukraine war) cause I used to blindly trust you. but after this no more, after this I quit. if u don't solve this you are the worst av company ever never gonna buy ur products ever again. u put backdoors on cutomers system and keep them even after uninstalling ur products
  9. Hi forum is it normal that when I use my windows 11 laptop with i5-10210u CPU, and Kaspersky lab launcher use 11% of the total CPU when I launch any Microsoft office apps or any adobe apps, but also any game my laptop can handle and when I just use my browser it use 6% of total CPU usage and the ran on the new 22.9 version is a bit higher then on Kaspersky free 22.3 version what is the thing that make Kaspersky free 22.9 use so much CPU and RAM then your older 22.3 version
  10. Hola a todos, Como indica el titulo tengo esa duda. Resulta que no puedes tener el aislamiento del núcleo en Windows 11 22h2 y a la ves la proteccion mediante virtualización por hardware de Kaspersky. He estado buscando por los foros en inglés y esto se debe a que no se pueden mantener 2 virtualizaciones simultaneas en una sesión, por lo que o seleccionas la proteccion de windows 11 o dejas que Kaspersky tome el control. Por lo que veo en la aplicación de Kaspersky Premium es que esta protección mediante virtualización de hardware se utiliza para la configuración de entrada de datos y la protección contra keyloggers. Sin embargo en la web de kaspersky se indica que: Cuando la aplicación de Kaspersky se instala en Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1 o Microsoft Windows 10 de 64 bits, utiliza tecnología de hipervisor para obtener protección adicional contra malware complejo que podría interceptar sus datos personales mediante el uso del portapapeles o la suplantación de identidad (phishing). Acerca de la protección mediante virtualización de hardware (kaspersky.com) También he leído que se utiliza para la aplicación de "Pago seguro". Teniendo en cuenta esto, no me queda claro que función tiene la protección mediante virtualización de hardware y si tenerlo desactivado significa comprometer la aplicación de Kaspersky Premium. Necesito saber esta información para saber si compensa desactivar la protección por aislamiento de núcleo de Windows. Nombre del SO Microsoft Windows 11 Home Versión 10.0.22621 compilación 22621 Descripción adicional del SO No disponible Fabricante del SO Microsoft Corporation Nombre del sistema WEASELSTATION Fabricante del sistema ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Modelo del sistema ROG Strix G512LV_G512LV Tipo de sistema PC basado en x64 SKU del sistema Procesador Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2592 Mhz, 6 procesadores principales, 12 procesadores lógicos Versión y fecha de BIOS American Megatrends Inc. G512LV.314, 27/04/2021 Versión de SMBIOS 3.2 Versión de controladora integrada 3.10 Modo de BIOS UEFI Fabricante de la placa base ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Producto de placa base G512LV Versión de la placa base 1.0 --------------------------- Kaspersky Premium --------------------------- Dato adicional: - VT-D activado en BIOS (Se comprueba que en el SO este activado) - Hyper-V No tengo la característica instalada y por ende no la tengo activada. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Muchas gracias a tod@s!!
  11. merhabalar kolay, benim lisanslı KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITY antivirüs programım var benim işletim sistemim windows 11 pro ve kaspersky hiçbir şekilde veritabanı güncellemiyor elle manuel güncelliyorum onda bile güncelleme saglamıyor saatlerce hatta 1 gün boyunca öyle güncellemeye calısıyor fakat veri indirme yapamıyor sorunuma çözüm bulunmasını rica ediyorum güncellenmeyen veritabanı windows'u risk altında bırakıyor ve vertabanı indirmeye calıstıgı zaman kesinlikle kaspersky'e giriş yapamıyorsunuz kaspersky açılmıyor bile saatlerce hatta günlerce bu sekilde duruyor hiçbir tepki vermiyor
  12. When I try to open Microsoft Edge Dev's "Discover" board (the New Bing entrance) on the right side, it shows that "This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue." However, when I paused the protection of Kaspersky and relaunched Edge, this problem solved itself. It seems that there's a conflict between Kaspersky and New Bing.
  13. I am using Widows 11 with Kapersky premium I like the Smart Home Monitor, but its behavior is a bid odd. My home network has about 10 devices. Today I am not at home, but using wifi in a meeting. It is grouping all the devices on this guest network with my home devices and saying it is adding them to my home network's SSID. I kept getting notification of new devices being added...finally an option to disable notifications for this network popped up and I turned off the notifications. However, the Smart Home Monitor is now showing tens of devices from all the people at the meeting as if they are part of my home network, even though is says on top my home network is not connected. Is this how this should work? I would think all these other devices should not appear on a screen with my home devices. The screenshots show the top of the screen and just some of the devices below.
  14. День добрый! Поддержка пишет, что во всю разрабатывается новая версия антивируса. Хочу внести свою лепту и виденье полезного и удобного дизайна программы KIS. Так же дополню: 1) Убрать рекламу в рекомендациях установкой Safe Kids и Password Manager. 2) Убрать предупреждение с просьбой отключить защиту ядра в настройках windows для обеспечения безопасных платежей (лично Я предпочту защиту ядра, чем отдельный браузер для банков). 3) Убрать рекомендации включить расширение в браузере для экранной клавиатуры, даже если браузер был портативный и запускался один раз - рекомендация на всю жизнь (до переустановки программы). 4) Отдельная кнопка для настройки приватности - бесполезна. Более глубокие настройки находятся в "Настройка - Защита - Защита от сбора данных". Изменить эту кнопку на открытие "Настройки - Защита".
  15. Reinstalled the application after upgrading the operating system on computer. When activating the application, I got the error message "You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code".
  16. Kav free installed, its full of redirect bugs. 20% of app links are broken. Hire me as a QA or rewards
  17. I want to see kaspersky logs in my windows 11 event viewer but I don't know how i can do it ? please guide me with the steps which I can follow to views kaspersky logs in windows 11 event viewer?
  18. Hola, recientemente he formateado mi PC y he instalado Kaspersky, pero estaba muy indeciso a la hora de instalar, y he cancelado la instalación 2 veces antes de instalar el programa completamente. Cuando se abre el primer instalador, genera un instalador con la versión más reciente de Kaspersky en la carpeta ProgramData, luego este se abre y al cancelarlo, este se queda allí también dejando un acceso directo en el escritorio para realizar la instalación más tarde, no me había dado cuenta de esto, y por cada instalación utilicé un nuevo Setup descargado. Debido a que cancelé la instalación, estos archivos se quedaron en la carpeta ProgramData, ya la tecera vez instalé completamente el programa y es el Kaspersky que tengo ahora. Al limpiar los datos temporales en Kaspersky y reiniciar se borró el instalador utilizado, quedando solamente las dos carpetas de instalación anteriores que nunca realicé, las cuales posteriormente borré. Me preguntaba si el hecho de haber cancelado la instalación antes de la instalar Kaspersky podría tener consecuencias o si afectan la seguridad. La verdad es que soy una persona bastante perfeccionista, ya había formateado 4 veces seguidas hace poco y no quisiera hacerlo nuevamente. (PD: Utilicé el instalador de la versión Free, aunque aún me quedan 7 días de Plus)
  19. After app update, the app window appear after windows starts Microsoft Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Operating System Build 22621.1194) App Version:
  20. Hello, i got kaspersky vpn a few days ago and i started noticing that whenever i tried to play genshin impact, the game was automatically shutting down, there was no error message or anything, and then i just turn off vpn, it works just fine. I added split tunneling to not use vpn on genshin, and i've heard i need to add at least all those 3 versions, i even added the QtWebEngineProgress because it's also genshin related thing, and it still keeps crashing, i find it annoying to always shutdown vpn and turn on again, so i'd like to know if there's anything i can do to solve this. My app version is: (b) My OS is: Microsoft Windows 11 Core x64 Build 22621
  21. Hi , I'm Mohamed Ahmed, I'm a new user to my kaspersky Free , i installed The product successfully , now its time to activate the Product ; to enable the protection but , when i try to activate it , it says connection problem ( see screenshot ) for better understanding - I live in egypt , im using win 11 , 22h2 - My internet Connection is Working I contacted Kaspersky Lab Support , but i didn't get any Fix for the problem - I tried to use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free But the Same Problem Hope you Guys can help me . best wishes
  22. olá, recentemente adquiri o kaspersky plus, e vi que não tem extensão pro navegador opera gx. eu queria saber se mesmo com a proteção web no app do windows ativada, estou segura acessando o opera gx.
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