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  1. Muchísimas gracias, Harlan! OK, ya le hice los cambios indicados al Quick Scan. 👍 Muchas gracias! y también por los consejos de tipos de SSD. 100% de acuerdo. Lo raro es que ya tenía todo al máximo cuando sólo duraba 2 horas; no le he cambiando nada que aumente el tiempo. Esta versión 21.15... ¿esta numeración es sólo para la nueva suite de productos o por qué será que mi KIS se quedó en 21.3 y no se me actualizó a la 21.14 por sí sola, si antes se actualizaba sin yo tener que descargar nada? Es que no me queda claro: ¿la sugerencia es que me pase a Kaspersky Standard v.21.15, o hay una *KIS* 21.15?
  2. Bienvenid@ a la Comunidad de Kaspersky. Lo ideal sería obviamente hacer el análisis cuanto antes mejor. Aunque yo no hago nunca Full Scans... creo que ya lo he comentado otras veces en la Comunidad. Personalmente, pienso que son una pérdida de tiempo innecesaria y están sobrevalorados 😁. En su lugar, corro Quick Scans modificados, añadiéndole 2 carpetas a la Cobertura del análisis: También modifico un poco las opciones en su Configuración Avanzada: En los Full Scans, activar esta opción es fundamental para optimizar el tiempo de análisis: Configurar un Análisis Completo con todo al máximo, es una apuesta segura a que durará horas... Otra opción para agilizar los análisis completos del sistema es disponer de una unidad de tipo SSD, y si el sistema lo permite, pues mejor del tipo M2 de las nuevas generaciones 3/4. Para terminar tienes KIS 21.3, la versión 21.15 está ya calentita a punto de salir (¡estad atentos que pronto publicaremos los enlaces de descarga en esta sección!). Como tienes KIS, al migrar tu licencia se convertirá en Kaspersky Estándar. Saludos.
  3. Hello @ukaszw80, Thank you for posting back & the information! You can't *make* the software English without installing a English language version, the shift+f12 is just a quick workaround, not sustainable. Uninstall the existing version, then download & install: Kaspersky Total Security for Windows® - from Kaspersky's Global website, select Global OR The European Union (if that suits your needs). IF that does not work, (your) best course of action is to contact Kaspersky Customer Service - select Email or Chat & fill in the template as in our image at the end of our reply. Because the license is from Ebay & there may be an issue - it's possible Kaspersky Customer Service may not be able to assist *but* all you can do is ask. Contact the Ebay merchant - find out why the product is not functioning in the manner you expect? 💥Just as information, the *repeated* advice provided here in the Community is: do not buy Kaspersky software from Ebay - some unscrupulous merchants sell Kaspersky licenses multiple times, knowing the license is limited or has other problems, they really don't care - they get their sale - if it turns out you've been sold a dud license - report the merchant to Ebay💥 Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  4. I purchased kaspersky total internet security few weeks ago. I did this because I was going to do a clean reinstall of windows ten pro on a laptop and want more security. I did the clean reinstall and installed kaspersky total and it was good. Now just recently, my keyboard when entering into the address bar of firefox, chrome and even edge does not work. I did install the kaspersky extension for weeks ago for each of these browsers. I mainly been using firefox because I read its the safest browser. The thing is for some reason, keys like pageup, pagedown, backspace, enter, Caps Lock, ` and several of the function keys seem to work on the keyboard. And by keyboard, im talking about the laptop keyboard and also an external keyboard connected via usb. I use this laptop while connected to an external monitor almost always. The weird thing however is… if I am on www.google.com and move my mouse to the search option on google… my keyboard does work. I could type any character. But when I move my mouse anywhere else, whether its the address bar or an application of a program I open, my keyboard does not work. If I do turn on the windows on screen keyboard, well that does work no matter where I type. Now when I turned on the kaspersky on screen keyboard, it seems to work everywhere… except the address bar of firefox/chrome/edge. Also as of now, I have bitlocker enabled and a windows ten password enabled. My concern is if I turn off my laptop or restart it, when it ask me for my bitlocker pin, isn’t that going to be a big issue if my keyboard does not work? Thus I can’t type my pin in? Could you even get the windows on screen keyboard open at the part where it ask your bitlocker pin? I assume not right? So to be on the safe side now, suspend bitlocker and no windows ten password because if I do that… then when I do a restart of my laptop, then it would go to the main screen? I did not even turn off my laptop since yesterday because of this. Also I am traveling abroad so this happening now is very frustrating as I do not have any computer. Can you tell me what is the best advice on this? Is this a kaspersky related issue? It makes no sense why so few keys work on the address bar and some function keys work but none of the letters/numbers work. Yet they work while entering in the google search menu? Is this related to the kaspersky enable keyboard or the kaspersky enabled web browser? Would turning those off make it work? How do you even turn it off? I checked online and the instructions have you going to settings and I don’t even see that when opening kaspersky total security.
  5. Thanks Elvin! 1- I created a manual task to "start application KES" and in advanced options i set up to send wake on lan packet 1 minute before. This way when I manually launch the task, KSC will turn on my computer. It's different from the old MMC console but it works. 2- I executed the command you suggest to open port on linux and connect MMC console to linux. This is a good alternative, i like to have both solutions now. Didn't ask for this but you read my mind, thanks! 👍 3- limitation of KSC on linux shouldn't be a problem, the missing feature are something we're not really using but I hope Kaspersky will push on this solution and bring all the functionality in future, nobody likes to pay a windows license to manage kaspersky when linux can do it for free. 4- the only thing still not clear is the managed devices window in KSC web console. In your screenshot, you have PM-KSC-01 in white, managed devices in white and all the subgroups in white, clickable (i think). If you look at my screenshot I have in white only KSC server, then managed devices and all the subgroups are in dark grey and i cannot click them. If I try to click on subgroups name i see the something loading for a fraction of second but nothing happen or appears. And no pages are loaded in the central frame of the website when i try to click the groups.
  6. I recentlly discovered that Microsoft OneDrive, Phone Link, Microsoft Store and Windows Update had stopped working, all claiming I was not connected to the internet. This wasn't true, as my browsers were still working. I contacted Microsoft Support who found that their Quick Assist app couldn't connect. Microsoft suggested a clean boot, and when I did this with Kaspersky Total Security V running the problems persisted. After pausing the Kaspersky protection, all the Microsoft apps worked correctly. Searching through the Kaspersky Forum I found this thread which provided a fix by Friend https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/ms-teams-only-works-when-i-disable-my-kaspersky-35859/ This fix solved the immediate problems, and all the Microsoft apps worked correctly with Kaspersky protection running. Reading further in the thread I found that I should have installed Kaspersky Plus to replace my Kaspersky Total Security. I have done that, and everything is working.
  7. I noticed my computer has been very very slow and every now and again i get messages from kaspersky saying "previous application launch failed" i have optimized my computer and run a full scan on my computer the other day and nothing comes up as wrong, also when i try to play Fortnite the game lags incredibly bad, it is when i sign out of that game do i usually see the "previous application launch failed".
  8. Hi, I have Kaspersky VPN set to split tunnelling and to only work on Firefox. That's great, it works fine. However if I try and launch warcraft the game fails to connect. Why is this? It seems to imply as if split tunnelling is applying outside of just firefox. As soon as I close the VPN wow loads fine. Wow does not care about VPNs, other VPNs work fine on it so im a bit confused.
  9. Hello @Killeriguana, Thank you for posting back, the information & the image👌 We contacted support, they said: The quick launch icon in the data entry field is referring to the tiny keyboard icon (number 1 in our image), where you may click and open the On-Screen Keyboard. If you uncheck “Show quick launch icon in data entry fields” option, the tiny keyboard icon will not show. Support went on to say: We (Kaspersky) do not have an option to turn off the pop-up (number 2 in our image), if the Secure Keyboard is turned on in the background. All you can do is to close (click x) the pop-up notice. That's the only way you can make the pop-up disappear as this is a feature by design. We asked: Don't you think, if *Show quick launch icon in data entry fields* is unchecked & the tiny keyboard icon is *no longer visible*, it would make sense that the Secure keyboard input is enabled pop-up would also not show? Isn't that commonsense? Support said: That's two different things. On-Screen Keyboard allows users to use the on-screen keyboard to type without using a physical keyboard. Secure Data Input is a protection feature that prevents keylogging applications to capture keystrokes. As I said before, we do not have the option to make the pop-up disappear. The user can just close the prompt and that's it. I will suggest this feedback to our team. Note, (ioe) “suggestions” don’t get very far in the Kaspersky bubble; they appear to dedicate a lot of resources to implementing cosmetic changes, not fixing things that would help their subscribers? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  10. Adding the affected domain as trusted in web protection is a quick fix if you want to give a try.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I had missed the settings regarding exporting and importing the configuration. Thanks for your help.
  12. Alright, so I bought Kaspersky total security and Kaspersky VPN about 25 days ago, had no problem but today I noticed something unusual, first my browser, programs and anything that required internet said there was no connection, I disconnected from the vpn, didn't work, I checked my other devices and they still had working internet, then I did a quick scan that lasted about 5-8 seconds which seemed pretty odd since I read that really quick scans are a symptom from an infected anti-virus, I know quick scans are suppost to be quick but I don't remember it that quick. I've also noticed that when I run scans, every time I get different results, a full scan once told me it scanned 1m files and then next day 1.8m files. This is my first time using Kaspersky so yeah.
  13. Good day s this the working mechanism Behavior Detected and component Remidiation Engine When you launch any application, the Behavior Analysis component monitors that this application is executed, records all the actions of the program, makes backup copies of important files that the program accesses (opens, changes, etc.), while observing and analyzing the actions. if an anomaly is detected in the application’s actions (for example, encryption attempts), the application stops and all actions are opened according to the logs, and files are restored from copies by the Remidiation Engine component. create an exception for your application so that these components do not react to it (if it is indeed a legitimate application)
  14. I have faced an issue which may be related and which is really impairing my hardware keyboard. This is the thing and it is related to the “Secure Keyboard input” and NOT to the “Onscreen Keyboard” When I used the alibaba.com website the “Secure Keyboard input” kicked in when i tried to enter a search. When I shifted to Microsoft Office 2019 applications I noticed that my hardware keyboard froze except for the “enter” and “backspace” keys. I chatted with “Support” and after several attempts, they deduced that the issue was related to the website and not Kaspersky. The best solution offered was to exclude this website from the “Secure Keyboard Input” protection. Which we tested. The result is that after this, only when I revert to the alibaba.com website and type a search without the “Secure Keyboard Input” protection will my hardware keyboard unfreeze. So I kept the exclusion awaiting a better solution. Then something worst happened. Any time I type on any website triggering the “Secure Keyboard Input” my hardware keyboard freezes and only when I reopen the alibaba.com webpage and type a search on it does my hardware keyboard unfreeze on this page and subsequently on the Microsoft Office 2019 applications. You can imagine what this does. I have serious doubts that this website does not tolerate “Secure Keyboard Input” and may have injected some form of keylogger which is affecting “Secure Keyboard Input” altogether. Any Thoughts?
  15. I was surfing the web and accessing the Internet normally when suddenly I received a notification that there was a trojan in my computer by Kaspersky. I've tried running a quick scan and a full scan, but it doesn't seem to be doing very well. It still shows up when I use a web browser and log in to my personal account. One of the notifications below --- Event: Malicious object detected User: HUUPHUC\meoud User type: Initiator Application name: msedge.exe Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application Component: Safe Browsing Result description: Detected Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Exploit.Multi.Desert.gen Precision: Heuristic Analysis Threat level: High Object type: File Object path: https://sdk.iad-06.braze.com/api/v3/data MD5 of an object: F7C86BF2A8B02E5A77016F9A02CD1A1F Reason: Expert analysis Databases release date: Today, 7/23/2023 8:16:00 AM ---- You can see the image below Please help me fix this problem and give me a solution. Hanh
  16. Aren't those kaspersky drivers for keyboard and mouse? Just asking cause I went through a lot of issues because of these two thugs 😆
  17. hello kaspersky i just now installed kspsky internet security but after the installation my laptop's keyboard is not working need your help
  18. Hello Berny, In the past i tested this version you suggested me to download but i had some problems with onscreen keyboard, and the issue was i can't put some accents on some fields from my Home Banking! My last name as an accent and my user name needs this accent to work. I asked some help in the topic bellow. "My onscreen keyboard doesn't work on my bank site i can't fill the user and password using onscreen keyboard." And the conclusion was i had to get back to previous version Kaspersky security cloud free because there was no European version available at that time! That's the reason why i asked if you know something. Best regards. Hugop
  19. thank you for the quick response but sorry i think i might have incorrectly descibed about the issue i can launch steam or epic games but it doesn't have an internet connection. it says it cant reach the servers but after disabling it it can. the website of steam do work fine just the app doesn't so it doesn't let me launch games either
  20. Hello, I suppose it can be the known Bug 5657225: [SUPPORT] Mouse and keyboard does not work after reboot (patch i appliance) It is related to our filters, which write in registry its values - only Windows OS can be affected. In most cases there was desinfection procedure + patch appliance. The problem will be fixed in next product`s version. Here are the list of steps, which can help to resolve the problem(highest workaround is easiest one): 1. Use USB-Recover tool: https://support.kaspersky.com/14221 to restore default mouse/keyboard filters values. USB Recover tool is based on KRD18(Linux OS), so keyboard and mouse must work within BIOS and this OS, because they are not related to Windows and its registry filters. 2. Use System Restore. It can be run from Recovery mode: https://www.ubackup.com/backup-restore/windows-10-recovery-mode-1021.html Also you can run command prompt from this mode and delete keyboard and mouse filters manually: 3. Or manually delete Kaspersky values from registry: Reboot PC - Troubleshooting - CMD - open regedit - delete klkbdflt and klmouflt values in UpperFilters from the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM1\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e96b-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM1\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e96f-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} The last one - is the hardest way to restore keyboard and mouse and it is better to do not use it, if you are not Advanced user of PC(skills of work with Windows registry is required). Thanks. P.S. We have had the problem with keyboard and mouse filters before(in 2016 and after), but it were single cases, which were related to kavremover utility, improperly installation/uninstallation of Kaspersky products, customer`s registry problems etc.
  21. Hello Berny. Thank you for your quick response. I'm talking about 19 malware, that were already installed in the Windows registry. This Windows 7 SP1 is old but Kaspersky is not. Latest version, updated base date. The SO being old is no excuse. If you want more details, I can provide them. Physical Memory: Memory Usage 45 % Total Physical 7.91 GB Available Physical 4.35 GB Total Virtual 16 GB Available Virtual 12 GB HDDs: Primary 440Gb, 119Gb free Secundary: 698Gb, 92Gb free
  22. Thanks for quick support Elvin , i was using *.@mydomainname in recipient now i changed it to *@mydomainname and it worked . Thanks again
  23. Hi: I have this annoying pop-up on FB that purports to be from FB itself, telling me that I am"restricted" for so many hours because I posted non-regulation whatever. One strange thing about the pop-up is it seems to start a countdown at some point, ie the number of hours you will be 'restricted start at 24 and decrease hourly. A very good friend just died yesterday while on vacation with his wife and kids, so there's a lot going on that I have to keep track of and this is making me pull my hair out. It doesn't actually stop me from doing anything, it just pops up every time I do anything, eg: like, post, whatever, it pops up and I have to clear it before I can do the next thing. Windows Pro Ed 10.0, 19045; Firefox 116.0.3 64 bit; Kaspersky Total 21.3.10, updates every day. I did run a full scan on top of the automatic quick scan that runs every day, but it picks up nothing. Any help or ideas to get rid of this appreciated. TIA
  24. Hello @ElvinE5 It is very irritating to add many unknown hashes manually use the "Application Control" tool (as described above) to block launch attempts. They are also not in the OpenTip. Can we add many unknown Hashes from a CSV file format in EDRO? If we have already many unknown Hashes then why we can not update Kaspersky Threat Intel also by adding Hash?
  25. if there are many undetectable hashes... use the "Application Control" tool (as described above) to block launch attempts. the user cannot independently update the "bases" for the components so that they would detect them, this is the work of the Kaspersky Lab specialists. Also, if you have the appropriate licenses, for example, EDRO, KATA/KEDR, you can create blocking rules for hash amounts that your specialists have scouted using these products. Also, Sandbox products from the laboratory will help you study and automatically block new, unknown malware if they are marked as malware during the analysis process.
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