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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Kaspersky: We are a small company and only have 2 IT engineers. Therefore, we use KES + EDR Optimum + MDR as our solution. Next year we want one platform to monitor every endpoint security status. 1. Kaspersky XDR I have read the datasheet of XDR. It seems like an unified platform to monitor everything. In the datasheet, there is a quote: For advanced network management, KATA is an additional option.But the infrastructure shows that KATA will send information to XDR. My questions are: 1. Is XDR a basic KATA or just KUMA system? 2. Is Kaspersky XDR like CrowdStrike Falcon platform, which approaches "Unified platform. Complete protection"? 2. KATA Since we lack of IT engineer, there is no time to deal with incident by ourselves. That's the reason we use MDR. But KATA has a lot of component like EDR Expert and additional sandbox function. We can test unknown threat by ourselves and have quick response. My question is: 1. Does KATA like a small automatic analysis system of KSN? Therefore we can add IoC or YARA rule easily and quickly. Because we just get a little information of Kaspersky XDR from local reseller. The product is too new and no Chinese version. They will send detail information next year. I want to know in advanced so we can evaluate which product is suit for us. Thank you.
  2. I’m planning on buying Kaspersky Endpoint Security Advanced, but I was wondering if the “Enable system process memory protection” feature works together with Windows’s own Device Guard (Core Isolation, Memory Integrity or however many names it has) since they sound like they do the same thing.
  3. I can't manage end points Kaspersky security network ON/OFF option. for example i can manage all settings of kaspersky end point centraly from KSN server. but i only can't manage to turn ON/OFF and Lock/UNLOCK the Kaspersky security network option from centrally.
  4. La dernière version KES 12.3 : https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/12.3/fr-FR/127969.htm Les prérequis : https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/12.3/fr-FR/127972.htm Celle-ci est disponible depuis ce lien: https://www.kaspersky.fr/small-to-medium-business-security/downloads/endpoint?icid=fr_sup-site_trd_ona_oth__onl_b2b_klsupport_tri-dl____kes___ Exécutez le setup si vous l'installez localement. Si vous l'installez à distance: Créer un paquet d'installation sur le KSC puis une tache d'installation à distance: https://support.kaspersky.com/help/KESWin/12.3/fr-FR/177937.htm https://support.kaspersky.com/help/KESWin/12.3/fr-FR/177980.htm Pensez à mettre en place la nouvelle version du plugin d'administration sur votre KSC: https://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/CorporateUtilities/plugins/plugins_fr_KSC10/KSC_KES12.3.0Win.zip
  5. Vorraussetzungen: Kaspersky Security Center Version 14.2 Kaspersky Endpoint Security Version 12.2 Fehler: Über KSC konfigurierte Aufgaben werden an Clients nicht ausgeführt. Z.B. Kaspersky Endpoint Security für Windows (12.2.0) Update > Fehlermeldung: "Die Aufgabe konnte nicht gestartet werden. Object not found" > Die Fehler gibt es nicht im gesamten Netzwerk sondern nur an einigen Clients. Neuinstallation Agent ergab noch keine Lösung. Außerdem sind über im KSC an den KES-Stationen (alle in gleicher Verwaltungsgruppe) unterschiedliche Anzahl an Aufgaben sichtbar, d.h. bei einigen ausschließlich die KSC-Aufgaben - bei anderen zusätzlich die lokalen Aufgaben > Sollte das nicht überall gleich aussehen?? Sind diese Probleme bekannt bzw. gibt es Tipps zur Behebung? Vielen Dank im Voraus!
  6. Olá pessoal, Recentemente no nosso ambiente temos nos deparado com constantes reclamações de clientes sobre terem diversos ícones do Kaspersky no system tray do Windows. Isso está ocorrendo conosco também, e o pior, cada ícone é um processo no windows, tem casos que acaba travando a máquina devido a dezenas desses "K" aparecendo. Estou enviando em anexo algumas imagens dos erros. Nós temos em nosso ambiente o Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud PRO. Em todas as versões temos este problema ocorrendo. Alguém já se deparou com este problema? Sabem como resolver isso? Obrigado pelo apoio!
  7. Hi there, kindly help with this several error when installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 12.2.0 1. KES won't install because 360 Antivirus Software - already searched even in registry, program and features, program files path, temp path etc not found any, already using ccleaner revo uninstall still the same, failed to install 2. KES won't install because Parameter with name "86" not exist - find 1 topics in the forum, not solved at all 3. KES won't install because error 27450 cab file - don't know why? search here not helping at all https://support.kaspersky.com/kes11/troubleshooting/install, there no error 27450 here Please, if anyone ever had same problems with me, maybe you can share the solution, other than always providing GSI.zip over and over again to support. Thanks
  8. Hi every one, I just have been confused!! my license is Kaspersky endpoint detection and response Expert but I can add this into KATA platform(KEDR section). KATA platform is OK. In Endpoint Agent part of product I can not use it to activate KATA component in KES. It only activate Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert but I can see this client in KATA platform! Can you help me?🙏
  9. La dernière version KES 12.2 : https://support.kaspersky.com/help/KESWin/12.2/fr-FR/127969.htm Les prérequis : https://support.kaspersky.com/help/KESWin/12.2/fr-FR/127972.htm Celle-ci est disponible depuis ce lien: https://www.kaspersky.com/small-to-medium-business-security/downloads/endpoint Choisir Version 12.2....| Windows | Distributive | Strong encryption Exécutez le setup si vous l'installez localement. Si vous l'installez à distance: Créer un paquet d'installation sur le KSC puis une tache d'installation à distance: https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11.10.0/fr-FR/177937.htm https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11.10.0/fr-FR/177980.htm Pensez à mettre en place la nouvelle version du plugin d'administration sur votre KSC: https://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/CorporateUtilities/plugins/plugins_fr_KSC10/KSC_KES12.2.0Win.zip
  10. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12.2 for Windows offers the following features and improvements: WPA3 protocol support has been added to control connections to Wi-Fi networks (Device Control). Now you can select WPA3 protocol in the trusted Wi-Fi network settings and deny connection to the network using a less secure protocol. Now you can choose a protocol and ports for Network Threat Protection exclusions. Now in addition to specifying IP addresses of trusted devices, you can also select a port and protocol. This lets you exclude individual data streams and prevent network attacks from trusted IP addresses. Different order of update sources for the local Update task if a policy is applied to the computer. The Kaspersky Security Center server is now used by default as the first update source instead of Kaspersky servers. This helps save traffic when the user runs the local Update task. Application performance has been increased by improving the caching algorithms for the files being scanned.
  11. Состоялся релиз Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12.2 для Windows (версия В этой версии мы: — Добавили поддержку протокола WPA3 для контроля подключения к сетям Wi-Fi (Контроль устройств). — Изменили порядок источников обновлений для локальной задачи Обновление, если к компьютеру применена политика. Это уменьшит расход трафика при запуске локальной задачи. — Добавили возможность выбирать протокол и порты для исключений Защиты от сетевых угроз. Теперь вы можете указать не только IP-адреса доверенных устройств, но и выбрать порт и протокол. Скачать < Предыдущая версия || Все версии KES12x || Следующая версия >
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