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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I did do, what you had suggested, prior to posting my question. That is disappointing to find out you cannot disable the tiny Quick Launch Keyboard. I also have had problems on the Android app where it continually insists I turn-off the Allow App Install from Unknown Sources option...even though I have told the app to IGNORE multiple times. Also, the desktop app continually tries to install the VPN. I DON’T WANT THE VPN!!! I ALREADY HAVE A VPN!!! I thought I would give Karpersky a try this year...BIG MISTAKE!!! Very disappointed!
  2. How do I TURN OFF Secure Keyboard Input? It is always IN THE WAY and always ANNOYING! I use Firefox and the Secure Keyboard Input pop-up is always in the way. It is driving me crazy! Any help would surely be appreciated!
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