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  1. Thanks for the informative reply. Regarding v21.9, I (mistakenly) thought that app/version updates took place automatically (like the virus definitions do). Is there no way to be notified when there is a new version or update within the app itself? Is the answer to just continuously check for new updates and install over the top of the old version? There must be a better way. After I've updated, I'll reach out to Kaspersky support if the issue persists. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! 1. I did read the guide but it applied to Total Security. Icon right-click / About worked. Kaspersky Premium (c) 2. Windows. Would I need / it is recommended to switch to Mozilla if Firefox will be my default browser? 3. I will log a request if need be but it's my thinking that I just need a better understanding to move forward and don't think it's an error or technical malfunction. I want to learn what those notifications mean in this circumstance.
  3. Running Windows 10 Pro and the latest version of Kaspersky Premium (I'm having trouble finding the full version number). Migrating to Firefox and have applied profile preferences via a user-overrides.js file for enhanced privacy and security. After doing so, I'm receiving the two errors as attached immediately upon opening the browser. I did read the information at https://support.kaspersky.com/us/common/error/other/13720. However, I'm wondering how they apply to my specific use case. I didn't get them before setting the preferences and am unsure if it's safe to "ignore and remember". Any insight would be sincerely appreciated!
  4. Or is the best approach to use a cookie / cache autodelete extension at the end of each working day? Perhaps both? Any insight appreciated!
  5. Are these executables related to Kaspersky VPN only or are they necessary for other AV functionality? I don't use the VPN and am not sure if I should allow them to run (I generally like to limit exe's when possible). Information appreciated!
  6. This is extremely helpful and useful information - thanks again! Still not sure why I never received the notification but that was on KSC so hopefully it won't be an issue with the Free version. I will also be upgrading from that for further network security at some point. I was also going to ask if you had any idea why the Network Attack Blocker task would have been started by NT Authority\System instead of the active user? This happened twice on a different PC (running KSC) but I've never logged into any other user account. Having a hard time figuring that one out as well! After this, I'll leave you be for a while ;]
  7. Thanks again for your help. While I'm glad the system is clean, this will always bother me. I don't even have Apple QuickTime installed on the computer that initiated the attempted port scan and will always wonder! Any idea what can cause such a port scan if it's not malicious in nature?
  8. Slightly off-topic, but what product might you suggest upgrading to for increased network security and related tools?
  9. I have run a full scan on both computers with no detected malware. If it wasn't added to exclusions as referenced, does that mean that Kaspersky wasn't able to identify with certainty that it wasn't a malicious attack? I'm not sure what my next step should be.
  10. Would a log still be useful (if I install and learn Wireshark) or would it have to have been from the time when the potential attack was blocked?
  11. No, the result shows as blocked. No mention in the report of exclusions. I appreciate your assistance via this forum and look forward to getting to the bottom of these issues!
  12. Thanks for the information. Will do as soon as I figure out the immediate issues I'm working on.
  13. Yes, it is in the range and point from my primary pc to my secondary one. I don't have Wireshark.
  14. Hi Flood, I'm in the SE US. I have to think it's available because I believe that one version of KSC updated to Free automatically (when I updated the databases) which is why I was surprised that the other two installations didn't follow suit. Will I lose all my settings if I install Free and will I have to uninstall KSC first? Generally speaking, am I losing any security by doing so?
  15. Hi Flood, Thanks so much for the reply and offer to help! Although I respect that the report might offer more clarity, I guess I'd rather not post the it publicly on the forum since it does include IP addresses. It seems that you can't be too careful these days. However, the event is listed as "Network attack detected" with a name of Scan.Generic.Portscan.TCP (Protocol TCP, Local Port 458) from my primary PC to my secondary PC. I do use SoftPerfect Wifi Guard but I haven't been able to recreate the event with further scans using the software (even selecting that I don't know the device). Also, I "Notify on screen" was selected but I never did see the notification. Perhaps I missed it somehow. I do get desktop alerts from Kaspersky as well and think that one of those would also be generated? Thanks again! P.S. If the report is crucial, perhaps I can send it to you via PM.
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