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  1. Hi @daveblo56, Let's do some troubleshooting. - Restart PC - Press Start -> type 'Resource Monitor' -> press Enter -> go to tab 'Network' - Launch Photoshop - Make and post a screenshot of the 'Processes with Network Activity' in 'Resource Monitor'
  2. Hi @MJ711, the issue is connected with a bug in the product, which is fixed in the latest product version (21.8). The cause is the corruption of the reports database in some conditions.
  3. Darkflux, looks like the Kaspersky Free license is successfully activated now on both devices, please confirm.
  4. Hi @darkflux, Thanks to Flood for highlighting this topic, we are checking, please stand by.
  5. Добрый день, поддержка .NET 6.0 с версии MR9.
  6. Hey, 1. Actually, it does not really matter, because the "The Kaspersky Free subscription is renewed without your intervention." (link) 2. See point 1.
  7. Do you mind opening a separate topic as advised by Schulte? Please also include a screenshot, version of Kaspersky and operating system version.
  8. Hi @BALTAGY, sorry for a delay with response. The code for Russia is for Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, which is for one year. The code for Egypt is for Kaspersky Free, which is for 1 month. You cannot use Kaspersky Free code in Russia, as the product has not been launched in the region yet. No errors here. Different products, different codes.
  9. Hi @hisan, Try this: - Open Kaspersky > Settings > General > uncheck Enable self-defence option. - Save settings > unload Kaspersky by right-click on the 'Green shield' Kaspersky icon in System Tray (on the bottom right corner of your screen) and select “Exit”. When asked if you are sure you want to exit, please click on “Continue”. - Go to C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\Report - Delete content of folder. - Launch Kaspersky, enable self-defence and check.
  10. @Igor Polyuschenkovуточняем информацию, вернемся с ответом.
  11. К сожалению, так не получится сделать. В данный момент продукт продается с условием:
  12. Hi @Jay Soto, @Terri, Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter #2 is a remnant of the previous version of Kaspersky VPN, should not be causing any issues. Are there any? If yes, simply delete the Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter #2 and restart PC.
  13. Вся информация находится тут: https://support.kaspersky.ru/15926
  14. Hi @BALTAGY, sorry for a delay with response. We have checked the information on your account, there is a code for 1 month, changing the region does not change the span of the license. Can you please post screenshots: a. Changing region to Russia b. License duration is 365 days
  15. Hi @Jojo Mojo, INC000014659183 was submitted on 31st of October, on the 1st of November there was a request for more information from the support team representative and then the incident was pending in state "Waiting for customer reply" until 7th of November when you asked for status and this got the incident active. Please provide the requested information in INC000014659183 so that the support team can continue assisting you with the issue.
  16. Hi @drunkgiraffe, @j.svensson, @Gordon G, Please check now via UK - London. Will BBC iplayer work?
  17. Hi @roso, Please download and install the latest version ( https://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/free-antivirus Will the issue persist?
  18. Hi @Aramo, To add to the Flood message above, if you absolutely trust the website, to escape the warning from Kaspersky you can add the website to Trusted addresses via Settings -> Network settings -> Trusted addresses.
  19. Hi @always_working, To add to what Flood has posted, the Kaspersky service processes start under system account, this ensures all users of the PC are protected. The graphical interface part of the program is started under the active user account. In Task Manager on my PC:
  20. Hola @JBiltmore, ¿Puedes publicar una captura de pantalla del error?
  21. Добрый день, добавил данный топик в соответствующее пожелание (3124934).
  22. Hi @BALTAGY, can you PM me your Kaspersky account email address? We need it to check the issue you are describing.
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