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  1. Yeah, seems so... did a reinstall(VPN only) and its working now.
  2. The VPN within the AV updates automatically, yes? if so, the issue doesnt seem to be fixed. The AV seems to have went through an update, tried the VPN, crashed... rebooted the pc and tried again, same results.
  3. Ohhh, good to know... then its prob not somethin specific to my system. Yes, in the previous VPN version i also had not experienced such issue.
  4. Yeah, tried uninstalling and reinstalling is multiple ways as of now, still cant use split tunneling without the program crashing. Could it cause issues if i were to totally wipe anything related to the program using Revo? Could it be that installing the built in VPN within the AV on top of the standalone one has broken somethin very bad?
  5. VPN Vers. OS: W11 Home 23H2 Heres a screenshot of how it looks after the crash
  6. OS: W11 Program Vers.: Latest Just updated from the standalone program(wich was not updated to the latest vers. avaiable) to the one integrated with the AV, when using the split tunneling feature it will crash. Is this a known issue? and if so, theres any workaround known as of now? Thanks!
  7. @Flood and Flood's wifei meant that iam using the beta tester version of the app.
  8. I dont think it has to do with WIndows Inkyno... well, at least here, my phones also having the same issue.
  9. Yeah, also not working on my phone... either the servers broken, or the new update broke everything related to the VPN... i would guess
  10. W10 Kasperky Plus vers. It seems like after the latest update my Kaspersky VPN won't work anymore, tried a reinstall but didnt work. Is it offline or something is broken?
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