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  1. Discord doesn't start when the Kaspersky is ON. When the Kaspersky is Disabled, Discord client connects and opens. It happens the same for Unity3D Hub. I did allow the Discord and UnityHub in Firewall settings in Kaspersky. This happened after the Windows Update. OS : Windows 11 Product : Kaspersky Total Security
  2. My Kaspersky menu starts every time I open another application at the beginning of the windows session. How can I make it so that my menu never starts when I open any other application? After I close it once, it doesn't start up again?
  3. When using my computer, at apparently random times, the icon disappears from the taskbar, and the PC tells me Windows will be taking over. Sometimes the avpui.exe process is still running, sometimes it's gone. But it seems pretty much that the system runs unprotected from that time on. Only thing that helps is reboot the PC, after which the icon reappears. Since it seems random, i can't reproduce it happening, but would love to have a solution. Oh, the usual suspects are already eliminated, like bad sectors, corrupt windows files, that sort of thing... eternal + 2 days of gratitude for the winning solution!
  4. Не удалось инициализировать платформу .Net Framework, я пробовал переустановить саму платформу (через обновления Windows и сторонними программами от Microsoft), одна это не помогло, я пробовал перечисленные методы решения которые есть на сайте, но и они не помогли.
  5. I found myself without a working keyboard or mouse after installing Kaspersky Free. LUCKILY, the mouse worked when I unplugged it since it's wired and wireless. I scoured the internet for a solution to my problem and quickly learned that has been an issue with Kaspersky since as early as 2016!? I saw that while keyboard input seemed, blocked, I was still able to communicate between PC and keyboard adjusting volume and opening calculator, for example. Moving forward, I tried uninstalling the devices multiple times and reinstalling them (after system restart), I tried modifying the registry, I tried running several different scans... ZERO luck. Then I thought, "Maybe disable Kaspersky?" Still nothing. I uninstalled, restarted, nothing. Windows troubleshoot was unable to fix my "driver error". I caved and called Kaspersky - this seemed promising since the rep sounded friendly! Alas, they told me the problem was not due to Kaspersky (I KNOW it was since that was the only significant change I made to my system), they could not help me and that I might need to contact Microsoft (ROFL, no)... Solution: Hold the shift key and restart the PC. Select a restore point from before installing Kaspersky. Wait about 10 minutes (will vary by system). Thanks for nothing, rep! ZERO effort. I hope you are shown this and not reprimanded, but at least LEARN to apply yourself to help customers. Call Ref #: 14316475
  6. But no matter what I do, I can't stop it from scanning and deleting the .exe file. Can you help me?
  7. My Kaspersky Standard Edition always crashes and cannot perform a complete full scan. After scanning for a random time, the software will crash and then the software will restart (I have a lot of files, probably more than 20,000,000) I used windows10 downloaded from microsoft.com, the download address is as follows https://www.microsoft.com/zh-cn/software-download/windows10 Then I updated to Windows 11 and this problem still exists. This problem still exists after I use kaspersky4win21.14.5.462_zh-hans-cn_full.exe (265.07Mb) But this didn’t happen before using Windows 10 version 1903 (I can almost guarantee that this is correct, because after I used a version that couldn’t perform a complete full scan, I changed it back to this version and this didn’t happen. situation occurs) This time I am using 22H2 and 21H2 of Windows 10 and 22H2 of Windows 11. This problem exists, so I think this should be a software problem. I asked a friend who also uses Kaspersky. He doesn’t have more than 20,000,000 files. He can perform a complete full scan normally. Of course, I can sometimes scan 10,000,000 files, but cannot perform a complete full scan.
  8. Запустил установку премиум на 99% до сих пор стоит установка. Win 11 Так же на ос установлен антивирус тоже Касперский Total security по моему на бесплатной лицензии месяц по моему, может из за этого. Планировал удалить после установки премиума
  9. Hello Sometimes when I browse different websites on the Web, the page or pages that I have saved in Kaspersky Plus in Money Security opens unexpectedly. The same thing happened before when I had Kaspersky Internet Security installed. What could be happening? Thank you very much
  10. Hi I am Nathans, I need help how to fix and remove the notification from http://wpad.domain.name/wpad.dat (Application name: svchost.exe) from safe browsing, and its kinda annoying to if get that like everyday and it can slow the internet, even I update the filmware from my routers still same to for all info User: NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE User type: System user Application name: svchost.exe Application path: C:\Windows\System32 Component: Safe Browsing Result description: Blocked Type: Malicious link Name: http://wpad.domain.name/wpad.dat Precision: Exactly Threat level: High Object type: Web page Object name: wpad.dat Object path: http://wpad.domain.name Reason: Databases
  11. The code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace WFAAritmetikOperatorler { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { /* * + Toplama * - Çıkarma * * Çarpma * / Bölme * % Mod Alma * * = : Sağdakini soldakine aktarır. * = : Eşitlenebilir durumları birbirine eşitler. * * <sonuc> = <değer1> + <değer2> */ int sayi1 = 5; int sayi2 = 2; int tSonuc = sayi1 + sayi2; int cSonuc = sayi1 - sayi2; int crSonuc = sayi1 * sayi2; int bSonuc = sayi1 / sayi2; MessageBox.Show(tSonuc.ToString()); MessageBox.Show(cSonuc.ToString()); MessageBox.Show(crSonuc.ToString()); MessageBox.Show(bSonuc.ToString()); } } } The Error Message From The Visual Studio: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Unable to copy file "obj\Debug\WFAAritmetikOperatorler.exe" to "bin\Debug\WFAAritmetikOperatorler.exe". Access to the path 'obj\Debug\WFAAritmetikOperatorler.exe' is denied. WFAAritmetikOperatorler The Report From The Kaspersky Antivirus: Olay: Nesne silindi Kullanıcı: DESKTOP-EVCENE1\Shohzod Kullanıcı tipi: Etkin kullanıcı Uygulama adı: MSBuild.exe Uygulama yolu: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Community\MSBuild\Current\Bin\amd64 Bileşen: Dosya Antivirüsü Sonuç açıklaması: Silindi Tür: Truva atı Ad: VHO:Trojan.MSIL.Convagent.gen Doğruluk: Sezgisel analiz Tehdit düzeyi: Yüksek Nesne türü: Dosya Nesne adı: WFAAritmetikOperatorler.exe Nesne yolu: C:\Users\Shohzod\Desktop\Bilge Adam Eğitim\WFAAritmetikOperatorler\WFAAritmetikOperatorler\obj\Debug MD5: 9B433773ED81293080C61CE22E4F0D6C
  12. Merhaba, Kaspersky Plus abonesiyim bilgisayarımda bir uygulamanın internete bağlanmasını nasıl kesebilirim ? Güvenlik Duvarından Gelen Kurallar Giden Kuralları denedim sanırım Kaspersky Plus kontrol ettiği için olmadı yardımcı olursanız sevinirim. (Windows 11 kullanıyorum)
  13. Operating system: Windows 11 Home Single Language 64x Name and version number of the Kaspersky application: -Kaspersky Plus -ver: (a) So today as the first day I installed Kaspersky Plus, simultaneously my laptop (ASUS TUF) suddenly restarts/reboots itself frequently-suddenly without any explanation or reason that I can understand. please help, thank you.
  14. After clicking "install to edge" in the software, the browser will automatically open the chrome plug-in store. After clicking "install plug-in", the plug-in will be installed normally. After the installation, it will display that the connection to Kaspersky cannot be established. Software Version: Kaspersky Standard Edition System Version: Windows 11 Professional 22621.2215 Browser Version: Microsoft Edge 116.0.1938.54 (64-bit release) Browser Plug-in Version:
  15. The password cannot be copied. Clicking on the copy function in the program does not respond, and pasting results in a blank space.
  16. Windows 11 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2215) Kaspersky Security Cloud - Personal. Hi continually coming across incorrect username and or password when using Kaspersky PWM. However if I copy and paste same credentials from PWM into site or app then all is rosy. This is also coincident with the PWM's inability to Sync data. Anybody got any ideas about this behaviour? Kindest regards D.
  17. I downloaded at 30.7.2023 the "Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool application" (https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/free-virus-removal-tool). For the first time it asked for reboot for drivers (before the scan). But the system, Windows 11 pro 22H2 (OS build 2261.2070) version 10.0.2261 Build 22621, failed to start. There was nothing I could do but to restore to my latest retore point, to fix it. Since then I'm afraid to use KVRT again. Did anyone had this same problem? Please check the KVRT.exe. It act like a virus this time.
  18. I cant sign in to my account
  19. I'm using Windows 11 with Korean IME. I tried turning off hardware virtualization didn't work. Only turning off the category worked but it loses the functionality.
  20. Salve, ho un problema con l'estensione per browser: quando clicco sopra l'estensione, e quindi cerco di utilizzarla, mi risponde con l'immagine allegata. Specifico che ho un abbonamento Premium e che quando apro l'app del pc mi dice d installare l'estensione seppure io l'abbia già fatto. (Ho anche provato a disinstallarla e reinstallarla).
  21. Hi, this week on 20 June I installed the free Kaspersky on my Windows 11 pc and my Samsung Galaxy phone.. I have two questions: 1. I registered it to my little-used email X but as I have got to know Kaspersky I see that was a mistake. I should have registered it to my usual email Y But when I went to change it, I saw I already had a very old Kaspersky account linked to that address. I want to delete that old account and change the email address of the new account but am afraid if I do that I might not be able to use that Y address again. Can anyone advise please? 2. I've discovered that since I installed Kaspersky, my OneNote account has not been syncing. This could be due to the above-mentioned difference in email addresses, or something else. Please can anyone help with that too? Many thanks Suet
  22. Почему ваши антивирусы не ищут FUD, полностью криптованные в рантайме вирусы даже про версия? За что мы платим деньги? Ну вот зачем?
  23. showing this error, not able to update database too, have already unistalled & installed 3 times, but still no solution, have already created ticket too: Kaspersky Technical Support - ID INC000015564799 Still no resolution from support too ... and due to this my MS Office got corrupted too, worse experience, never encounter this with Norton, thinking of going back to Norton, pls advice.
  24. Hi there, I'm having issues running Kaspersky Rescue Disk properly in my Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15 ARE05. I'll leave the exact steps I did and what results I got, with screenshots and photos along the way. 1- Downloaded the KRD ISO file from the official website. 2- Burned the ISO into a 16GB USB drive using Rufus Portable v3.20, download from this site Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way (see Rufus configuration.png) 3- Booted from the USB drive > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > KRS. Graphic mode —> Empty black screen (see Black screen.jpg) 3.a- Rebooted from the USB drive > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > KRS. Limited graphic mode —> Empty black screen (see Black screen.jpg) 3.b- Rebooted from the USB drive > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > Hardware info —> Empty black screen (see Black screen.jpg) 4- Rebooted > Opened BIOS setup > Changed "Boot Mode" from UEFI to Legacy Support and "Boot Priority" from UEFI First to Legacy First (see UEFI to Legacy.jpg) 4.a- Saved changes & booted from USB > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > KRS. Graphic mode —> Operation Successful + Warning (see Warning.jpg) 4.b- Rebooted from USB > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > KRS. Limited graphic mode —> Operation Successful + Warning (see Warning.jpg) 4.c- Rebooted from USB > KRD screen appeared > Picked English > Hardware info —> Operation Successful (download report) FYI: Find additional screenshots for my current BIOS configuration. I hope all of this will help in resolving this issue. Thank you.
  25. Kaspersky is not showing up on the new Context menu (and no i dont want to just use the old one, its working there though). So i was trying to find out how to fix it. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security Version
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