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  1. Diz que a verificação em segundo plano foi interrompida há 19 horas atras em 56%. Isso aconteceu depois de ter encontrado 6 positvos (trojan generico) na pasta temp do Windows. obg
  2. Here's an interesting article I have read recently regarding "malware hiding inside images". https://gizmodo.com/malware-images-virus-photos-pictures-how-block-antiviru-1849572516?fbclid=IwAR0bD94-LvGKCbznJ0Dh2wNH3xb_BFz0F-sJDAX92MKtqfY7UiKtUcQHHlo I personally did not know about this until recently. I didn't know that this was possible. But of course, this technique makes sense because images are clusters of data and there's data within the data. My question is simple, as the heading implies. Can Kaspersky security suite of software scan images for malware? I've kept website scans of all URLs enabled and I want every website that I visit to be scanned by my Kaspersky antivirus. I want to know, do Kaspersky's anti viruses also scan images along with the URLs on elsewhere on a website? If not, are Kaspersky working on this feature right now? If not, then my request would be to work on this. Thanks.
  3. Does Kaspersky look inside the Docker VM? See Hiding malware in Docker Desktop's virtual machine - Atlassian Community. That article says enough to know there is reason to be concerned but not enough for me to know much more. The important thing is that if Kaspersky does not look inside the Docker VM then it is entirely useless protection from that vulnerability.
  4. Hello I just format my pc and downloading some programs. I'm using getintopc for downloading cracked programs like adobe photoshop and I wanted to ask is it safe to download from this website? and is there anyone got hacked after using this website?
  5. As title says, chrome trying to access my webcam few times per day. Anyone else with this problem? Mostly when i open gmail. Pls share solution .
  6. I have 2 identical Win 10 PCs. One suddenly has a lot of popups after kaspersky warned about a site. Nothing was clicked on and just went back. I'm told this is when the popups started, I checked the extensions and Kaspersky is enabled. However I noticed the Icon on the top right of the browser isn't there like it is on my other PC. This is where I can see if the add blocker is checked or not. Any idea of whats going on?
  7. My Avast is going of constantly, first it said it was in tempio folder, now its just Temp. It started like from nowhere. I tried deleting them, but they came back.
  8. Поймал троян, антивирус его удалил, но продолжил отсылать мне подобные уведомления с запросами от rundll32 и regsvr32 с какими-то случайными IP, подозреваю, что заразили систему, можно это как-то решить без сноса винды?
  9. Hello I am using kts on my windows 10 home and kaspersky Kts version (i) Just recently I downloaded a file from mega (was a setup file for some programm that I needed (had the name setup.exe)) and I have a habbit of scanning the exe file which I download so as always I scanned them with Kaspersky before opening them(running the exe files)) So i ran the scan and voila! it was indeed malicious. it said after the scan: here is the scan report Now all of these files I didnt run them but scanned them. So I wanted to ask( I deleted both the files btw) Even after deletion do they pose a threat? if i did not run the setup? btw i deleted the setup.exe file which came out from the REPACK PASS (812736).rar
  10. Bom Dia. Tenho um notebook Dell G15 5511 no qual esta instalado o kaspersky total security. Esta semana verifiquei no msconfig, m serviço estranho chamado AltruistcsService. Tentai desabilitar, porém ao clicar em aolicar o serviçovoltava a ficar ahabilkitado automaticamente. Pesquisei na internet e encontrei informação tratar-se de um virus. Considerando que mesmo com o kaspersky total security instalado o mesmo não foi identificado nem eleminado, o que posso fazer para eliminar este virus?
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