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  1. I have 2 identical Win 10 PCs. One suddenly has a lot of popups after kaspersky warned about a site. Nothing was clicked on and just went back. I'm told this is when the popups started, I checked the extensions and Kaspersky is enabled. However I noticed the Icon on the top right of the browser isn't there like it is on my other PC. This is where I can see if the add blocker is checked or not. Any idea of whats going on?
  2. I have a paid subscription to KIS for 3 devices. I have a 4th win 7 PC im setting up for other uses.I will need to go online for drivers and downloads at times,so I want to use Kasperskys free version for this PC. My questions are: Will activating the free version interfere in any way with the paid version in the same network? When logging into My Kaspersky in order to activate the cloud, Do I need to create another My Kaspersky account for this free version or use my Existing Kaspersky account?
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