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  1. I am starting a new thread because my original post is not being answered. The problem is again, is that I have “Kaspersky Standard” on my PC. However, when I go to renew, it has only one option which is Kaspersky Plus. How can I renew this as I only have a week? Can you at least point me where “Standard” is available, and I'll just start fresh buy buying it there? Is Plus being encouraged?
  2. Any status on this? I loaded the standard version and works great, however i need to renew my subscription which expires on 12/11 23. Please respond with update.
  3. 1. Due to expire on 12/11/2023 2 The east coast of the United States.
  4. Okay I downloaded the standard version, I uninstalled the previous version, and kept the license info. I installed the program. When I go to renew the only option is the plus program. Where is the free upgrade?
  5. Thanks, Thats what I needed. One more thing, Where can I download the Standard as in your answer #6
  6. I currently have KIS Internet security that is up for renewal. I understand this is no longer available. Is Kaspersky plus similar as this seems to be my only choice on the renewal page. Is this similar to the old program? I also see you have the standard plan, Is that similar to the old plan? I cannot seem to find a clear answer on this.
  7. Update! I followed the steps from Flood& Floods Wife" above and all is working perfectly now. Thanks for your quick and detailed response!
  8. Yes Kaspersky protection is installed. I'm about to follow the instructions given by "Floods Wife" and was just wondering what ATM was before I start.
  9. Windows 11 Version: 22H2 (OS Build 22621,1555) KIS Application: Safe money is not operating in Firefox,Chrome,Edge. I get a "Run Error Message as pictured. Even if I go through KIS Safe Money App it is the same. Also, I keep getting the popup to "Activate Kaspersky Extension". The extension is active, but popup persists. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I have 2 identical Win 10 PCs. One suddenly has a lot of popups after kaspersky warned about a site. Nothing was clicked on and just went back. I'm told this is when the popups started, I checked the extensions and Kaspersky is enabled. However I noticed the Icon on the top right of the browser isn't there like it is on my other PC. This is where I can see if the add blocker is checked or not. Any idea of whats going on?
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