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  1. Hola, cómo están? Quería saber exactamente cómo desactivar la renovación automática a la suscripción de Kaspersky, ya que la tarjeta que está vinculada no es válida (la cambié) y quiero agregar otra. Lo que me está pasando es que, al hacer clic en "Detalles de pago" o en "Detalles" en donde está la tarjeta, me aparece este cartel, y no estoy seguro de si quiere borrar los datos de mi cuenta o algo parecido. Qué sería esta advertencia? Y qué debería hacer para cambiar la información de las credenciales de pago de la suscripción? Que pasaría si dejo la renovación automática activada y los datos de la tarjeta son inválidos? Gracias de antemano.
  2. Почему ваши антивирусы не ищут FUD, полностью криптованные в рантайме вирусы даже про версия? За что мы платим деньги? Ну вот зачем?
  3. showing this error, not able to update database too, have already unistalled & installed 3 times, but still no solution, have already created ticket too: Kaspersky Technical Support - ID INC000015564799 Still no resolution from support too ... and due to this my MS Office got corrupted too, worse experience, never encounter this with Norton, thinking of going back to Norton, pls advice.
  4. Hello, Asking the community, as I've been running in EXHAUSTIVE CIRCLES with the support-experts at Kaspersky Labs support. Kaspersky Premium has been working, flawlessly, on an older desktop that I have reserved for kids and guests. Hence, why it's still on an older O/S. It's fully locked down, in regards to the standard User's ability to affect change. Point being, during the prior AUTO-installed Version-Update of Kaspersky Premium a few months ago, and without my consent, it (1) REMOVED my ability to access Parental Controls, (2) attempted but failed to auto-engage Kids Safe, and (3) REMOVED the prior settings I had engaged. You heard me correctly - Kaspersky now allows ANYONE to download EXE, ZIP et al. , contrary to my former settings / preferences. To provide added insight, I had long ago opted-out of their lackluster "Kids Safe". This action auto-enables the Parental Controls feature inside the main Kaspersky Premium app. The feature and its settings were working perfectly, prior to aforementioned auto-update, wherein I had settings such as DISALLOWING ALL users from performing downloads (such as EXE and ZIP), with the exception of the Local Admin. As stated, this was working flawlessly and is a standard security practice on any computer. The support team then asked me to manually install Kids Safe, providing me with a download URL to that installer. This doesn't work nor does it throw any errors or logs as to why .. it merely completes without any sign of Kids Safe being present - desktop icon, Start Menu, or on the hard drive itself. On my own, I did a FULL uninstall of Kaspersky Premium, rebooted, followed by a full install and from-scratch reconfigure. Despite this rigorous attempt, neither Parental Controls re-appeared .. nor did Kids Safe engage even after the app's initial launch prompted me about Kids Safe .. showing the PhD's review .. etc. NADA. The support team requested I provide them with a "Traces Archive" data-collection, using their support tool, to which I gladly obliged. They responded a week or so later with this: As most savvy users will note, this HKLM Registry area is NOT accessible for changes; not even for the Local Admin. I immediately responded, asking for insight on how that may be changed ... perhaps, by a special boot-time fix they could supply. This request was completely ignored. Instead, they next asked to Remote into my computer. As much as I do appreciate and promote Kaspersky Labs products, I don't wish to allow anyone into my private network ... especially, without even providing a hint as to their plan of action. Preposterous request, at best. The support team then asked me to perform the following steps, despite my (prior numerous times) disclosing that their app no longer prompts to "Restore Parental Controls" nor allows me to perform even a stand-alone install of Kids Safe! It is ENTIRELY UNACCEPTABLE that Kaspersky has not only removed my Parental Controls .. but their action has REVERTED my Security Preferences thereby allowing ANY user to download EXE, ZIP .. and, MOST DESTRUCTIVELY, drive-by downloads engineered specifically to exploit vulnerabilities on ALL O/S .. especially, those aged / out-of-support. This action has now forced me to bear the expense of replacing that entire computer with newer hardware and current O/S, as it's too old to properly host the demands of a newer O/S. Anyone with this experience, please opine.
  5. Обновления антивирусных баз не обновляются нажимаю множество раз на обновление обновляется потом заново пишиет "Базы устарели" Поогите пажалуста
  6. My Kid has learnt to circumvent the Safe kids by opening the mobile in safe mode. Now the safe kids do work on the Android mobile. Is there a solution to this problem?
  7. Kaspersky gives me erros every 6-7 hours after i enable it from accessibility settings. I have attatched the required screenshots for your kind perusal.
  8. Eu tinha a versão que foi descontinuada do kaspersky, comprei a atual (premium), porém, já reinstalei 3x e eu não consigo logar.
  9. Olá, estou com um problema no Chrome. Toda vez que faço uma busca no google, o navegador tenta realizar o download de um arquivo, que é bloqueado pelo Kaspersky. Isso acontece sempre e gostaria de resolver a questão que origina esse download, não ficar bloqueado o arquivo toda hora. Segue descrição que aparece na aba "Navegação Segura" do anti-vírus: Evento: Download negado Usuário: LAPTOP-FLABHMA3\danie Tipo de usuário: Iniciador Nome do aplicativo: chrome.exe Caminho do aplicativo: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Componente: Navegação Segura Resultado da descrição: Bloqueado Tipo: Probabilidade de download de software não autorizado Nome: https://bookreal.net/23d513e94fc094fe5a.js Nível de ameaça: Alto Tipo de objeto: Página da Web Nome do objeto: 23d513e94fc094fe5a.js Caminho do objeto.: https://bookreal.net Motivo: Proteção na Nuvem Eu tenho o arquivo HAR como exemplo, mas não se permite a juntada no tópico. Obrigado pelo auxílio!
  10. Dear Kas Community Support I have noticed today that I my Kaspersky Password Manager on my PC is not logging in with my password, but my phones Kaspersky Password Manager does login with the password I have for my account. I have just noticed that my Total Kaspersky will not update the either. I have been having some other issues in the last month. My Windows and Java hasn't been updating for the past month and I uninstalled the Java to clean install and it hasn't been able to install since. Today I also noticed that I no longer have any space on my 1TB SSD, like something has been filling up my SSD. Why would I be able to login on my phone but not on my PC?
  11. Bin ich als Privatanwender davon betroffen? Sucht Kaspersky nach dem "Terminator . sys / zamuguard64 . sys / zam64 .sys" in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ nach der neuen Malware? Also als Frage an die Community
  12. Olá, eu gostaria de saber se o kaspersky premium possui uma ferramenta de detecção de rootkits.
  13. Minha duvida é: posso 'enviar' o kaskpersky pro email dos meus familiares para eles terem acesso 'individualmente', sem a necessidade de utilizarem o meu email? pois caso eles acessem pelo meu email vão ter acesso ao meu 'Kaspersky senhas' correto?
  15. Hallo Community, Ich habe ein Video gesehen wo es möglich ist mithilfe von der folgenden Unicodes eine Datei so zu verändern, dass sie nicht als .exe erscheind sondern als jede andere Datei. Beispiel ---exe.docx => sieht wie eine docx Datei aus aber dadurch, dass der Titel einen Unicode "left to right mark" verwendet ist es leider nicht gleich ersichtlich, dass es eine exe Datei und keine docx Datei ist. Man sieht es zwar wenn man im Explorer die Dateinamenerweiterung an hat. Kann auch mit jeder anderen Datei sein. Aber es wäre echt hilfreich wenn man diese Funktion austellen könnte damit fogende Befehle als Warnung angezeigt werden: U+200E LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK U+200F RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK U+202A LEFT-TO-RIGHT EMBEDDING U+202B RIGHT-TO-LEFT EMBEDDING U+202C POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING U+202D LEFT-TO-RIGHT OVERRIDE U+202E RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE U+2066 LEFT-TO-RIGHT ISOLATE U+2067 RIGHT-TO-LEFT ISOLATE U+2068 FIRST STRONG ISOLATE U+2069 POP DIRECTIONAL ISOLATE Denn dann muss man nicht jede einzelne Datei überprüfen mit command prompt und ">dir" und man schauen muss ob TeXT "?x" vor dem Dateinamen steht. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe in der Vergangenheit ? (Screenshot im Anhang zeigt die richtig angezeigte Datei und um welche es sich handelt, da man ja leicht das Icon wechseln kann)
  16. After installing Kaspersky premium and restarting my computer kaspersky blocking asus services i tried to create exclusion, pause kaspersky but no luck only way to get Asus service to work again is to uninstall Kaspersky. I use the last version of i figure it out after several windows 11 reinstalls Has someone the same issue ?
  17. How do I stop Kaspersky Premium from requiring a Google sign in every time I open a new window in Chrome?
  18. Hi, So apparently despite the fact I'm (gasp) on the internet typing this on my Chromebook Kaspersky fails to update claiming I don't have internet access. I moved closer to the modem... ran still says no internet access. I restarted reran - still says I have no internet access I uninstalled tried to reinstall... and surprise surprise it claims I have no internet access. Well that's odd because I ran a speed test and guess what... I do have internet access. No I haven't reset the modem because I don't have access to it and multiple people use it so I'm NOT going to restart it for something like this. What is going on? Thanks Snhawna
  19. I decided to test Kaspersky to see how effective it is at deleting files, and I was surprised to find that it can even remove files that are protected by Folder Guard after a restart. I believe it would be helpful if Kaspersky had a feature that allows users to select a specific file or folder for deletion. By implementing this feature, users would have greater control over which files are removed, which could be particularly useful in situations where a specific file needs to be deleted for troubleshooting or security reasons.
  20. Merhaba Başlıktakiler aynı şeyler mi oluyor?
  21. Много написано про новые подписки, какие они классные и крутые и т.п., но НИГДЕ не написано: 1. Можно ли сделать апгрейд? Да, вот тут написано, что с Тотала можно на Плюс перейти. А если я на премиум хочу, что делать? 2. Старые продукты будут продлеваться и поддерживаться и дальше или стоит отключить автопродление того же Тотала? 3. Может плохо смотрел, но не нашел информации: к примеру, Премиум подписка на 3 устройства на 2 года - менеджер паролей на всех устройствах будет один или можно будет создавать разные аккаунты?
  22. Hi. I have Kaspersky Premium on Windows 10. Does anyone know of a way that I can place a shortcut pointing to the "Network Monitor" or "Network Activity" directly onto my desktop for quick access. It is the feature that I use the most. Thank you.
  23. Hola, que tal? Lo que me crucé hace unos días es que, a la hora de usar Bun (aquí el sitio oficial: Bun — A fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime), que es un motor de Javascript tal como Node, el antivirus lo detecta como un Trojan cuando en realidad no es así (sumado a que Bun está solamente disponible en WSL, Linux o Mac). ¿Hay alguna manera de analizar para ver si realmente es un elemento malicioso o simplemente debo agregar sus binarios a las exclusiones del antivirus? No solamente me pasó con Bun, si no instalando otras librerías y paquetes de Linux desde mi terminal WSL, así que tal vez pueda ser un problema más amplio. Gracias por su atención!
  24. Estava utilizando o KTS e agora renovei para o Premium, no meu Windows 10 tudo Ok precisei baixar e fazer a instalação tudo isto sem problemas mais e no Android????? Pensei que encontraria na loja a nova versão mais sem sucesso o que existe lá é o que eu já uso no meu dispositivo como proceder?
  25. good day i found today a file called etmonitor with its dll files when i opened the task manager at startup options ,it gives me the chance to disable it at startup but why is it there ? what it does ? is it a malware or something else i did click on it for properties nothing happens...clicked on to show its file location found it on C/windows/. so i googled it some sited said its 50% malware hided on the name of etmonitor.exe and some others say not .but i found someone said 100% of antiviruses didn't detect it ...is it some sort of new malware or what ? please have a look at it cuz if it is a malware and the antivirus didn't detect it its a serious problem.
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