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remove kaspersky from PC.


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6 hours ago, Dennisdvs said:
  1. i need remove kaspersky from of PC. it asks  me for user and password . btu i don't have any.

Hello @Dennisdvs


  1. Use How to reset a password for uninstalling, closing or configuring an application

?Make sure all steps are followed, including running the computer in Safe Mode for Step 5

?IF you wish you may reset the application to a blank password, having a password is not mandatory

Thank you?

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  • The title was changed to remove kaspersky from PC.
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I have a problem with Kaspersky AV removal on Windows 10. While the AV seemed thorough and did not break the machine, I decided to move away from Kaspersky and uninstalled it. All was well until I used Belarc Advisor for another purpose and discovered the report stated Kaspersky AV was still present and up-to-date alongside the relacement AV product.

All visual signs of Kaspersky were removed, no control panel icon, not present in Programs etc, no running services visible. And still Belarc reported it. I searched the Registry for 'Kaspersky' and 'KAV' and removed the few remaining traces. I checked all running services, no sign. Rebooted and Belarc continued to report Kaspersky as running and current. I ran the kavrmvr.exe tool and it required me to select from a wide range of Kaspersky products. I was unsure which version I had had installed and ran the tool against all three possible versions of KAV. Rebooted and Belarc still reports Kaspersky present.

I chose to download and install current free home Kaspersky AV which installed with no issues. Now when I run the remover tool it presents me with just the installed product to choose from. I can remove it with the tool and now Belarc continues to report Kaspersky present, and when I run the remover tool it is back to giving me the full list to select from like it is unable to detect the version for itself.

I am unable to find any trace of Kaspersky myself, checking files and folders, registry entries, or services, yet Belarc Advisor is detecting it running. I think you will agree that this appears as very suspicious behaviour and so I hope Kaspersky is able to answer this problem if only to clear their name from suspicion.

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I have already written to Belarc regarding this, needing to know how/where it is detecting Kaspersky running. No answer as yet, but it was the weekend.

I did check thoroughly through Process Explorer, although I don't know the exact Kaspersky process names. I guessed at Kaspersky*, kav*, and basically anything 'k'. Nothing showing.

Since re-installing KAV and removing using the tool, Belarc reports Kaspesky present but with real-time scanning disabled, which is the status prior to 'removal'. The registry had a dozen different Kaspesky related entries, most of which I have deleted, but there are four keys in the Security Center section that refuse to delete. I will have to try those again in safe mode.

Screenshot from 2023-09-18 10-24-59.png

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Thanks guys for your assistance. I had a reply from Belarc who pointed me at the WMI repository, where Kaspersky had failed to remove itself. Once I recreated the WMI repository (without a live Kaspersky installation), Belarc no longer reports a Kaspersky presence.

I still have a couple of registry entries under the Security Center key that cannot be deleted even in Safe Mode or by Administrator, but I am satisfied that Kaspersky isn't running under some form of incognito guise.

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