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  1. @Speedy66 In the meantime a sort option from the websites in secure-payment has been implemented in the new Kaspersky product line.
  2. Please try this : → Command Prompt→ Type : compmgmt.msc → [Computer Management] → Device Manager → Network adapters Network adapter "Kaspersky VPN" should show up in the list , if not please launch Kaspersky VPN ? ⚠️ Please take care before any action.
  3. @Belisiario Thank you for your feedback. I don’t think it’s Bug , IMO an on top reinstall is worth trying.
  4. @FREDO78 Bonjour, Je pense que votre meilleure option est de consulter le Support Technique.
  5. @Heavyhms Welcome. An option for license downgrade is not available, you can however cancel at anytime the auto-renewal service.
  6. @Hartha Thank you for your feedback 👍 FYI , when I upgrade to a new release I always proceed with a on-top install, Kaspersky is automatically importing license information & settings before removing the previous version. Also, in some rare cases there may be discrepancies between Online Help articles, Tech Support assistance and user experience in this Forum.
  7. @Dick_F Welcome. The “Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adaptor #2" is related with Kaspersky VPN and doesn’t interfere with Windows sleep mode.
  8. @Nico5934 Vous êtes le bienvenu et merci pour votre feedback. Sous de conditions normales une installation par-dessus des nouvelles versions fontionne parfaitement. La nouvelle version importe les données de la licence , toutes les options , les liens bancaires … etc. avant de déinstaller l’ancienne version.
  9. @younes_udlfrom Please continue here → Kaspersky bloque l'accés à certains sites Thank you.
  10. @AZ Babar This community can’t fix your issue, please continue with Kaspersky Tech Support. "Activation code is invalid for this region" error
  11. @AZ Babar Welcome. Please see → "Activation code is invalid for this region" error Kaspersky Support will fix your issue.
  12. @Maggally Thank you for your feedback. This could be a false positive , please see → What to do by false detections
  13. @Majid Please submit your INC number in your next Post, Kaspersky collaborators are watching this Forum.
  14. @Kohatian An option to disable the auto-renewal service is not available, but you can cancel anytime.
  15. @Kohatian Welcome. The activation is starting on purchase day, pausing the countdown is not possible.
  16. @Lionel Bonjour et bienvenu sur le Forum. Si le lien correspond à votre OS vous n’ aurez pas de problème.
  17. @Belisiario Can you locate following file → C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky 21.8\shellex.dll Also, please check this : CCleaner > Startup > Context Menu > "shellex.dll" → ? Enabled ?
  18. @Maggally Welcome. Did you download the installer from an official source. Please submit the object here → https://opentip.kaspersky.com/ and ask for reanalyze.
  19. @Clem Welcome. Please see this Kaspersky Support article : https://support.kaspersky.com/common/error/activation/10990
  20. @ezaher @Mostafa Sayed Unfortunately I can’t help you , this is a Tech Support issue.
  21. @Dianne Also , please disable notifications ?
  22. @Dianne Please follow these steps : > Click on your E-Mail account > Manage my account > Account settings > Delete account > Click on [Delete] ???
  23. @younes_udlfrom Bonjour et bienvenu sur le Forum. Je n'arrive pas a reproduire votre problème. Quelle version Kaspersky utilisez-vous ? Avez-vous essayé avec un autre navigateur ? Veuillez consulter → Un problème a été détecté lors de l'analyse du certificat Le certificat semble correcte : 1) Kaspersky Root Certificate : 2) Vérification sur https://www.ssllabs.com
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