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  1. Os recordamos que ya está disponible para su descarga la nueva versión de productos Kaspersky Estándar, Plus, Premium y VPN, que podréis descargar en: Instaladores Kaspersky v21.17.7.539: Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium v21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN vv21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/KSDE/ Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium vv21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN v21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/KSDE/ Saludos.
  2. Hello, I already own a Kaspersky Premium subscription, but my current membership covers only one device. I would like to upgrade my subscription to cover two devices because I recently purchased a new phone and I want to use Kaspersky antivirus and VPN services on it as well. Is there a way for me to update my membership?
  3. ourvorax


    Kaspersky premium aldım ancak vpn kullanımı sınırlı gözüküyor?
  4. Hello everyone, The overall performance of the application is average or slow most of the time. Filling in passwords when I go to a website is slow, I'm waiting 5-10 seconds. Saving passwords in the browser is much faster. Also, using the KPM UI is not responsive as I expected. Click actions take ~0.5 seconds. Scrolling through the accounts page is slow. Delete, update etc. actions take ~1-2 seconds. I want to use KPM but it's slowing me down. Unless there are plans to improve performance, I have to switch to another application. Alternatives of KPM are much faster. I hope there are some plans for the performance. Operating System: Windows 11 Pro, 22H2, 22621.1848 / I also tried on Windows 10 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz RAM: 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable) System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor KPM Version: / 1686048945_7385 / 1.0.523.0- KPM Accounts: ~800-1000
  5. This makes it questionable protection, leaving one’s device vulnerable. I often find that my device was unprotected, possibly the whole night! I’ve observed this on various iOS devices (iPhones SE, 12, 13 mini) in our household, all of which are always fully up-to-date. We don’t have other security solutions installed. What a competitor product did with their mobile protection for iOS was to add a toggle in the VPN settings for the protection to re-enable itself on demand. That way it turns itself on when it’s shut down for some reason, possibly by a system process? I don’t know whether iOS behaves like Android in some regards.
  6. Hello, My son's device is not getting blocked after the daily time limit. The following are the settings Monitoring type: Block device Schedule: Weekdays Daily Limit: 0 h 30 m Downtime: 00:00 - 15:00 & 19:00 - 24:00 Weekend Daily Limit: 1 h 0 m Downtime: 00:00 - 8:00 & 19:00 - 24:00 Device & software details Device: Galaxy Tab S7 Android version: 13 One UI version: 5.1.1 Safe Kids Premium version I have uninstalled and rebooted before installing again and all the requested permissions have been assigned. Please help to resolve the issue. Thanks RanS
  7. Merhaba, Kaspersky Premium paketin 2 yıllık lisanslı sürümünü kullanıyorum. Lisansımın dolmasına daha var ama ülkenin durumu malum. Ekstradan birkaç yıl daha lisans süresi uzatabiliyor muyuz? Teşekkürler.
  8. Hi Guys, one of my friend owned the Kaspersky Antivirus Premium account which supported multiple devices. He told me currently he have 1 spot for my device to register under his licensed account. May I know is it safe? Will he able to gain control to my device if I install the Antivirus application is under his licensed account. I worried he will able to gain access to my device once my device is registered under his account. The application will be installed from the official site but I'm using the license code he provided to me. Kindly provide me some advices regarding on this. Thanks!
  9. Hallo, ich habe seit dem 21.03.24 keine Anzeige mehr von Foto-Downloads, sondern nur noch rote Striche. Dies ist nur auf dem PC mit Kaspersky. Auf einem PC OHNE Kaspersky, kein Problem. Hat jemand eine Idee, wie dies behoben werden kann? Kaspersky brauch, lt. Info 7 Tage.
  10. Здравствуйте. Пару дней назад я купил подписку Standart на 5 устройств на 3 года. Сейчас хотел бы поменять эту подписку на Premium на столько же устройств и такой же период. Можно ли это как то сделать? Или нужно опять покупать а деньги за эту уже не нужную мне подписку просто пропадут? Есть ли какой то инструмент для такого случая? Или, если переходить, то нужно например оформлять возврат денег, пока 30 дней не прошло и покупать заново? Если это вообще сработает... Какие есть варианты?
  11. Smart Home Monitor prompts me to connect to Wi-Fi or ethernet, despite the fact that I am completely able to connect to the internet. "Wi-Fi Analyzer" does not show any kind of activity.
  12. After subscribing since 2018, and for the last couple of years just sucking up the auto-renewal, I was determined this year to put it to an end, and I have finally succeeded! I hope this information helps anyone else who is struggling to get rid of this payment. Please note this may only work if your payment is collected by Digital River... check your bank for last year's payment and if it is marked 'DR' or 'DRI' in the payment reference, this should hopefully work for you. When you get the renewal email reminder which provides an order number and password, click on the link for amending your payment details. You'll be taken to a page with your billing address and payment info. Underneath the 'reset' and 'Submit' buttons, there's a link for 'Back to main help page' - click it. This will take you to a FAQ page - select the cancel auto renewal heading. Now you'll be taken to another page where you need to re-input the Order Number and the Password from the email they sent. Once in there, click the cancel button (not manage subscriptions) and this will allow you to cancel the auto renewal. Seriously, the most ridiculous process ever, but it worked for me (after 2 years of unwanted renewals!). I've added screen shots to this in the hope I can help others who are struggling, and like me have ended up just letting the money go out each year. Good luck all.
  13. This morning an official banking app was detect a Trojan, which is that possible? App was update in Play store, Samsung s24 ultral, and Android 14, and oneui6. 1
  14. EU adquiri o produto anual total security que inclui o Antivirus e o VPN. Consegui instalar o anti-virus normalmente, porém quando tento instalar o VPN apresenta o erro 1714 conforme mostrado na imagem abaixo. Gostaria da solução desse erro para que eu possa desfrutar do serviço adquirido. Att,
  15. If I open a banking site in Chrome, when it goes to open new secure protected browser it fails -> I then changed the settings in Safe Money from using the default browser (chrome) to use Firefox -> If I now open a banking site in Chrome it still tries to open it in Chrome, so I'm not convinced that safe money setting did anything and yes I've restarted my machine as well. If I have Firefox open and go to a banking site then I get -> I have Windows 10 -> and Kaspersky total security -> The issue also appeared around the same time that Kaspersky VPN updated which I don't use, so I uninstalled that. No difference. I have also uninstalled the last few windows updates from when I noticed the issue, no change.
  16. I am an old user of KIS. It recently got changed to Kaspersky Standard on my MacBook Air 2017 (MacOS12) during my 3 year license. It is now about to expire, and I would like to know, if I want to shift to Kaspersky Premium (I like premium more as it is much more feature rich), will I have to reinstall Kaspersky, because we would like to continue to use it without interrupting the existing setup, and can we add the premium key in the activation page so that it activates itself once the existing standard key expires in the same software so that it updates itself to premium automatically?
  17. 1. Нужно ли удалять своё устройство в личном кабинете https://my.kaspersky.com/ после переустановки программы Kaspersky Premium? 2. Нужно ли удалять своё устройство в личном кабинете https://my.kaspersky.com/ после переустановки Windows? 3. Как проверить пинг до VPN сервера в Kaspersky Secure Connection ? (дабы понять какой по пингу самый лучший) 4. В мониторинге умного дома висит предупреждение о открытом порте 23 на моём Keenetic Giga (KN-1011). Хотя все настройки заводские. Без изменений. Надеюсь на ваши ответы. 5. Первый раз пользуюсь Kaspersky Password Manager. Удалит ли он все пароли с Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge? Для меня это важно** Надеюсь на ваши ответы.
  18. Bilgisayarı uzun zamandır kullanmıyodum ve sıfırladım siteye baktığımda 152 gün kaldığı yazıyo ekte atıcam fotoğrafı neyse siteden aboneliğin yanından indir dedim uygulamaya girdim ve ekranda *****@*****.tld için aboneliğiniz bulunmamaktadır yazıyo onuda ekte sundum problemim bu yardım eden herkese şimdiden teşekkürler. :)
  19. Hi, I am currently using Kaspersky Premium version and whenever I try to play a game through steam (CS2, Warzone, etc) I am unable to connect to matches. I can connect to games normally when I use Kaspersky VPN or when I completely uninstall Kaspersky Premium. I would like to be able to play my games without having to use the VPN as it affects my connection and I would preferably like to keep Kaspersky installed on my machine. I want to note that up until last week I had no such issues for nearly 3 years of using Kaspersky products. I am not sure what happened but after a database update I started facing this issue. Other friends who also use Kaspersky AV do not have the same issue as I do.
  20. Já li as regras, procurei algo referente, FAQ e nao encontrei nada falando sobre, por isso estou postando. Depois dessa ultima atualização que ocorreu essa semana, nao ocorreu mais o problema de fechar o programa e reabrir, mas agora o problema é no som, qualquer som fica estourando, estalando, se eu fecho o kas, o problema para de ocorrer, para esse caso não há um log nem nada, pq é constante o problema. Mais alguem com esse tipo de problema? sabem como resolver? O mais estranho que é somente no windows isso, tenho um macbook pro com o kas na msm versão e lá nao ocorre nenhum tipo de problema. 1º - win11 reinstalado 3x, formato 3 2º - 3º - problema ocorre nessa ultima versao 4º - formatado o pc, reinstalado o programa e continua o problema
  21. 1. Hello I downloaded the app and bought a license. At first, when everything went smoothly, now I get the connection cannot be checked error. When I click on this notification, nothing happens. 2. I've been having problems with the internet since I founded Kaspersky. Both my mobile data and Wi-Fi connections have slowed down a lot. Although I am connected to the internet, the applications are not working properly. Kaspersky VPN improves when I turn off and restart the phone. ( I'm using iphone 14 pro max iOS 16.5.1(c) )
  22. Heya! The title is quite self-explanatory. I'm planning to get Kaspersky premium, and i was wondering if there was more servers of each country or is it one sole server for each country. or possibly providing a dedicated static IP. such a service would be a life saver for me since some applications tend to block vpn IPs unless they were static or dedicated (such as Riot Games). and i know that another VPN has it, but for this case specifically I'm wondering if kaspersky may hold it? Or if i can ask for it to be achieved from support? And for the sake of the rules my OS is Windows 10, Running on a soon-to-be Kaspersky premium + VPN Thanks!
  23. Buenas. Tengo actualmente Kaspersky Plus (migrado desde un KTS) pero en la renovación me voy a pasar a Kaspersky Premium. ¿Vale con añadir la clave de licencia y se activan los componentes que tiene Premium que no tiene Plus o tengo que descargarme otro instalable? Gracias
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