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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I can deploy the Ms store apps (new) to the clients via Intune only when I disabled the Kaspersky. For the Win 32 apps there is no issue. I added the necessary links of microsoft to the trusted adres list in security center but it does not help. Plese see the list below. login.microsoftonline.com portal.manage.microsoft.com m.manage.microsoft.com sts.manage.microsoft.com Manage.microsoft.com i.manage.microsoft.com r.manage.microsoft.com a.manage.microsoft.com p.manage.microsoft.com Can you please give me a guidance? Regards Yasin
  2. Всем доброго. У меня два компа дома под Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, на которые я хочу установить антивирус. В разделе "Для дома" я не нашёл версий под Linux, но нашёл KES в разделе "Для бизнеса" из чего у меня вопрос: "Как мне купить лицензии для него?" Всё что вижу, так это варианты для организаций. Или же я не могу использовать KES на домашнем компе с Linux? Или, поставим вопрос так: "Есть ли версия под Linux для домашнего использования?" Заранее благодарен за ответы.
  3. Hi KAS Team community, We are facing this issue to install the Kas in client machine with W7 pro X64, version of installer: Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows (12.3.0) ( it's occuring the issue to instal the client: Error install KESC Kaspersky security Center Network Agent Setup wizard cannot process the internal error internal error restart device. i'v tried to clean all entry in register but continue given the same issue, if someone have the same situation and tried many torubleshoting, please give us some tips. Best Regards Merry Christmas by St Claus In Brazil FLinhares
  4. I can't manage end points Kaspersky security network ON/OFF option. for example i can manage all settings of kaspersky end point centraly from KSN server. but i only can't manage to turn ON/OFF and Lock/UNLOCK the Kaspersky security network option from centrally.
  5. I have 5 workspaces under my cloud console named after my company sites. Now devices have moved physically to other company sites. Now how do I move the computers from one workspace to the other workspaces. The devices are many such that I can’t redownload the installers and reinstall on these devices. also how do I push to install Endpoint security from the console when devices have only agents installed.
  6. Olá pessoal, Recentemente no nosso ambiente temos nos deparado com constantes reclamações de clientes sobre terem diversos ícones do Kaspersky no system tray do Windows. Isso está ocorrendo conosco também, e o pior, cada ícone é um processo no windows, tem casos que acaba travando a máquina devido a dezenas desses "K" aparecendo. Estou enviando em anexo algumas imagens dos erros. Nós temos em nosso ambiente o Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud PRO. Em todas as versões temos este problema ocorrendo. Alguém já se deparou com este problema? Sabem como resolver isso? Obrigado pelo apoio!
  7. I am writing regarding an issue I am facing with my Kaspersky Security Center v14 installation. Some of my endpoints get stuck in a "waiting" mode while windows is starting. The affected devices show a "Please Wait" message and become unresponsive. I have about 350 endpoints with Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed, managed by Security Center on Windows Server 2019. The problem happens on around 10% of the endpoints intermittently when running tasks across all devices. So far I have tried: Unchecking "Start installation at device restart or shutdown" in the "Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities" task settings The issue stops occurring after completely uninstalling Endpoint Security as a test on some affected devices. Uninstalling Endpoint Security resolves the waiting mode problem.
  8. Dears, kaspersky endpoint cloud is not blocking end users from changing settings, I added password protection in the "interaction with users" but still users able to change settings how I can resolve this? thank you
  9. I have 12 administration servers on my main server. Some politics doesnt has password administration on interface configurations so some users can change configs on app. Knowing this some users desactive protection to use some website or file that kaspersky blocked. I don't have access to the computer 'cause it is on the site of client. How i can active the protection of endpoint computer remotely? Sorry for my english, i'm brazillian.
  10. Hi, We have created a standalone package with Kaspersky Security Center 14, NetAgent_14.2.0.26967_KES_12.0.0.465 for Kaspersky End Point Security For Windows remote installation on Windows 10 but Microsoft Defender is deleting the installer.exe file after downloading, When we check the Defender logs its showing Threat as Even after bypassing or disabling the Windows Defender we get Unknown Publisher error. You can find the name and location different in above images as we are getting these errors in multiple devices. We are disabling Defender and Forcing unknown installer but the issue is we are having around 200+ devices and we can't manually disable and complete the installation on every device. Looking for a best solution. Thank You.
  11. Здравствуйте. При установке KES 12 на заключительном этапе запуска служб происходит ошибка. An error accured during installation 'Ошибка 1920. Ошибка при запуске службы Kaspersky Seamless Update Service (KES.21.9) (avpsus.KES.21.9). Возможно, ваш компьютер заражен. Для лечения заражения следуйте инструкции по ссылке: http://support.kaspersky.com/11309.' Проверку системы на вирусы делал, нашлись штук шесть объектов с пометкой "not-a-virus"
  12. Hi, We have a customer site with only whitelisted URLs allowed on the firewall. Can someone please share with me the URLs that need to whitelist in order for endpoints to communicate/send & receive updates with the cloud security center? Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud - ksc.kaspersky.com Endpoint Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.11
  13. i wonder which is better Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) Behavior Detection or Kaspersky Standard System Watcher in detecting runtime malwares?
  14. Ola pessoal tudo bem? após a instalação do KES 12 em algumas estações a mesma toda vez que abre qualquer programa do office fica aparecendo essa mensagem de certificado, ja instalei o certificado e tudo e o problema continua, tem alguma política que posso está fazendo para sanar esse problema? muito obrigado.
  15. Hello, we have some IPs shared from our regulator and we need to block from KSC Firewall. When adding the IP in (Available network > untrusted group > add new rules that block the inbound and outbound for this ip but still PCs are able to ping this IP. can someone show me my mistake ?
  16. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12.0 for Windows offers the following features and improvements: The operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security on servers has been improved. Now you can migrate from Kaspersky Security for Windows Server to Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows and use a single solution to protect workstations and servers. To migrate the application settings, run the Policies and tasks batch conversion wizard. The KSWS license key can be used to activate KES. After migrating to KES, you do not even need to restart the server. For more information about migrating to KES, see Migration Guide. The licensing of the application as part of a paid virtual machine image in Amazon Machine Image (AMI) has been improved. There is no need to activate the application separately. In this case, Kaspersky Security Center uses the license key for the cloud environment that is already added to the application. Device Control is improved: For portable devices (MTP), you can configure access rules (read/write), select users or a user group that have access to devices, or configure a device access schedule. Now you can create access rules for portable devices in the same way as for removable drives. Now you can configure user access to mobile devices in Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or similar applications. That is, you can, for example, allow the mobile device to be used only in ADB and block using the mobile device as a removable drive. Now you can recharge a mobile device by connecting it to the computer's USB port even if access to the mobile device is blocked. For printers, you can now configure printing permissions for users. Kaspersky Endpoint Security supports control over access to local and network printers. Now you can allow or block printing on local or network printers for individual users. WPA3 protocol support has been added to control connections to Wi-Fi networks. Now you can select to use WPA3 protocol in the trusted Wi-Fi network settings and deny connection to the network using a less secure protocol.
  17. ? У нас состоялся релиз Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12 для Windows (версия ? В этой версии мы: — Улучшили работу приложения на серверах. Теперь вы можете мигрировать с Kaspersky Security для Windows Server на Kaspersky Endpoint Security для Windows и использовать единое решение для защиты рабочих станций и серверов. — Доработали схемы лицензирования приложения в составе платного образа виртуальной машины Amazon Machine Image (AMI). — Добавили поддержку протокола WPA3 для контроля подключения к сетям Wi-Fi и улучшили работу Контроля устройств. ❓ Вы можете найти подробную информацию в базе знаний и справке. Скачать < Предыдущая версия || Навигатор || Следующая версия >
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