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Found 16 results

  1. Eu tenho uma assinatura de 1 ano no Kaspersky Standard pra 1 dispositivo ainda válida, só que ontem eu desconectei da minha conta e formatei o PC. Agora no meu "novo" PC, eu baixei o Kaspersky Stantard pelo site do My Kaspersky, eu não consigo conectar na minha conta da My Kaspersky no Kaspersky, ele fala que a senha é invalida ou algo do tipo, e quando eu conecto via Google, ele fala que minha conta não está ativada. Eu também tentei ir no My Kaspersky e remover o meu antigo Dispositivo, só que quando eu clico em remover, ele pede a senha da My Kaspersky, e quando eu coloco a senha ele diz ser invalida, sendo que eu coloco a senha certa, ainda anotada, e eu to perdido eu não sei mais o que eu faço. Eu tentei ainda clicar em "Esqueci minha senha" no Kaspersky Standard, porém ele leva pra uma pagina da My Kaspersky com nada relacionado a "esqueci minha senha".
  2. Здравствуйте. На телефоне ребенка на рабочем экране появился значок safe kids. При нажатии на него можно просто его передвигать по экрану. В базе данных и поиском не нашел как его отключить. в настройках приложения тоже нет ничего
  3. Очень интересно зачем он и самое главное как его убрать. На телефоне ребенка android приложение safe kids. При нажатии ничего не происходит, просто можно перетаскивать с места на место
  4. I got a virus that deleted Kaspersky, so I reformatted pc and I'm going to download Kaspersky again and it has told me "An error has occurred during installation of .NET Desktop Runtime (x86). Please help quick because I am worried of getting another virus. picture below, this is also a fresh installation of windows 11. I also do not want to download that version of .NET cause its discontinued but if I have to I will.
  5. I wanted to change my name here, so I went into account settings. Under Kaspersky Account, it said to reauthenticate by logging in. I did and it now says "Updating display name here when Kaspersky Account username changes." I edited my name in My Kaspersky but it hasn't changed in the forums yet. Does anyone know why?
  6. Kaspersky Security Cloud updated into Kaspersky Free a long while ago, but today I logged into My Kaspersky and noticed that I have a "Not supported in your region" text for some reason. This warning isn't displayed anywhere in the programs, only on My Kaspersky. If I click on any of the devices in My Kaspersky, it says that my subscription is active and everything's alright. To reiterate, KSC ITSELF updated to Kaspersky Free. Is it because I might've downloaded the EU version of KSC, is it something to worry about?
  7. Hola a todos. He visto en My Kaspersky que para Android sí hay la versión Standard, que supongo será en español. Y como se puede ver no hay para Windows ni Mac. Cómo nos lían estos rusos 🤣 Slds.
  8. I apparently have a 2-step authenticator app connected to My Kaspersky, but Kaspersky does not appear to be in any of the authenticator apps I use. As a result, I want to temporarily remove the app authentication option from My Kaspersky and start over. However, somewhere along the way, I lost access to the page that said such an app is connected to my account. Upon clicking “Account settings,” entering my password, and selecting “Continue,” I am prompted to enter a security code. To my knowledge, I have no way of obtaining a security code. How could I resolve this?
  9. Bonjour, je voulais savoir s’il existe un moyen de géolocaliser mon appareil volé via les produits de kaspersky
  10. any one know how to fix this error i got and i just switch old version to New version yes i got 2 Subscription Licence Same account dev Not reply my report. Also i try to activation my key code VPN the say activation in progress application is stuck Loading Also I accident close. and i try to opne the damm error pop out You already use this key f up bro my VPN not unlimited at all 🥺
  11. Realicé el pago de mi licencia Kaspersky Total Security, pero usé un correo erroneó, por ende el código de activación jamás llegará, envié el caso a soporte y no me dan respuestas, me dice que debo realizar la compra de nuevo, pero mi dinero? lo perdí?. Envié los estados de cuenta bancarios donde demuestra que me hicieron la deducción por la compra, pero el soporte no contesta, no quiero perder mi dinero, necesito un reembolso y un antivirus.
  12. Ha excedido el número máximo de activaciones permitidas para el código de activación introducido nose que hacer yo compre la licencia y no la puedo volver a usar
  13. You have exceeded the maximum number of activation allowed for the entered activation code. why can't I activate the antivirus again on the same machine after reinstalling windows
  14. Не понимаю как отключить подписку Просмотрел несколько гайдов, где говорят перейти в "управление подпиской" которой я не наблюдаю Что делать помогите
  15. hello to everyone. we use kaspersky endpoint security on LAN. I have on NAS infected with DeviceManager. KES has detected UDS:BackdoorWin32.Agent.mytppk but can't delete it. ieven when we update KES.? IT CAN'T DELETE. NAS Storiq based on Debian os KES HOW CAN WE SOLVE IT.
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