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  1. I'm using Kaspersky Plus on Win 11. I've noted for about the last week I have been getting Windows Security platform antimalware platform updates from Windows update just around the time patch c became available. Windows security tells me Kaspersky is turned on and under windows defender firewall I'm told these settings are being managed by Kaspersky. Are these updates coincidental as it has never happen prior to patch c?
  2. I updated my wife's Android 11 phone today and was greeted with a warning from updated Kaspersky that safe browsing wasn't available for the Samsung browser. Safe browsing only available for Google chrome and firefox whereas previously the Samsung browser was supported. Why this change as the samsung browser is really chrome "under the bonnet".
  3. I got that warning as well. It disappeared after changing the Private DNS from off to automatic.
  4. I have the premium version of vpn (c) on a fully patched windows 10 21H2 19044.1645 I still sometimes use IE11 for some things and the vpn works fine for all those sites. However if I try the same web pages with vpn turned on using Microsoft Edge Version 100.0.1185.44 I get "Hmmm… can't reach this page". This is true of all pages I try accessing with Edge. This happens with any of the VPN servers on the list. Turning off vpn and refreshing the page correctly brings up the page. Any ideas how to get things working correctly or is this a technical glitch?
  5. from my own experience with the same situation, provided you can show Technical support a valid unexpired licence prior to the errored activation they cancelled my new activation key and issued a new one to replace it.
  6. what version of vpn are you using as Kaspersky doesn’t automatically update you to the latest version unlike KIS.
  7. have you looked in settings>accessibility>installed services and turn KIS slider on to on?
  8. I want to purchase a year’s subscription of VPN from the Kaspersky website. There apparently seems no option to disable auto renewal on the shopping cart form as this is a gift and I don’t need /want auto renewal. Is this possible to do whilst purchasing?
  9. I note that KIS (m) is not fully compatible with Win10 21H1. Kaspersky shows you a dialogue warning box once you install the latest windows patch. So does anyone know if a patch n is going to be released to solve this compatibility problem?
  10. I suspect that email was simply a phishing one and didn’t actually come from Amazon. I hope you didn’t click on any links in that email to verify your account as that would be a fatal mistake. btw Amazon doesn’t display your full card number in your account only the last 4 digits.
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