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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Enabled it in Windows 11. I hope that Windows 10 won't need a change in settings?
  2. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for the analysis. It maybe because of recent Windows update to .net framework 3.5 & 4.8 which happened on the same morning and 21H2 update which happened on previous day. The update also broke the FreeDownloadManager app. For the time being I am updating to Windows 11, will update if I get it anymore.
  3. Here are the images as you requested @Flood and Flood's wife
  4. Anyways here is the link for All Period. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fN1pZui1bBSRuQB3mdcT755qlQaHd2aE?usp=sharing
  5. Sure will upload the logs to GDrive. Should I upload log only for day or for whole period?
  6. Hi, I was browsing through the reportds in KIS APP and it is showing in System Audit in Red alert for Task Cannot be Performed in Web Anti Virus and Network Attack blocker for 13:04 PM Today. Do I need to reinstall anything? I performed a KIS Rescue Disk scan and PC came clean WEB ANTI VIRUS LOG NETWORK ATTACK BLOCKER LOG
  7. Submitted two of the websites. Since there are many independent security experts here it would be better if they can confirm or deny my suspicions. I can then forward the same to the website owners.
  8. Some websites like TomsHardware, PCGamer, GamesRadar may have been comprised with malware. This issue was shown on devices that didn't have any adblocker to block the script like a fresh Windows Install (personally checked on a Virtual machine), Android etc. It looks like this happened from the websites that are using a common theme which may have been hijacked. I have uploaded the screenshots. The domain from which it was downloaded maybe an infected one. The file downloaded is a 0 byte file named "download" that has icon of Windows Drive folder. On android it says that download failed and the file is the same 0 byte. The domain from where the file is downloaded is supposedly a adware/ browser jacking malware pusher. "https://imgur.com/a/7iSX6Kk" The websites in question are: Tomshardware: www.tomshardware.com Tomsguide: www.tomsguide.com PCGamer: www.pcgamer.com Gamesradar: www.gamesradar.com
  9. Problem solved. It is auto updating now, latest update was 2minutes ago of Database Release 30-05-2022 9:22PM
  10. HI, I just reinstalled KIS on my PC and it said database was extremely out of date but it didn't update itself automatically. The version that was installed was downlaoded from kaspersky.co.in I had to manually press on update to let it update itself to the new (i) version. I have a 24x7 online ftth internet with 150Mbps speed. So is this a normal occurence?
  11. Yesterday saw some websites from Amazon with Arcus prefix. Like: "https://arcus-www.amazon.com" "https://arcus-www.amazon.in" "https://arcus-www.amazon.co.uk" I did some own research with an alternate account and found these points. Whois and all registration info points to Amazon being the owner for arcus-....... domain. Arcus is a webcache service owned by AWS. Login page of "fake" website redirects to amazon.in / com / uk. Logging out of amazon.in logs you out of arcus-........ website. Anyone knows what is this arcus thingy is and if this is safe or not? Kaspersky doesn't throw up any error or warnings.
  12. Hi, sorry for the late response. The KIS version is (i) , database release date 18.05.2022 07:36AM Its detected in both Edge and Chrome Thanks for the update. WIll ask the owner to check it on his side. Btw what does the analyst at Kaspersky mean by "The URL is available now", it still shows as Good on opentip
  13. Hi my friend's website is giving Trojan error when I visit it and none of the images there are loading. He says his site is clean and he uses premium wordpress theme. I submitted the sample to kasperky opentip, below are some of the logs I copied from kaspersky internet security
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