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  1. HI, I recently updated to Kaspersky Standard from KIS. Standard use my previously active KIS License but now in My Kaspersky it shows as Kaspersky Free Subscription Active. SS from KIS Upgraded to KS Is this a bug?
  2. Inside FDM (Free Download Manager) there is an option to scan using Anti Virus once download completes. Is it safe to turn on that option? Any possible risks in future while doing that?
  3. My Security Level is already on Extreme from the start so it already consumes a bit more than normal which is fine for me as I have a fairly decent gaming PC, plus it shouldn't consume much resources during gaming because of Game Mode.
  4. Thanks. I turned on Scan Archives and Scan Distribution packages under File Anti Virus. And now its auto scanning downloaded zip and rar files which it wasn't with setting turned off (tested with EICAR Zip).
  5. Okay, so AMSI settings is for third party applications? Am I right?
  6. Can anyone please explain in easy language what these compound file settings do under AMSI Protection and File Antivirus if I need to change these? I turned on the Scan Archives and Scan Distribution Packages under AMSI as these were unchecked before but left the ones in File Antivirus unchecked. Also what is this maximum file size? Will antivirus not scan downloaded or usb storage files above 8MB?
  7. HI, Why does Windows Security Centre show no providers in Web Protection? Does that mean I have no web protection active? I am using Kaspersky Standard ( which was updated to from Kaspersky Internet security.
  8. Has Web Anti-Virus in KIS been replaced with Safe Browsing in Kaspersky Standard/Plus? I am not seeing the Web Anti-Virus option in standard/plus instead I am seeing a Safe Browsing option which has similar description. Safe Browsing: Web Anti-Virus: Thanks, RounakR
  9. Yes. This happens after 15-20Mins but there is no background scan running in Kaspersky Application.
  10. No, this just happens at random without any trigger. I have no auto update of system or Windows update going in background.
  11. These are B2B partners and not distributors for B2C end users. Anyways since the key activated I am considering it to be genuine
  12. The License is working as intended. I was just asking if the seller was legit or not, since the license is working the thread can be closed.
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