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  1. Hi, I noticed that "Applications Launch Control" in task mode "Statistics only" does block (deny) applications from starting. I believed that "Statistics Only" wouldn't block anything but in this case the opposite seems to be true. Whenever I see that an application is being blocked I add it to the "Rules list..." under "Rules managing" after which the application runs without any problems. The events all say that there are no rules found for applications that are being blocked. Does this have something to do with the option "Replace local rules with policy rules" under "Rules managing"? Can someone please point out why task mode "Statistics only" does block applications in "Applications Launch Control? KSC: 13.2 Kaspersky Security for Windows Server: Best regards
  2. Thanks , yeah sorry for being paranoid . I finally managed to launch the KasperSky Plus . Only because i launched the VPN on my windows machine . It's a very cool software indeed ! I still sent a request for refund to customer support since i can't always rely on vpn , i hope they can understand my paranoid and weird words . Anyways i have a small problem now , I am trying to connect to offsec 's website using Kali linux 's virtual machine , but the vpn keeps failling (Openvpn) . However the vpn on my windows machine works perfectly fine , Any idea if kaspersky implements any kind of protections against the traffic coming out from Kali or the virtual machine itself ?? Thanks
  3. Advice and Solutions (Forum Knowledgebase) Disclaimer. Read before using materials. Problem: Create Group On Demand Scan Task of Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 Launch Group On Demand Scan Task Group On Demand Scan Task of Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 might detect infected object, but might not delete it. Solution: Delete created Group On Demand Scan Task of Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 Delete all created Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 Policies Add registry key on Kaspersky Administration Server 5_2_ksc_win_x86_fix.reg if Kaspersky Administration Server is installed on x86 operation system 5_2_ksc_win_x64_fix.reg if Kaspersky Administration Server is installed on x64 operation system Create Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 Policies anew. Create Group On Demand Scan Task of Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2 Launch Group On Demand Scan Task of Windows Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2/Linux Kaspersky Light Agent 5.2
  4. From time to time my keyboard (not the virtual keyboard) freezes and I have to restart Kaspersky to fix the problem. This problem has been happening for more than a year. Windows 10 x64 build 19044 Kaspersky Security Cloud
  5. Operating sysyem: Windows 11 but it was happening on Windows 10 as well Name: Kaspersky Internet Security Version: Ever since I installed Kaspersky I'm having trouble launching Modern Warfare/Warzone. When I somehow get in after fiddling within Kaspersky exceptions and whatnot it doesn't let my game save, so it's blocking the game making changes on my PC I guess, and every time I restart PC I start having trouble again. Today it didn't even let me download an update for Warzone from Battle.net. No idea what to do anymore, I've put Warzone into exceptions or something, marked it as trustworthy, but none of it helped, and I'm stuck. Thank you for your replies in advance, hopefully someone else can find your information useful down the line.
  6. I am casting spells and chant open sesame=芝麻开门 Be quick to obey my command=急急如律令 RELEASE NOW😀
  7. Hi Running Windows 10 - Version 22H2 (OS Build 19045.3930) I have Kaspersky Premium Every few days my Kaspersky VPN becomes completely non-responsive. I am unable to launch the app at all. A common trait is that auto-sign in fails, and I can see the Kaspersky VPN icon in the tray being grey. I can't right-click it, only way to end the task is through task manager. Once I end the task, it still fails to launch when I try to reopen. When I uninstall and reinstall Kaspersky VPN, it typically fixes the issue...But the issue comes back in a few days. It will resolve itself, but has a pattern of not launching for a few days each week. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. For what it's worth, I've been having this "VPN fails to connect and freezes" problem about once a day since I (clean) installed the new suite of products in December. I don't know how to fix it for good, BUT! This is the low-effort-required quick-fix that I discovered and use every time it happens: When it freezes, open the Task Manager and find THIS "Kaspersky Lab Launcher" process (there are three; this one is only for the VPN and will keep your main Kaspersky app still running) Right-click on the Launcher process (not the VPN service in the expanded menu) and select "End Task." This will shut down the VPN app. Manually launch the VPN app again; it should now work (at least it does, for me... until the next time it freezes) It's easier than rebooting your computer or reinstalling the VPN, at least. Hopefully the issue will be properly resolved soon! My info: Windows 10 x64 Home 22H2 Kaspersky Premium internet connection via ethernet cable HP Pavilion laptop
  9. I appreciate your quick response. I think that Linux Machines will be upgraded during KSC 14.2 upgrade. I'm right? or Should I upgrade the Linux machines first and then run KSC 14.2 upgrade? Best regards
  10. Hello @Mexican Rose Welcome! From the left-hand-side list, select Performance, on the PC performance optimization page, scroll down & underneath PC resource consumption, make sure Launch Kaspersky at computer startup (recommended) is checked? Resource: Launch Kaspersky at computer startup (recommended) Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  11. Good afternoon Below is a short introductory instruction for participating in beta testing. You can find out about the release of a new build or patch, and download installers for yourself in the news section. You can report a problem found in the beta build in the Kaspersky/KSOS/KSDE and KES sections, respectively. Please upload dumps to the appropriate section. In the patches section, please post only problems related to patches available for testing. Please pay attention to the rules for working with links: Messages with links will be subject to pre-moderation. After we download the traces/dumps, we will delete your link and publish the post itself with the appropriate mark. Please do not publish the same post if the original one is still under moderation, this is not necessary! It is advisable to follow the rule - 1 problem per 1 message. Application operation logs are located at C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\[application name and version]\traces. Please also attach screenshots and videos. If you see a message about a product crash on a previous launch and the application asks you to send a report, do not send it if possible! Instead, go to the traces folder, find the dump files and create a topic in the appropriate section of the product. Otherwise, it will be sent to the general user support server and it will be difficult for us to get feedback if necessary.
  12. Is this what you wanted to find ? scroll down for release notes for previous versions https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/12.4/en-US/127969.htm and also look at the changes in hardware and software compatibility for the latest version 12.4 ... and for 12.2 12.4 - https://support.kaspersky.com/KESWin/12.4/en-US/127972.htm 12.2 - https://support.kaspersky.com/help/KESWin/12.2/en-US/127972.htm you can change the help description to suit the version you are interested in I'm afraid there is no ready-made quick comparison table...
  13. Unfortunately, this is an old problem and apparently has not been resolved yet. if the user has sufficient rights on the local device, instead of disabling the protection, he will pause it (just pause, and not by time or until a reboot). then you can also resume the operation of components (disable pauses) only from the local client. You will need to manually launch protection locally on all such devices. There is no other solution yet.
  14. I always try to not use KavRemover, it usually breaks USB keyboard and mouse drivers, so it would even add a new issue to the current one...
  15. Quick startup keeps disabling some of my preferred startup items, I turn them back on thru the Kaspersky UI, It tells me to reboot. System then allows them all to run, but then Kaspersky Standard disables them again. How do I permanently turn OFF this **** and unwanted "Quick Startup" Lenovo kaptop, UEFI System AMD Ryzen cpu, 32gb ram, 2 x 512gb ssd, win 11 ver 2000.856
  16. I got my new Samsung s24 today, transferred all my apps, everything is going great and i can even login into Kaspersky. But then it asks me to login again to use the password manager and it says that my main password is incorrect, but it isn't. I've tried deleting the app on my phone and reinstalling but nothing seems to work, i've been looking online for a solution but don't really see anything helpful. I also checked on Kaspersky's site, there is a section where it asks me to enter my main password and what i'm entering there is accepted but it's not "correct" when i try on the app so i'm at a loss. Am i missing something obvious? Edit: Yes, i did miss something obvious. The keyboard layout is slightly different so i was typing the password incorrectly by a single character, don't mind me i'm smart.
  17. Hello im using kaspersky endpoint security , I habe just upgraded my application and deployed to pc s but now the pc s are unusable due to kaspersky has blocked the keyboard and I cant press control alt delete. Can anyone help me please
  18. Estimado soporte, Desde hace un tiempo vengo experimentando un bug al abrir el teclado virtual de Kaspersky. Al abrirlo y pasar el puntero del ratón se oculta y no se ve sobre el teclado hacdiendo imposible su uso. Un saludo, José Carlos
  19. I've been using Total Security for at least 10 years and never had an issue until recently. I have a 2.5 year old PC HP laptop running Windows 10 and a 2 year old Android phone running whatever the latest update is. I extended my Kaspersky licence to my phone. I use the Chrome browser on both devices. Over the past 2 to 3 months (it's sept. 4, 2022), both devices have suddenly shut off while I was in the middle of something. Re: my phone, it's happened in the middle of me writing a text and in the middle of a phone call. On my laptop, it has happened while I was working in an excel document and while I was shopping online and about to hit the checkout button. Those are just the examples I can remember. I have been able to restart my phone afterwards but my laptop doesn't want to power on afterwards. I sometimes can't use it for hours. Once it was about 2 days before it would start again. At the moment, I'm not able to power it up and I don't know how to resolve that. Perhaps this is just coincidence but lately, I've been getting the occasional pop-up that tells me I've exceeded my 300 MBs of VON protection and offers a button for extended protection. I followed it once to find out it's trying to sell me an add-on. I've told it to get lost every other time. Has anyone else experienced any of the above? Does Kaspersky know about it? When I'm able to get back into my laptop, is there anything I can do so that it won't happen again? Thanks
  20. Hello, Unfortunately I cannot do that without my keyboard or mouse.
  21. I'll assume that you are trying to run a standard LOCAL task on a specific device. When the devices are managed by the KSC server, this task on the client devices... seems to be disabled... create a GROUP task in the appropriate section (policies and tasks), specify the necessary settings, select the devices on which it should run, set a launch schedule and try to run it...
  22. Если кто-то желает убедиться в активности облачной защиты после отключения участия в KSN, существует тестовый сайт AMTSO. По ссылке кликаете на кнопку "Launch the test". В зависимости от настроек АВ, сработает либо веб-защита (когда включена проверка защищенных соединений и браузер поддерживается), либо после загрузки файл будет детектироваться файловым антивирусом (из-за оптимизации проверок, возможно, потребуется открыть папку с файлом и подождать или просто попробовать просканировать файл через контекстное меню). Префикс UDS (Urgent Detection System) в детекте как раз говорит о том, что срабатывает облачная защита. На всякий случай еще раз: ссылки и файлы на сайте не являются вредоносными и предназначены для проверки работоспособности компонентов защиты.
  23. Hello @Riddick, Welcome! Good work doing the *extra* troubleshooting. Was the last PC *shutdown* normal? Is Kaspersky Premium configured to launch at computer start-up? What is the full Windows 10 OS & Build, in Windows Search - type WINVER - post back the results from the winver app please? Run a Database update - allow it to complete. Shutdown the PC using SHUTDOWN, not Restart, power on by pressing the power button, login, make sure Kaspersky is running & recheck System Audit for: Safe Browsing? Mail Anti-Virus? Firewall, Error? Network Attack Blocker? Please post back? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  24. Ok here are the steps I had to do . 1. removed McAfee from add and remove programs. It appeared to be successful . Started the Kaspersky standard installation , it detected McAfee WebAdvisor was still detected . and incompatable . I was not really surprised about that WebAdvisor was not removed by just deleting from the add and remove 2 So I cancelled installation , and use the McAfee tool and ran. Then went back to install Kaspersky . 3. Installation went well , already ran quick scan all is good , so no more issues Just wanted to update how it went for me on windows 11. Thanks again 😃
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