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  1. Hello, I have just received this email, saying kaspersky has blocked removable device. But Im not sure if someone has tried to connect a flash disk, or if its the reader on the pc? Notifications: Critical event: 23/04/2020 10:02:35: Event type: Operation with the device prohibited Device\Device category: Device Device\Device type/Bus type: Removable drives Device\Device ID: USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_MULTIPLE&PROD_CARD__READER&REV_1.00\058F63666433&0 Device\Device VID/PID: VEN_MULTIPLE&PROD_CARD__READER User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (Not defined) Result\Decision: Block Result\Operation: Write
  2. Hello how can I install Install Kaspersky endpoimt security on windows embeded pos ready 2019?
  3. I'm not sure if badusb was active formerly but I'm sure it is not active now. I have upgraded from Kaspersky 10 to 11 but I'm not sure of the exact version, I can check and inform you on monday
  4. Hi how can ı configure kaspersky administration centre to update windows 10 computers on the network?
  5. Kaspersky endpoint security 11 kullanıyorum, teamviewer açamıyorum yardımcı olurmusunuz. Teşekkürler.
  6. Hello, I have just sadly realized Kaspersky endpoint security only works on some users. For instance, if it has been installed from the admin user it does not work on the domain user.
  7. Does kaspersky have a service to configure my kes11 so it operates properly? Moreover also need help with installing kaspersky on mobile
  8. Thank you , I have actually created a request. I had sent the logs They have requested me to call tomorrow.
  9. Anyone who can help me? I want the administration center and only 2 of my workstations to communicate over the internet other than internal network in this incident. Is it possible? Thank you.
  10. Thank you have checked but not idea what the values should be, due to they are on two completely separate networks.
  11. It doesnt response. I don't just disable antivirus, I disable all security and send new policy.
  12. Hello my windows 10 pro get stuck after I newly install kes11. I need to disable all security then it will work. Can you help me please?
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