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  1. @GlooM Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши по пункту меню "реестр программ", в выпадающем списке нажмите "удалить неустановленное"
  2. To answer simply, in the context of your question... - yes, you can... - no, there are no specific restrictions...
  3. Ну если нужна предыдущая вервия агента проще наверно спросить в тех подержи через ваш аккаунт https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/account/login но как вы правильно заметили лучше иметь последние версии продуктов, просто обновите агента до вашей актуальной версии на данный момент есть уже и 15 версия агента как для Linux так и для Windows платформ, так что тут все от ваших потребности и желания зависит.
  4. Создайте несколько "сырых" пакетов в консоли KSC с разными настройками под ваши нужды ... и уже после создавайте автономный пакет. Вам потребуется вот это ... https://www.kaspersky.ru/small-to-medium-business-security/downloads/endpoint?utm_content=downloads ищите в разделе "дополнительные дистрибутивы" внутри архива все необходимое ... вам только нужно будет распаковать его, положить внутрь только те пакеты что вам нужно (например только dеb) и настроить autoinstall.ini если это необходимо. После чего средствами KSC собрать новый "сырой" пакет ... и уже из него подготовить автономный. в принципе можно скопировать содержимое уже загруженного вами ранее "сырого пакета" для KESL из папки KLSHARE куда нибудь на рабочий стол ... и проделать тоже самое ... удалить ненужные пакеты (rpm и gui) ... и собрать "сырой"
  5. @Zied - I don't think this will help solve the problem... @Kasper2023 - Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved by technical means. In your case, it is necessary to clarify for employees about the incorrectness of such actions. otherwise, tightening measures and refusing to use removable drives in offline mode (automatically). Provide only upon request, when someone outside your network wants access. Request temporary access to a device
  6. Your task is to simultaneously send by mail and write to disk, it is assumed that you simply do not have rights to the folder to write. Try disabling writing to the folder and running the task again. check whether messages are delivered to the address you specified.
  7. нужно больше данных, покажите пожалуйста как у вас настроено правило блокировки в политики ... что именно вы хотите получить в итоге при работе правила ? что может быть ...на вскидку 1. В настройках политики Общие настройки - настройка сети --> не установлена "галочка" в пункте "проверять защищенные соединения 2. Ошибка в настройки правила 3. политика не распространяется на устройство на котором проводите тесты (например галочку не поставили и замок не закрыли) или сам компонент "веб контроль" не установлен на данном устройстве
  8. In short... yes In short... yes If you have configured a hierarchy of servers, in the task of downloading updates to the storage on a slave server (without Internet access), specify the main server as the source of updates. Please note - in order for all products on the slave server to be updated (if they differ from the set of products of the main server), at least all plugins for the products of the slave server must be installed on the master server (and installation packages must also be created... just in case ) For example main server - KES, KSWS slave server - KES, KES for Linux (KESL) Accordingly, on the main page there should be an additional plugin for KESL
  9. @Joerg Lechea@John J Isn't this what you need? or I'm wrong ?
  10. There are several conditions 1. You must have a license of at least Advanced (KSC server activated) 2. The administration agent is installed and available on the client 3. For a “shadow connection” there must be an active user session on the device 4. for RDP (as said @Hype_D) port 3389 is available on the client device Well, check one hundred network rules do not block access to the device
  11. In fact, similar questions have already been asked to the technical support service... the answer would be something like this For an internal trusted corporate network, this check may be redundant and can be disabled You can ask a direct question in your account to get a more accurate answer. https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/account/login
  12. Probably the management console on the device from which you edit the parameters does not have the necessary plugins. Or they were not added to the web console (if you manage through it). For the MMC console, you can download them from the website for the product you need and install, this should solve your problem. For the Web console, they can either be updated from the appropriate snap-in or installed manually, also by downloading from the site.
  13. You activated the area in 2022, the key expires in 2024... probably purchased for two years. not long ago you should have information from your supplier PDF file and txt file with the key. If you can’t find it, contact your supplier, I think he can help you
  14. The screenshot shows that the agent is trying to connect to the server using a DNS name that it cannot recognize... check the availability of the server using the DNS name You can also change the server connection parameter to an IP address using the klmover utility https://support.kaspersky.com/KSC/14.2/en-US/227839.htm located in the same place (as in the screenshot), run commandnubb line as administrator and run the command klmover.exe -address <server IP address>
  15. When registering you must not use your license ID... you need the ACTIVATION CODE that you received from the supplier and with which you activated your area in the cloud
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