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  1. Got a reply from KL support earlier today. They told me it was not possible to turn my Standard licences into Plus licences, even though I would have been prepared to pay an additional licence fee. If I bought and used a Plus licence, I would lose my current Standard licence. No Plus version for me, I guess, so I will have to grin and bear it and use my Standard licence for the duration of its validity. Hm...
  2. Hi Flood, I logged a request with KL Support last night. Maybe they can simply invalidate my two licences and send me a discount code. I would then just buy a 2-year licence for 3 devices for Kaspersky Plus.
  3. Dear all, I have two KIS licences. The first one is a two-year licence for three devices which is valid until October 2023. The second KIS licence (one year for five devices) is currently not in use. I switched from KIS to Kaspersky Standard a couple of days ago. Is it possible to upgrade my two licences so that I can use Kasperky Plus (either by paying an additional fee or by limiting the period of validity or the number of devices)? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Da stimme ich Dir voll und ganz zu, jedoch habe ich die Komponente “Sicherer Zahlungsverkehr” abschalten müssen, da sie häufig nicht so funktioniert, wie es sein soll. Ich habe derzeit nicht vor, diese Komponente wieder zu aktivieren.
  5. Ich glaube nicht, dass Du irgendetwas falsch gemacht hast, da ich ähnliche Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Aus diesem Grund habe ich, zumindest vorerst, den “Sicheren Zahlungsverkehr” deaktiviert.
  6. I am familiar with the method to bypass this senseless detection, and I do know what you’re talking about, but this is not the point here. And no, it is definitely not my problem. I only ask KL to do two things: (1) Enable users to hide/deactivate such hints. (2) Remove the software updater SUMo from the list of incompatible programs. Anyway, now I know it’s pointless to discuss this matter here. I have opened another support ticket, hoping that KL can do something about it. If not, well, either SUMo or KIS will have to be removed from my computer due to the alledged compatibility issue. And I already know that SUMo will definitely not be the program to be removed.
  7. I have just opened yet another support ticket regarding this issue: INC000013026721
  8. I would also give you some “magic information”. We are talking about “Deactivate Incompatible Programs/Software Hint” in this thread. You need to use your eyes to read this thread before replying. Thank you.
  9. Hello @Buddel, Here, in the Community, Kaspersky experts requested information that was not forthcoming. Again, not true. Kaspersky experts, if there were any, did get all the information they requested, again and again. What’s more, users have also requested information from KL, and that was definitely not provided. KL have neither fixed the problem nor did they explain why they deem SUMo incompatible with KL products. Users have done their jobs; now it’s time for KL to get their job properly done.
  10. Not true. KL experts have been provided with all the information that is necessary to fix this issue (including plenty of screenshots taken from a variety of Kaspersky products that are affected by this oddity). It is now Kaspersky’s job to fix this issue once and for all.
  11. Hello @Buddel, Welcome! When you’ve logged the issue with Kaspersky have you been provided with an incident case number? I have logged this issue with KL more than once. I always received some kind of a standard reply that did not address this issue at all. They did acknowledge that KC Softwares SUMo is regarded as incompatible with KL products, but they did not say - and did not even seem to know - why. On the one hand, they said that this “incompatible” app needed to be uninstalled in order to avoid conflicts. On the other hand, however, they refused to tell me how an update checker can be incompatible with an anti-malware app. Unless they fix this issue asap, I will definitely leave Kaspersky. They are fully aware of this issue, so they shouldn’t ask users again and again to report something that has long been well known to KL.
  12. Yes, it’s true. This issue has been reported to KL Tech Support many times. Unfortunately, it has not been fixed yet. There is really no point in creating yet another request because this issue is well known to KL. They just need to fix it. And yes, it is also true that some Kaspersky users are progressively uninstalling their Kaspersky products because of this annoying “feature”. I am one of them who is toying with the idea of uninstalling KIS. So please, don’t let this happen and provide a fix asap. Thank you.
  13. Still waiting/looking for a solution to the annoying Incompatible Programs/Software hint. Please give users the option to ignore such hints. Thank you in advance.
  14. I’m also looking for a way to disable this info. Only today did KIS inform me that my update checker (SUMo) was incompatible with KIS. How can I hide or disable such nag screens?
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