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Unable to perform a complete full scan

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My Kaspersky Standard Edition always crashes and cannot perform a complete full scan. After scanning for a random time, the software will crash and then the software will restart (I have a lot of files, probably more than 20,000,000)
I used windows10 downloaded from microsoft.com, the download address is as follows

Then I updated to Windows 11 and this problem still exists.
This problem still exists after I use kaspersky4win21.14.5.462_zh-hans-cn_full.exe (265.07Mb)

But this didn’t happen before using Windows 10 version 1903 (I can almost guarantee that this is correct, because after I used a version that couldn’t perform a complete full scan, I changed it back to this version and this didn’t happen. situation occurs)
This time I am using 22H2 and 21H2 of Windows 10 and 22H2 of Windows 11. This problem exists, so I think this should be a software problem.
I asked a friend who also uses Kaspersky. He doesn’t have more than 20,000,000 files. He can perform a complete full scan normally. Of course, I can sometimes scan 10,000,000 files, but cannot perform a complete full scan.

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