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*This is for forum issue*


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I cant find feedback for this forum....

So i created topic here.
I cant login on this forum via mobile (i tried brave, duckduckgo, edge, firefox, firefox focus, samsung internet).

I could not log in here in the past with brave (desktop pc) now seems working.


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I had this problem on desktop (brave) as i wrote above but after few days problem solved (still must wait for longer login screen) i did nothing with that and seems works on desktop version...

On mobile as i wrote clean install firefox and firefox focus but okay i tried delete cache (delete all) but problem still here cant login on this forum via mobile. Still i see this screen above posted and nothing....

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12 hours ago, nexon said:

No, no problem login into my kaspersky only on this forum.

Hello, @nexon

Does the browsers change its Privacy Policy rule related to XSS or official anti-banner rule? Try to see the browsers settings and change related settings to check this issue again.

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Posted (edited)

Hello @Danila T.

I have same issue WiFi or LTE (VPN also) on mobile.

Link you provide i click on this (PC whre this forum working so link also now working in PC) blank white page.

I cant acces - enter password... i click sign in and then page redirecting to white blank page.

Edit : video reproducing my problem sent to you via PM

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