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  1. HI, i Dont have standard user account only admin.. So if you try edit other user and here you can try your non admin account and hit ok? But kaspersky must update also on non admin account hmm. Someting is wrong.
  2. Hi, 1.) If you log out from your my.kaspersky from kaspersky window it should be work because it is key inserted to the program. 2.) If you want uninstall program make you sure that you check box save license data if you want again install kaspersky into your pc this will automatically loads your license... And also better and faster is save cnfig file and import config file with current settings. 1.) KTS Kaspersky total securiy is now called Kaspersky Plus... There are 3 versions : a.) KAV - Kaspersky AntiVirus --> Kaspersky Basic b.) KIS - Kaspersky Internet Security --> Kaspersky Standard c.) KTS - Kaspersky Total Security --> Kaspersky Plus As you can see it is only renamed same products. 2.) Yes KIS is Kaspersky Standard license will work because same product. 1.) Program for cleaning? Rather Not use NONE! Simply windows have disk cleaner integrated. 2.) Ccleaner was safe but now who knows... Rather do not use. Have registry cleaner which can do your windows might crash 3.) Yes Kaspersky Plus have some feature for cleaning and maintenance etc....
  3. Hi, Make you sure that you have enabled in Update settings --> run as current user.
  4. Hello, Can you please post your basic info about your PC spec? Also please contact Tech support --> https://my.kaspersky.com/ and would be best attach video which describe your problem.
  5. Full control in progress then open notepad window and i see kaspersky stoped scanning. If minimize notepad or outlook window or i dont have mared window for example i click on desktop or on kaspersky without minimize notepad window then kaspersy will continue. See video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gTDCPQvCtlPaKPmltkicDVdVTri2lv_R/view?usp=sharing KIS (j), win10 21H2 latest updated.
  6. Hello, Today i see this seems not fixed or again problem.. Windows clean installed and program also.. I started pc and i see this error (update databases are from yesterday). Now i updated databases from today. Yesterday and cople days before no problem only today.
  7. @marcelg simpy --> Settings phone --> apps --> Kaspersky --> notifications --> category of notifications --> and there is Kaspersky VPN uncheck this.
  8. Hello, Welcome. It will be available after summer this year.
  9. Cant... it is not mine video. I dont have files.
  10. Kaspersky Total security installed. See this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3LhKe4ZOA8 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Aqz4Bp1pM
  11. Yesterday i had same issue. Simply i uninstalled Ai Suite 3 restart pc then downloaded it again and installed now no problems.
  12. @Fenn 🙂 no because you ran from CD not needed from USB.
  13. Hi, Which search engine you are use? If you search via google then it works, with microsoft bing not working.
  14. Why yousing ccleaner?? Windows have also cleaner i cant understand people which have installed optimization software. I know people that they must reinstalled windows because optimizing sw and cleanenig registry is dangerous combination.
  15. Hello, I have also Epic games launcher installed (updated yesterday) without problem. Can you post screenshot in detailed reports of issue?
  16. Then it is not kaspersky problem. You must enter into Windows security if not something with your Windows is not ok. Also why turn off defender? Because 2 or more antiviruses turned on in same will cause problems. Always use only one real time antivirus.
  17. Hello, Please make you sure that defender is turned off in Windows security. After that if you turn off real protection of defender try restart PC and check the problem. If still not uninstall kaspersky restart PC and install again. *dont needed u installing programs with special apps also do not uninstall antivirus with any av remover if you can success uninstall without problem via control panel. If you have trouble with uninstallation then you should use av remover for completely removing program.
  18. @JPEKaspersky where is the problem? Are you protected? yes you are! Kaspersky relases new virus definition IF is needed... when it is not needed then does not release new definition. Thats all.
  19. I thought that it is KSC... Okay no problem, just only for info.
  20. @kmscom i dont have last two sections of KISA (ustroystva v moey seti and upravenie moey privatnost..) why?
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