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  1. @SystemInfoif@SystemInfoif you prefer blocking ads as 1st then Privacy then ok. Vivaldi is worse than original Google Chrome as i saw. But okay 100 people = 100 browsers 🙃 I know what is the best and i use it. Please check tests on internet . All other replies not needed.
  2. Brave No. 1 sorry, 🤷 Firefox is not so secure like chromium browser but is also good.
  3. @Crylune Brave is the safest browser. Check test https://privacytests.org/ Btw ceo is person who founded Mozilla firefox 🙃
  4. @shindegeist install Brave browser 😎 set Brave shield to agressive and thats it. Second option install ublock origin intonyour current browser 😎
  5. Hello, Welcome. Usually Green - means clean, orange - malicious (in some scenarios should be okay adware etc...), Red - dangerous and grey - no data available at this moment.
  6. 1. You can try uninstall kaspersky and do restart PC after restart PC install kaspersky update manually databases and restart PC. Then check the problem. If this not resolved your issue then contact Tech Support. But keep in mind Windows 7 is not supported.
  7. Hello, Welcome. A new version is available for download now. Please install latest version and check the problem.
  8. Hello, Welcome. Please note WhoCalls is available only for some regions.. Not for all regions.
  9. Hello, Welcome. Easy to find for example https://kaspersky-mobile-security.en.uptodown.com/android But also recommended download from original websites of kaspersky. If it is not available on kaspersky website (only from google play) you can ask Tech support for download link.
  10. @StePits i already answered to your question. But you must contacted tech support ?‍♂️
  11. Simply go to Windows security center and turn off real protection of defender.
  12. Hello, @colemauro Antivirus kaspersky for ios does not exists (only password manager). Also sometimes is problem with login and SSL (i know i had this issue). You can keep trying login. Or what i tried is connect to VPN network or simply acitave 4G internet on mobile. Next option is directly inser your activation key into kaspersky for android and activate it (later you can login into your kaspersky accout in Kaspersky for android app).
  13. Hi, Should be turned off and it is recommended Defender OFF. More active AV = conflicts!
  14. Hello, Yes all KAV, KIS and KTS should be supported. These are older versions - old range.
  15. KTS with K Plus is compatible (i have right this). Also please see Q3 https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/kaspersky-basic-standard-plus-premium-info-faq-22816/#comment-98356
  16. @StePits K Plus is new range of products so it needs uninstall old KTS and install manually new K plus. BTW KTS is still supported at least one year. You should also download installer from web page of your region not only via my kaspersky. What you mean communication with support if is not available?
  17. You want ban? You are not respected forum rules. I am sure that mods knows what can do with this. Also why 5 sec and not 1 because kaspersky and kaspersky components working like that. It is not so important time but correct detection.
  18. I love question like this. Why you sometimes wake up from bed 7:00 and sometimes 7:30? WHY? Ask Tech Support why 5 sec why not 1 sec LOL
  19. @SystemInfo Someone maybe knows more about changes. But all what i found : What's new We have implemented a mechanism that describes the application functionalities and helps configure everything you need. Now you can manage the application key features from the main screen. Now the Kaspersky Password Manager extension theme automatically adapts to the theme of your browser. We have improved user interface. Bugs have been fixed, and the application stability has been improved.
  20. Yes because secure folder is isolated. So you need install also into secured folder. KISA doesn't see secured folder because it doesn't exists (it is hidden etc) - security....
  21. Kaspersky plus is equivalent of Kaspersky total security. Because KAV, KIS and KTS are older products. And will be replaced with new range of products (see bellow). So KAV, KIS is Kaspersky Standard KTS is Kaspersky PLUS
  22. Hello, 1. You wrote into ENGLISH forum section. 2. Contact Tech Support
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