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  1. Hello, @dcx https://support.kaspersky.com/kes12/troubleshooting/install/15378#block3 https://support.kaspersky.com/kes12/troubleshooting/install/15565 以上两个文章查看下。
  2. Hello, @Virtual Citizen Maybe memory type object has been disinfected. So there is no object move to the quarantine. please check the detailed report via food's advices. Regards.
  3. Hello This does not seem to be a good way to prevent or steal cookies, on the one hand, the browser storage of information, on the other hand, the user's problem. Pay attention to attachments coming from emails, especially marketing campaigns. To find out whether the file extension of the email is exe, if you need to try the software, be sure to run the software in the virtual machine environment when possible. If a criminal wants to steal the information, he must first make you run a malicious program, usually such files will make you run actively, so email attachments should be done carefully. Another is to let the browser actively clear the cookies and session information every time when you close the browser, but this will make it inconvenient for you to log in to certain websites, and you have to enter your account and password every time, and you need to choose between security and convenience. Regards.
  4. Hello, @Snowwolfboi What is "Discord cache" ? Does it related to what application? Regards.
  5. Hello, @M H K Does this behavior happen on the rules in Trusted application? or Low restricted if you customized the rule by yourself? Regards.
  6. Hello, @Maldroid Please check this behavior whether existed in other known malware by kaspersky. You can use eciar test sample file to check and tell us the result. Regards.
  7. Hello, 如果网络总是被自动更新创建,那么此类弹窗是设计如此。
  8. Hello, 移除其他安全软件后在观察是否有这个检测出现。
  9. Hello, @Daniel Leung Have you contacted with KL support before? Regards.
  10. Hello, 你两次弹窗因为,你网卡的名称与IP地址都在变化,这个弹窗提示是正常的,你现在要做的是固定虚拟网卡的IP地址与网卡类型。
  11. Hello, 请问你是否开启了 程序跟踪记录 这个功能?你现在截图显示的文件夹中,不单单只是报告的文件,也有一个叫做 traces 的文件夹,该文件夹多大?
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