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  1. Hello, @Maal656 Please try to do the following step and reply back the result. Disable K self-defense. Run the following powershell command with admin prividge. cmd /c "sc delete klim6" after do that, Does it reply back any error messages? If no, Please run the following command to check whether klim6 ndis driver has been deleted or not. cmd /c "sc query type= driver group= NDIS" After do all the steps, Please reboot the PC to check this issue has gone or not? Regards.
  2. @Yliven 这个问题是否已经解决,可以关闭了?
  3. @kate smith 请问现在问题是否已经解决了?
  4. Hello, @HarryW Do you try to delete KIS report first? Regards.
  5. Hello, 我觉得应该是 新版本 的产品,比如 Kaspersky: Basic, Standard, Plus, Premium 。
  6. Hello, Does this tablet run android? Regards.
  7. Hello, @Guedones I think this is a false positive, there is no any malware script in that page. But there are some other reason to let you encounter this issue. The first is your browsers addones. The secound is the website request back special html code to you, different from me. So you can disable all browsers addone and re-open the browser to check this issue first. If it is not work, Please reply back here. Regards.
  8. Hello, 这可能是运营商DNS解析的问题或者你自己指定的DNS解析服务器有问题。
  9. Hello, 请告知一下“计划任务”中有哪些任务?在 powershell 管理员权限 下执行如下命令: schtasks /query /v /fo list >> c:\schtasklist.txt 在 C 盘根目录下会形成一个名为 schtasklist 的 txt 文件,打包这个文件上传到这里来。
  10. Hello, 请在地址栏中直接输入 www.baidu.com ,不要 / 后面的参数访问百度网站是否存在问题。
  11. Hello, 你是否用过什么激活工具激活过 windows ?
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