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  1. Hello, 清空报告后在看下,可以在本版块看到跟你遇到相同问题的。
  2. Hello, @Валерия What's the error message reply from the KL product. Could you uploade a screenshot picture here? Regards.
  3. Hello, 请问你听哪里说的呢?
  4. Hello, It may need some time to handle the detection object. How many time do you wait to process these dection object? Regards.
  5. 此外。根据这个帖子提供安装log文件。 https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/置顶-教程-当卡巴斯基产品安装失败,我该怎么办?-5208/#comment-23942 以及参考该技术支持文章解决问题。 https://support.kaspersky.com/common/error/installation/14829
  6. Hello, 请问你安装的是正式版本的版本?系统安全启动是否开启?
  7. Hello, Installation and removal trace files are created automatically in Kaspersky Lab products. By default, the files are saved to the %temp% folder (usually C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Documents and Settings\<profile name>\LocalSettings\Temp) with the names of the following type: kl-install-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.log kl-setup-yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.log
  8. Hello, 这个问题需要查看产品安装log文件。
  9. Hello, 禁用 windows defender 后执行卸载工具。Any better? Regards.
  10. Hello, I don't know what is Obsidian Notetaking software and what is Community Plugins, which community? Regards.
  11. Hello, 请检查是否.net framework 3.5及以上是否被卸载导致问题发生,微软最近的一个补丁发生了这个问题,请查看本社区知识库文章。 https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/kaspersky-does-not-start-after-installation-of-kb5013943-24444/
  12. Hello, @allthebestdreams You should disable product self-defense function first in KL product settings. Regards.
  13. Hello, Could you install Kaspersky certification in Ubuntu Linux system? Regards.
  14. Hello, Could you send these websites for me via pm? and tell me the information for details. Regards.
  15. Hello, Keyboard chip and HD firmware? I don't know what brand of the keyboard and HD device. For some firmware software writing methods, you need to remove the relevant chips from the motherboard and use a special writing device for writing. You only need to observe whether some chips with more pins or some ROM chips on the relevant motherboard have solder marks, for example Some residual traces of flux. Such chips are BIOS, ME, South Bridge, EC. if your keyboard chip supports firmware software update through the operating system, please go to the relevant keyboard manufacturer's website to find relevant information or consult their technical support hotline for related questions. Usually some professional hard disk repair tools, such as Russia's PC3000 software, can read the firmware of the hard disk to repair or rewrite it to repair the problem that the hard disk does not read and write the disk or the firmware is lost. But the premise is that the firmware backup must be saved, otherwise the hard disk will be scrapped. From a technical point of view, the hard disk firmware is encrypted and stored. The newer the hard disk, the higher the firmware version, the higher the security. Now as far as I know, only real exploited firmware malware exists in BIOS firmware and hard disk ROM chip to write data to US NSA organization. I haven't heard it exist in the keyboard. If your keyboard and hard drive both support firmware update through the system, it is recommended that you flash the firmware again, but I need to remind you that all data in it should be backed up to prevent hardware damage due to any unexpected situations during the firmware flashing process. Some files are malfunctioning due to missing firmware, so sometimes you need to refresh the firmware to see if the problem is solved. As a maintenance person, it is always a simple to complex process to repair things. For example, for a computer motherboard problem, first measure the voltage drop of all inductances on the motherboard to the ground diode to determine whether the electrical circuit is short-circuited. If there is no obvious short-circuit problem, try first. Refresh the BIOS and see, if there is still a problem, then check the CPU reset, whether the clock and other voltages exist, if so, check whether the working conditions of the South Bridge/EC are satisfied, and finally check the working conditions of the CPU. It will look simple, but the actual troubleshooting will be more complicated. But one thing is certain, that is to flash the BIOS firmware first. Therefore, maintenance personnel will basically move the hardware firmware first. If you suspect that there may be a problem with the flashed firmware, then you should ask if you have gone to a more trusted repair shop for repairs. However, from a technical point of view, being able to obtain maliciously modified firmware for criminal purposes requires a high level of technology, I think. Finally to answer your question, if the threat is known to Kaspersky, it should be able to be detected. Of course sometimes even known, but active, may not be detected, such as in current HD and BIOS firmware. The detection rate is not 100%. Regards.
  16. Hello, I have tested the Portable Version 5.43 in my side, there is no problem at all. Here is the screenshot on the download metadata GUI. I think you can try this version to check connect issue or restore the KL product settings to default (Settings-->Manage Setttings). Regards.
  17. Hello, As I think, This option only work before you reload product. Try to exit and restart product and to see whether this information display again or not. Regards.
  18. This is the first time I've heard of ransomware that fills files with junk data and makes them bigger. Larger files have a great impact on the efficiency of encryption and the final degree of completion.😅
  19. Hello, Using notepad.exe to open the related picture jpg format, Could you see "JFIF" string? Regards.
  20. Hello, @Veerain This issue only occurred in google website? or all the https website? Regards.
  21. Hello, @diafol Could you try to set a trusted address related to your credit card payment address or the website mask in Network Settings of the Settings of KL product ? Regards.
  22. Hello @AdamZG You mention is related to this software: https://calibre-ebook.com/download ?If no, Please provide the software download address for me. Regards.
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