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  1. nexon's post in Subscription Question was marked as the answer   

    There is no specific period for activation.
    2 choices exits:

    1.) BUY key and isert it to my.kaspersky.com account (days will stay - not counting ONLY if you buy license FOR SAME product as you have. For example you have kaspersky plus and you will buy license for kaspersky plus buy then it is okay.

    2.) BUY product key and do not activate it simply save it to safe place.

    EDIT : I had 5 days remaining license of KTS and saved license key kaspersky PLUS into my account my.kaspersky.com days began counting from both licenses... So if it is same product days will stay untouched :) 
  2. nexon's post in Secure Payment has again failed to function. was marked as the answer   
    Vivaldi is not officially supported. You can maybe run this browser as protected but now i think it is not possible. Brave browser also in past worked but now i cant run it. 
    Only these browsers are supported bellow on screenshot. 
    Compatibility is not guarantined by kaspersky because newest versions might having some new features and cause it incompatibility with kaspersky for example. 

  3. nexon's post in Switching from Total Security to Internet Security in Windows 11 was marked as the answer   
    @Daigle hi, if you have license for kaspersky internet security you can still download it. On website of your región or here on forum section for kaspersky internet security.
    Also as @Berny wrote it is older product and in future will be not supported but for now it is supported and you should install it.
    Kaspersky internet security is replaced by kaspersky standard and kaspersky total security is replaced by kaspersky Plus. 
  4. nexon's post in Request for kaspersky premium mr17(21.17) version installer. was marked as the answer   
    MR17 is not released officially for now... RC build is available but rather wait and download from official web kaspersky for your region. 
  5. nexon's post in Software updater (Обновление программ) was marked as the answer   


    Submit your suggestion for Tech Support https://my.kaspersky.com 
  6. nexon's post in Windows 10 IoT LTSC was marked as the answer   
    You have right. IoT is not supported. 
  7. nexon's post in language settings was marked as the answer   
    Or you can simply press shift+F5 or Shift+F12. 
  8. nexon's post in secure browsing was marked as the answer   


    Officialy is brave not supported by Kaspersky. If you want filtering webapges in brave you must have kaspersky protection addon installed and brave.exe renamed to chrome.exe

    I have brave and working fine.
  9. nexon's post in avp.exe running twice in task manager was marked as the answer   

    avp.exe 2 times is normal and ok.
  10. nexon's post in Kaspersky Premium for 1 PC licence WhoCalls question was marked as the answer   


    Please note WhoCalls is available only for some regions.. Not for all regions.
  11. nexon's post in Firefox and encrypted connections was marked as the answer   
    UPDATE : I fix it.

    On webpage you can verify your web browser how much is secure : https://coveryourtracks.eff.org

    Problem with certificate : 
    1.) Export certificate to desktop for example and import in firefox browser https://support.kaspersky.com/common/compatibility/14620#block2
    2.) needs edit user.js --> security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level 2 on security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level 1 

    Level 1 - Firefox ignores Windows and Firefox certificates at default. Kaspersky, from the other hand, monitor Firefox traffic through certificates.
    *enable strict PKP (Public Key Pinning) * 0=disabled, 1=allow user MiTM (default; such as your antivirus), 2=strict * [SETUP-WEB] MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_KEY_PINNING_FAILURE: If you rely on an AV (antivirus) to protect * your web browsing by inspecting ALL your web traffic, then override to current default
    3.) In Kaspersky turn on “Scan secure traffic in Mozilla applications” and select “Use Mozilla certificate store”.

    *OPTIONAL SETUP edit arkenfox user.js 
    - edit privacy.resistFingerprinting on false (zoom on webpages will be saved if you setup on 120% for example will be saved after you close Firefox). If you have on true then always after shutdown firefox will be reset on 100%.
    - edit browser.privatebrowsing.autostart on false if you want allow Kaspersky password manager addon working
    Also edit this if you dont want resize window because is not maximized but opens only small window. After edit this window starts maximized on your monitor also history, will be saved after firefox shutdown.

    All was setup on true, and changed to false.
    user_pref("privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown",        false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cache",               false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies",            false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.downloads",       false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.formdata",          false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.history",              false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps",      false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.sessions",           false);
    user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.openWindows",  false);
    and also this :
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.offlineApps",                false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.cache",                         false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.cookies",                      false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.downloads",                false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.formdata",                   false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.history",                       false);
    user_pref("privacy.cpd.sessions",                    false);

    For enabling cookies on website (simply allow it on website ctrl+i then select tab Premissions --> third item from the top setup cookies or something like that (i dont have english language in firefox) uncheck apply default and in right select enable.

    Thats all my prefered edit for this template.

    If someone have problem with Firefox and arkenfox user.js look here and check your settings.
    Hope i help someone who use this.
    Arkenfox really disabling not only telemetry but a lot of stuff. Now is securest browser ever.

    Here are screenshots before use arkenfox (firefox default downloaded on default settings - downloaded and installed like most people have) and after.


  12. nexon's post in Secret Vault on cloud or local? was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Paralyze Reorder
    Vault is local.
  13. nexon's post in VPN on android is not premium was marked as the answer   
    I fixed this. 
  14. nexon's post in Got a blocked report for a website I never visited was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Louis Boney
    Sometimes websites redirecting to another websites (not pop ups) but redirecting on the background and you dont know about this only kaspersky will catch this and block. 
    But you can check website on https://opentip.kaspersky.com
    And wait for analyzes. 
  15. nexon's post in How to know if the firewall is working? was marked as the answer   
    Because firewall is on automatic mode. You can check your reports. All events are there. 
  16. nexon's post in updates was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Kenneth 1967

    1. Check your subscribtion (days) and also screenshot will be great for us
    2. Better have updates on automatic mode. But you can run manually click on UPDATE button at any time without problems.
  17. nexon's post in can i use total security with Kaspersky plus subscription was marked as the answer   
    No. In KTS is separate license for VPN.
  18. nexon's post in Kaspersky for android: Unwanted automatic start of full phone scan. was marked as the answer   
    Can you mark as solved? 
  19. nexon's post in Kaspersky protection and KPM extensions not working was marked as the answer   
    Hmmm KPM detected that is installed in browser.

    Weird...only 2 options :

    1. Maybe reinstall KPM
    2. contact Tech Support

    Also check open kaspersky antivirus > Security tab in left > scroll down and chceck for installed extensions. Is there firefox?

  20. nexon's post in VPN not working any server was marked as the answer   
    Ahh i must reinstall app. This means remove antivirus (KISA) removed password manager (KPM) removed vpn all... Then log in then install oh my.. But now working (i am not changing server for sure) it is set on fastest. But working now. 
  21. nexon's post in How to uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security? was marked as the answer   

    Go to control panel and there is Kaspersky internet security select it and uninstall it (keep license data checkbox or save your license data into notepad or whatever you want. 
  22. nexon's post in MalwareBytes question... was marked as the answer   

    So which problems with malware do you have while you have MBAM turned off? 
    Also please note more than 1 AV solution will have conflict. It is not recommended run 2 AV in same time (real time protection). You can have MBAM as additional layer of protection - only for scanning for example.
  23. nexon's post in Database has not updated for more than 18 hours. was marked as the answer   
    @JPEKaspersky You are frequently creating topics which contains Databases not updated. Still and same solution.. Sometime was not released new update sometime 4x per day depends on many situations in world. Also when you create any topic before please check log in your detailed report and there look for error etc.
  24. nexon's post in Pop up advertisements from Kaspersky was marked as the answer   
    You wrote about vpn... 
    Also same settings are in kaspersky internet security go to settings - interface and there are news 
  25. nexon's post in Problem with restore point was marked as the answer   
    I fix it.

    Also forum not working under chromium source also IE (I am on Microsoft Edge browser).

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