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Patch i for KIS version [a specific bug, blocking one website, has been fixed with patch i] [Closed]

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Also, in addition to what FLOOD has posted located directly above this post:


Quote; “Greetings! There was a specific bug which has been fixed with patch I. The issue was that the product was blocking contents of [a certain] website with active protection.”

That is all we know now. Please PM a moderator if useful content needs to be posted here. Until then, this is amicably closed, due to All We Know Now has happened. 

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Hello @harlan4096,

Yes, that’s what TS advised, as per my previous reply, the problem is the dearth of patch i information: 


“Patch I for Kaspersky Internet Security version was released on February 18, 2020.

In patch I we have fixed several application issues.”


Thank you🙏


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