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Kaspersky Premium Blocking Asus Armoury create again

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After installing Kaspersky premium and restarting my computer kaspersky blocking asus services i tried to create exclusion, pause kaspersky but no luck only way to get Asus service to work again is to uninstall Kaspersky.

I use the last version of 

i figure it out after several windows 11 reinstalls

Has someone the same issue ?

Screenshot 2023-06-03 093707.png

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I found the origin of the problem in my case, I hope it helps them.

It is related to hardware virtualization when activated in Microsoft Windows and Kaspersky at the same time.


My computer has the option in the bios activated:

Bios Activated.jpg

And it was activated in the Windows security configuration and now Kaspersky must have also implemented this functionality generating conflict, see the Windows and Kaspersky screens when activated in Windows it says that my system is not compatible on Kaspersky:


But when disabled on Windows, Kaspersky accepts and no longer displays the alert. Probably Kaspersky should fix this so that when it is active in Kaspersky it is automatically disabled in Windows so as not to generate a conflict.


Aura Creator working again:



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If you UNINSTALL KASPERSKY maybe it works with Windows Virtualization ON.  With Installing Kaspersky then you need to disable Windows Virtualization Memory. I hope Kaspersky give us a solution for this problem. I receive Error Code 2 in Jun/02 2023. Maybe Kaspersky updated something in this date.

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2 horas atrás, Psikofunkster disse:

I built a new pc last January and although my mobo supports virtualization and its on, kaspersky standard doesn't recognize it.


The problem remains with Armoury Crate.

You need to disable it in Windows for Kaspersky to take control. If I activate virtualization in Windows security, this message appears for me too. From what I understand only one can have control on the PC.

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I've disabled the setting in windows, and ensured that it is enabled in Kaspersky for the time being. Are there any other steps that I should take to ensure the safety of my PC or personal information?

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Today i got this:

I suppose it's related...



What i got is you  can't have two things like these activated at the same time so Kaspersky deactivated the Windows one as a "fix"...Is that the optimal scenario? i don't know. What i can tell now is Windows 11 displaying a warning permanently on the taskbar...

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