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  1. 1) Version 1903 (Compilation SO 18362.295) 2) Yes for the matter + the password manager recommendation too = 2 recommendations. 2c) Yes, i can ignore the kids one however it still appers as a ghost module (like the image i posted). IF, you trust the "dangerous" site, you can create an "exclusion, however, the other KIS tools may continue to block in an effort to keep you safe. and that is new in KIS 2020? cause KIS 2019 worked different. i could disable the antibanner pluging on an specific browser and still enter the "dangerous" site. As i mentioned before feels like bloatware, pretty annoying...
  2. Also another issue with the Antibanner, even if i disable the plugin under Firefox 68.0.2 the thing apparently is still active cause its blocking "dangerous" sites.
  3. 1) Win 10 64 bits updated. 2) KIS 2020 (released today). 3) Licensed.
  4. I have the Kaspersky kids notificacion and the ghost icon too and i don't even have kids, pretty annoying. Feels like spam.
  5. Thanks guys for posting. I resolved it by reinstalling KIS 2019 and problem's gone. The new thing is a new message that appeared regarding enabling virtualization protection (wallet), it has never appeared to me before. I had to enable that feature via BIOS, and the message is gone, question is why appeared this time? Anyways KIS 2020 (on my system language) is conming soon so i'll wait for the release to recheck that.
  6. Hello community, i have latest KIS 19 software and also latest Apple software update too, still kaspersky keeps failing installing an update that doesn't exist, how can i fix this?
  7. After uninstalling the Microsoft April update and using the PC for a couple of days, the freezing issue is apparently gone for me. I assume the culprit was the Microsoft April update, i just blocked it. Hope the May one will be ok. KarDip hi, no game mode here.
  8. Yes E version installed. The freeze doesn't happen during the game, so far has happened: 1) While using Origin to download a game (70Gb). 2) After loging in Windows 7 once, just a few seconds after. I hope the culprit is the Microsoft update...gonna use the PC next...
  9. Anyone else affected by this? https://borncity.com/win/2019/04/11/april-2019-updates-freezes-windows-7-8-1-10-server/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-7-problems-microsoft-blocks-april-updates-to-systems-at-risk-of-freezing/ I installed the Microsoft update KB44493472 last tuesdays and things were fine until last Saturday when i downloaded the Origin software and installed a 70GB game Pc froze up while downloading. I tried to forget the issue but today after loggin in windows 7 64 bits the system froze again. I have windows 7 64 bits and Kaspersky Internet Security latest version updated. I know the article doesn't mention kaspersky but my issue coincides. I just uninstalled the microsoft April update hope that fixes the issue and hope my hardware is not the faulty one. :disappointed_relieved:
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