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I've suddenly started receiving Windows Security platform antimalware platform updates

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I'm using Kaspersky Plus on Win 11.

I've noted for about the last week I have been getting  Windows Security platform antimalware platform updates from Windows update just around the time patch c became available.

Windows security tells me Kaspersky is turned on and under windows defender firewall I'm told  these settings are being managed by Kaspersky.

Are these updates coincidental as it has never happen prior to patch c?

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8 minutes ago, petsy said:

and again. note the update has the same KB and version number as before.

Hello @petsy

Thank you for the update!

  • Like @harlan4096, we also do not have Windows Security Platform Antimalware Platform updates. 
  • We've noted there's quite a few web posts for KB5007651, however all appear to be 2023 range. 
  • Perhaps rasing the issue with Microsoft Technical Team might shed some light on it? 
  • Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available?

Thank you🙏

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This KB is a hotfix for defender Platform. not defender antivirus signature.

This KB firstly delivered to users in 2023.3.

but lately in middle of 2023 it was postponed because more BUG was found in this hotfix. (Local Security authority protection is off. Your device may be vulnerable)

maybe now Microsoft has solved the proble so the KB is again delivered to users.

third-party AV may stop windows update getting defender antivirus signatures but you probably still get updates for defender program itself.

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