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  1. My website is already been cleaned but still the kespersky considering it as phishing website for no reason. Please do the needful, we have a presentation. https : //2024presidentsclub.com
  2. Столкнулся с проблемой, что игра отображается как троянское приложение, игру скачал буквально только что, никаких модов и подавно стоять не может, лицензия стим. Жалуется на сам .exe файл с игрой. Игру давно удалял потому что не было обновлений и поднадоела и таких проблем не было, даже с поставленным модом на русификатор, сегодня решил снова её поставить и без модов, игра просто помечается как троян. Я конечно могу просто отключить защиту, но не могу же я так постоянно сидеть? Windows 10 Pro Версия 10.0.19045 Сборка 19045 Kaspersky Free
  3. Guten Tag! Ich bekam heute die Meldung von Kaspersky, dass meine Email-Adresse mit einem Twitter-Account verknüpft ist und von dort Persönliche Daten und der Aktivitätsverlauf abgeflossen sind. Dies hat mich überrascht, da ich mich nicht daran erinnern konnte, jemals ein Konto angelegt zu haben. Auch die Rückmeldung vom Twitter-Support fiel negativ aus: Ich freue mich über Infos, bzw. Tipps. Vielen Dank und LG Christof Hello, We weren’t able to locate an account with the username you mentioned, or affiliated with the email address you’re using. If the username was incorrect, please file a new report. As of our most recent review, that username is available on X. You can claim it by signing up for a new account. Please note these are available on a first-come, first-served basis and it can be claimed at any time. Please don’t respond to this email, as replies are not monitored. Thanks, X Support
  4. Hello. I’m Youngkwang Oh from IRONMACE. We are serving a game called 'Dark and Darker' (https://darkanddarker.com). Recently, your AntiVirus is misdiagnosing our own anti-cheat programs (Tavern.exe, TavernWorker.exe). The diagnostic code is 'PDM:Trojan.Win32.General' and it is misdiagnosed by your System Watcher. For your information, our anti-cheat is packed with VMProtect for security. Many of our players are suffering from inconvenience because of this. We submitted detected images. Please review it as soon as soon as possible. Best regards.
  5. При использовании Creative Cloud и любого софта от Adobe постоянно выскакивают проблемы с инициализацией лицензии. При выключении касперского все работает стабильно и я подключаюсь ко всем моим сетевым функциям приложений. Выдает сообщения формата "Please check your firewall settings, ensure that the time settings on your computer are correct, and try again" - в исключения папку adobe пытался добавить и не помогло, проблему решает только выключение касперского и это выглядит как костыль с моей стороны. Подскажите с решением проблемы и как решить эту несовместимость (прикрепляю файл ошибки для понимая проблемы. Напоминаю, что это связано именно с работой касперского и его фильтров, поэтому я и обращаюсь на форум сюда, а не в adobe)
  6. Lately, one of our clients send us email regarding our site www.swordier.com has been flagged by Kaspersky as unsafe and we used shopify to set up our store but couldn't figure out why it happened like that. also, as attached it the screenshot our clients provided, can anybody help?
  7. 我的博客 https:// blog . kagureion . top/ 被 Kaspersky 误报为「可能导致数据泄露的网站」,但我确信我的网站的确没有这样的意图。请求解除对我的博客的误报,感谢。
  8. Producto: Kaspersky Total Security Quise ingresar como siempre a mi cuenta de Airtm, y como hacía mucho que no cambiaba la contraseña, Airtm me redirigió a la pantalla de cambio de contraseña, la cual fue bloqueada por Kaspersky. Consulté con soporte de Airtm y me confirmaron que el URL que reporta el antivirus es legítimo. Podría poner el URL en el whitelist, pero por las dudas quisiera la confirmación de Kaspersky. Muchas gracias Roberto
  9. I'm creating this topic since I haven't found any information about it. For some time I'm having problems to login in my Crunchyroll account using my Windows 11 machine with Kaspersky Antivirus installed. I've noticed that every time I access the login page, my browser goes unresponsive until I finished it using the task manager. Investigating further, I saw that when I access the page https:// sso.crunchyroll . com/login kaspersky blocks a javascript lib called dg.js, then the page tries to send it again (and blocked again). This behavior generates a loop which make browsers (both chromium based and firefox) to memory overflow to the point where's necessary to finish it by using windows task manager The only workaround I've found is to exit Kaspersky and access the login page (which possibilities the download of the lib) then activate again after login. So it is a case of false positive or there's something wrong about this specific lib? I think this case should be investigate, since causing browsers to memory overflow is problematic and this page is accessed by many users. To reproduce the problem, you only need to access Crunchyroll's login page (it isn't necessary to have an account) and the blocking behavior can be observed by opening the browser's inspector.
  10. HEllo Everyone! I am facing an issue with default reports. When we generate the Report on Users of Infected Devices, it is supposed to show us the users of infected devices. But the reports show some of the ENdpoints and VM names instead of user names, confusing the report type. Everyone's help would be appreciated. The report is REPORT ON DEVICE USERS, but it shows only a few devices and also shows the devices that have not been active for a long time. The main issue is not showing any option for next entries; for example, it shows 1000 total entries with no option for next page. Everyone is requested to share their views and help me troubleshoot the issue. SOME INFO: KSC 14 KESW 11.9 KESL 11.3
  11. Hello, i started a website https : //www.certifygate.com/ but after I try to access it from my laptop where i have Kaspersky Premium installed, Kaspersky keeps threat it as a phishing website. please can you help on this ?
  12. Hello! I submitted my website to be re-analyzed and while the website screenshots were updated, it was still deemed dangerous. I have fixed the CSP for my HTTPS and HTML header to use hashes. There is no input form available on my website. There should be no way for malicious code to be implemented into the website by others, to the best of my knowledge. I've included the immuniweb scan of my last security test. Since then I've changed the filler nonce-values to hashes. For some reason Wapiti says I don't have X-XSS protection but I do, through cloudflare.
  13. Hello Kaspersky Team, Our website has been falsely flagged as a phishing site. We have throughly checked every website and server and there is no malware present. The site does not pretend to be any other entity. I'd like to request a re-evaluation. Website: https:// lolarchiver. com and its subdomain https:// twitch-tools. lolarchiver. com and https:// osint. lolarchiver. com and https:// nhentai. lolarchiver. com I have sent requests through https://opentip.kaspersky.com/lolarchiver.com in the past, but unfortunately with no effect on the flagging from your antivirus Thanks in advance,
  14. I can't manage end points Kaspersky security network ON/OFF option. for example i can manage all settings of kaspersky end point centraly from KSN server. but i only can't manage to turn ON/OFF and Lock/UNLOCK the Kaspersky security network option from centrally.
  15. So, in the last 4-5 days now Kaspersky is blocking the app Discord on my PC. It doesn't give me any notifications whatsoever I just can't launch discord while Kaspersky is active. Discord shows me the following error '' Update failed - retrying in X sec... ''. I did get in contact with Discord support and for 3 Days we tried many different ways to fix it, other versions, PTBs, older versions, different launch options etc. but in the end, it came all to the same result, Discord won't launch, no matter which version it is unless I completely turn of Kaspersky. When i do turn off Kaspersky - launch Discord - turn on Kaspersky, Discord won't show me pictures and won't let me play videos via the app. After a couple minutes more Discord will get in a state where you would get normally if you don't have internet connection anymore. So, as said to be able to use Discord i need to turn off Kaspersky. When i try to add the Discord.exe as a trusty source via Kaspersky option -> threats and exceptions -> specify trusted apps, Kaspersky does crash. I did attach a screenshot about it. When im in the opions '' exceptions for application '' and i add Discord.exe after i click 'tamam' which means OK, nothing happens (even if i wait for long). After i click it 1 more time Kaspersky just crashes. So here the stuff i already did and still doing. -Check for Updates and do them -Check drivers -Launch with administrator -Try older Version of Discord -Try to add as many folders etc from Discord as a Trusty source -Try different Version of Discord like Public Test Build -Send crash report when Kaspersky crashes I would be happy if someone can give me a solution to this. Discord staff run out of options to let me try so it seems like it might be a problem with Kaspersky. My Version is Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Build 22621 --- (k) --- It's standart version of Kaspersky. Not a free one.
  16. I have windows 10 and was going to open opera but as I opened it, Kaspersky internet security detected it as a Threat! I know for a fact that opera browser is legit and that Kaspersky internet security is detecting it as a trojan but not blocking it as it is a false positive! I still don't understand why a perfectly safe computer program would be detected as a threat when opera is one of the most popular and safe web browsers on the internet. I hope this response brings an awareness to the issue of this false positive and i hope whoever sees this has a great day!
  17. 样本链接 https://karlcx.lanzoum.com/iZfXF19004je 密码:cbb5 威胁情报门户分析结果 https://opentip.kaspersky.com/1ab497dfed7f15b440728054b0a1a65d48d5d65bea04b67b522c26292ca52f70/results
  18. Hello dear Kaspersky team, I am from D5 Render, which is a 3D visualization renderer program. We got a problem with Kaspersky antivirus, and now we sincerely ask for your help. Many of our users said Kaspersky blocks or deletes our file because it was considered as trojan..Please see file attached. In fact, it is not any trojan, and I put the file into OpenTip, the result is OK as well. So we hope you can help us solve the problem, like solving the false positive, or point out whether the file has problems. Best Regards, Oliver
  19. Несколько лет разными версиями Касперского (в данном случае Standart под Windows 11) BTDEX детектируется по-очереди либо как DangerousObject.Multi.Generic либо как Trojan.Win32.Injuke (реагирует на signum-plotter внутри), т.е. антивирус даже не может определиться, что это. А это криптокошелек монеты Signa с возможностями майнинга на HDD. Не троян и не вирус. Исходники здесь: https://github.com/btdex/btdex/releases/tag/v0.6.7
  20. I'm having problems accessing the website of the French National Library (gallica.bnf.fr) and it's only because of Kaspersky (I can access it from my smartphone or ipad). OS - Windows 10 Pro - 22h2 Kaspersky - Kaspersky Total Security (k)
  21. hi, can you help me? My government has a web application called efaktur, but Kaspersky always blocks me when I want to access the site and download the certificate for the app. Can you help me how to allow this site efaktur.pajak.go.id:8443/pkp/ Because I have to disable Kaspersky first to access this site and this can make my pc infected with virus Thanks
  22. Dear Kaspersky Team, Our website has been mistakenly flagged as a phishing site. We've conducted an exhaustive check and confirmed no presence of malware. We assure you our site doesn't impersonate any other entity. We kindly request an urgent re-evaluation of this status. The false flagging has started to affect our customer trust. Thank you for your prompt attention. Best Regards, Jeremie I
  23. Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a false positive detection issue concerning my website. It has come to my attention that your antivirus engine is flagging my website as phishing, despite thoroughly cleaning it and ensuring its security. I want to emphasize that I have taken all necessary measures to remove any traces of malware or malicious code from my website. After detecting the security breach, I completely rebuilt the website from scratch, leaving behind no remnants of the previous compromised version. Additionally, I have performed extensive malware scans using reputable tools and have implemented robust security measures to prevent any future attacks. However, despite these efforts, my website continues to receive a high detection score on VirusTotal and other security scanners. This false positive detection is adversely affecting the reputation and functionality of my website, causing inconvenience to my users and damaging my online presence. I kindly request your immediate attention and assistance in investigating this matter further. I would appreciate it if you could review the security status of my website and correct the false positive detection. Providing me with information about the specific detection and any steps I can take to rectify the situation would be greatly appreciated. VirusTotal Report Description of Steps Taken Deep scan the local computer and hosting and removed all unwanted junk before rebuilding the website. Remove the complete website and Rebuilt from scratch. Now the website doesn't contain a single thing from the old website. Protected my website with future attacks with correct systems. So still our website doesn't have any malicious things, Also we are not providing any free software, our main goal is to help Marketers by providing paid software for those who want to make their work automated. So we have a wide range of software for every type of marketer. I understand that you receive numerous requests, but I am confident that this false positive detection can be resolved with your expertise. Your prompt attention to this matter is crucial, as it directly impacts the reputation and operation of my website. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. I look forward to your positive response and a swift resolution.
  24. Hi, So apparently despite the fact I'm (gasp) on the internet typing this on my Chromebook Kaspersky fails to update claiming I don't have internet access. I moved closer to the modem... ran still says no internet access. I restarted reran - still says I have no internet access I uninstalled tried to reinstall... and surprise surprise it claims I have no internet access. Well that's odd because I ran a speed test and guess what... I do have internet access. No I haven't reset the modem because I don't have access to it and multiple people use it so I'm NOT going to restart it for something like this. What is going on? Thanks Snhawna
  25. Visual Studio 2019 ile C# çalışması yapıyorum,Çalışmamı bitirip debug yapıp uygulamayı çalıştırdığım zaman kaspersky kafayı yiyor uygulamada trojan var diyerek uygulamayı siliyor, dosya konumundaki herşeyi siliyor kısacası uygulamamamın çalışmasına izin vermiyor. Bunu düzeltmenin yolu nedir yardımcı olabilir misiniz?
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