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  2. I must download Malwarebytes and use that. But I pay for Kaspersky.
  3. I am testing a friends machine for malware, trojans, and viruses after being compromised. I removed the hard disk and copied it. Now I want to scan for viruses. Kaspersky completes the scan immediately saying the copied disk is fine without doing anything. What gives? This is very stupid. Why does Kaspersky not scan as I tell it to do?
  4. Bienvenu sur le Forum. Veuillez consulter le Support Technique svp https://center.kaspersky.com/fr
  5. Hi Team, Can you please scan my website https://goworkfromanywhere.com It is showing the grey icon (unknown website) Your help in this matter is most appreciated. Kind Regards
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  7. FCI Group

    Trojan HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic

    Still not getting any solution from Kaspersky, it's really really pathetic.
  8. I currently have qty2 iPad gen4 running 10.3.3 iOS. (newest version it will support). Also have Android 8 phone and Motorola phone both running Android. You have a News bulletin on "Pegasus being sold by Israel. I saw an article today that usa/DEA department is purchasing it. (also confirmed it) Does any of your software stop Pegasus from accessing email, text, pics, camera, listening in on phone or phone calls as well. You never clarified if you have that covered/blocked... if you do. which application piece blocks for iOs? also which application blocks for Android? I have nothing to hide. Just want privacy from looney Agencies. Please send reply to my email at: altonddavisjr@yahoo.com. (as it is difficult for me to access your website) Does it stop any other intrusion into Microsoft Windows as well to access data or use camera or microphone? I will have Linux machines soon as well. Do you support the Linux platform at all? I was considering UBUNTU, MINT, AND RASPBERRY flavors of Linux for the various SBCs I have being delivered to me as we speak. Kind Regards, Alton Davis
  9. Bonjour, l'application mes drivers 3.04 du site tous les drivers qui est un outil de détection des nouveaux drivers ne fonctionne plus sur mon PC depuis plusieurs mois. Quand je la lance, j'ai une fenêtre qui s'ouvre "fatale erreur 50000". Par contre, si je suspend la protection de KIS version 18 000 405, ça marche. Alors j'ai ajouté l'appli aux exclusions, je l'ai ajouté aux applis de confiance et j'ai autorisé tout le trafic. Et ça ne marche pas, il faut toujours suspendre la protection. Comment faire ? Je suis sous win 10 64 bits version 1803. Merci de vos réponses.
  10. Hi, did you "enable anti-theft" my comments relate to those settings. If you have set commands in "anti-theft settings" as soon as "thief" turns on phone your "commands" will activate.
  11. and this can only work when the smartphone is connected to internet?? i mean he can pull out the simcard before turning on the smartphone i already have an account on my kaspersky and i did all you say
  12. Hi welcome to the forum. It is very important for you to login to https://my.kaspersky.com Then to manage mobie devices. And then "send command" to the "stolen" mobile , your choice what you do here. Now Kaspersky can only locate phone when mobile is turned on, then "command you sent" will work. If you have "set lockscreen" phone cannot be "reset" by person who stole it.
  13. hy my phone is stolen this day and i have already kaspersky in it i just want to know the localisation will xork even if the tief reset the smartphone ( it will be hard because the phone is protected by a key and an fingerprint)
  14. Dort sind alle Häkchen gesetzt. Werde mich wohl mal direkt an den Support wenden. Hatte diese Probleme auch früher noch nie gehabt. Ich danke dir aber herzlich für deine Hilfe longlife
  15. hy my phone is stolen this day and i have already kaspersky in it i just want to know the localisation will xork even if the tief reset the smartphone ( it will be hard because the phone is protected by a key and an fingerprint)

  16. bonjour je voudrais savoir si un smartphone volé avec karspersky dedans peut etre localisé meme si le voleur arrive a reinitialiser le smartphone (chose qui sera pas facile car protégé par un code et un empreinte digital.
  17. Zerkuris

    Zugriff Berechtigung Telefon , Frage

    ah danke ! dachte es käme mal was direkt von Kaspersky .
  18. Yesterday
  19. Hi Zerkuris, Du bist hier in einem "User hilft User"-Forum. Wir versuchen nach bestem Wissen Fragen zu beantworten. Wenn wir keine Antwort auf spezifische Fragen geben können, dann gibt es eben keine. Du hast hier eine Frage gestellt, die nur die Entwickler oder ersatzweise der Support beantworten kann. Die Vorgaben G...... für Android können die aber auch nicht ändern...
  20. Zerkuris

    Zugriff Berechtigung Telefon , Frage

    also wie immer so auch hier im Forum . Stellt man eine Frage erhält man nichts . Keine Erklärung die irgendwas klärt . Wie soll man da Vertrauen haben ? Blind vertrauen ???
  21. Bonjour à tous ; Voilà, je possède KPW 9.11.192 pour Mac et je ne trouve pas le moyen de désactiver le lancement au démarrage.. J'ai bien regarder dans les programmes d'ouverture via "Préférence Système" et via le programme même mais je n'ai pas trouvé.. Quelqu'un pourrait m'expliquer comment résoudre cela ? Tout grand merci pour votre aide..
  22. Thank you Virus_900 on behalf of myself and others I'm sure. Always glad when patches come out to help
  23. That wraps up this topic. Please continue with tech Support.
  24. no, non ho toccato nulla e cmq ho controllato. Vorrei capire se questo problema è esclusivamente mio.
  25. To investigate on this behavior , please visit the Microsoft Community or MS Office Support.
  26. Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product.
  27. vedi se hai modificato inavvertitamente l'antibanner,
  28. What I'd really like to know, before doing anything, is - Why does MS Office try to access my email provider? And is there a way to stop it as it seems completely unnecessary.
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