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KPM and other addons not working on Brave Browser


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Yes, Brave version. It accepted my password and all the previous stored ones migrated over. I haven’t browsed with it yet, to check it’s ability to auto fill...had to get back in to work ;)

This was from a fresh install of KPM. After I closed out of Brave from viewing this thread, I got the pop up window to install, which brought me to the Chrome Web Store.

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Hello all!

I have removed KPM extension from Brave browser.

Restart KPM, restart Brave and then KPM asked me to install the Extension. 

If I agreed, then Google Store page opened in Brave browser.



Other thing that I did not agree to install it and now I am trying to get back this KPM window with suggestion to install the extension. I will return with update.



There are several conditions, when the question to install browser’s extension should appear again. In general it should appear once in 24 hours. 

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