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  1. Cheers oh I missed that one. Its interesting to read others thoughts. Thanks again @Flood and Flood's wife,
  2. Hey guys, Within the My Kaspersky Portal there used to be a section were you where able to see all your previous support tickets and requests. However this feature is now missing and has since been removed after Nov. Did anyone else find this useful or use it. I know I myself would always reference and look through my old previous support tickets. It often saved me so much time. Now I’m just going to have to keep creating a new support ticket for questions or support issues I’ve already been given the answer to for my specific situation. Would be interesting to hear others thoughts.
  3. Would seem such a trivial action, but finding a Kaspersky Security Cloud setting is quite time consuming requiring you to remember multiple menus and sub menus/settings, then again sometimes even more sub sub settings/menus. How about including a search field/box providing a ability to simply and quickly search through all the settings for KSC.
  4. 2021 is almost over with a couple of new updates already released for KPM on Win10 and there's still no option of ability to unlock KPM using windows biometrics like fingerprint readers. I basically no longer even lock KPM due to hassle of typing the MP, leaving KPM vulnerable. Sad
  5. Exact same issue. However KSC is throttling my CPU between 94% & 98% everything else doesn't even get up past 6%-10%. Intel i7 2.90GHz
  6. It appears, I think, you are correct. I will update/correct the ticket. Cheers
  7. The following is quoted from support ticket. I had also added an additional suggestion to the same ticket. I have also left out names. "Thank you for contacting Kaspersky Technical Support My name is ***, and I'll be with you on this case. It is really unfortunate that you are having such issue. Rest assured that we are here to assist you on this matter. Please refer to the supported browser list in: https://support.kaspersky.com/KPM/AndroidTR40/en-US/153891.htm Regarding the biometric fingerprint unlock for PC. We will send this suggestion to the correct team. Right now it's hard for us to say how long it will take to implement them because all features are planned and evaluated way in advance. But do keep an eye out for updates! Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further inquiries as we are always more than happy to help. Have a nice day! *** **** | Kaspersky Technical Support"
  8. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for the reply. Yep, the "I have a suggestion" was submitted. INC000012501190 Cheers
  9. Hi nexon, Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it's great that support for PC was implemented. Creating a ticket gave the following response "Please refer to the supported browser list in: https://support.kaspersky.com/KPM/AndroidTR40/en-US/153891.htm".​ In other words, stating the obvious. I do have to say though, knowing that support for Android, isn't going to be implemented anytime soon, and the hassle of manual input, is pushing me to change password managers. (Rather not give up Brave)
  10. Hey guys, Hope all are well. With the update and release supporting brave browser on PC, why would there be no update to support integration for the Brave browser on Android, will this be implemented any time soon? It rather annoying always having to open KPM, manually find entry and then copy.
  11. Well, in any case, it's still pretty cool and amazing! :) Meh, the update will happen when it’s ready.
  12. Thanks for the info! It’s probably the first time if ever had a follow-up response to a product suggestion/improvement! :) It’s really great to see companies actively engaging with their customers. Still on version (m), hopefully, the patch will be released in Aus soon. ​​​​@Flood and Flood's wife, why is it that your KPM GUI looks “nicer” & even has the Password Generator, accessible? Second screenshot is mine. “Flood and Flood's wife”
  13. Hey guys, I too had also created a feedback/suggestion request for the inclusion of the Brave browser, just thought everyone on this thread would like to know the latest response: (Nothing too new) Support response Nov 10 2020, 2:08:53 AM We would like to inform you that "Brave" browser is currently not supported by Kaspersky. We have a suggestion to have Brave browser supported in the future update, and it is still in process. So I guess they are at least considering it but ​​hopefully that means support will be developed soonish.
  14. Really hoping that Kaspersky will implement support for the Brave browser as well as fingerprint unlock for KPM PC.
  15. Hi Flood, thanks for the welcome. INC000011849639 Support response Aug 31 2020, 11:52:59 PM Thank you for your patience. My apologies for the delayed response. Our Escalation Team have just replied to us with the latest update. Thank you for sharing your ideas, we have passed them on to our development team. Right now it's hard for us to say how long it will take to implement them because all features are planned and evaluated way in advance. But do keep an eye out for updates! Thank you for your time. Have a good day! Technical Support Representative Cheers
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