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  1. By default, as far as I know, Kaspersky updates itself every 2 hours. Also, if you look on your main UI Home Timeline, it will show you that history.
  2. Agree with @kmscom it could be a region thing? I had no problem from the US connecting with or without using a VPN. Brave browser.
  3. Hello @SudoSlayer As well as with @Berny helpful reply above, you can also use the search option, which does come in handy.
  4. I agree, and I have Liked the above 2 posts, so I'm not into the blind faith approach in what Kaspersky finds, either. But, I guess the "saving grace" is that Kaspersky isn't finding 60-80-100 issues? Run CCleaner or Glary Utilities and I bet they'll find those higher numbers, they do show the key information, but at least Kaspersky seems conservative in what it finds. Last time it was 6 reg keys, now it is only 2.
  5. Hi @Needinfo From more of a normal user side, a question you maybe didn't consider, is the processes and amount of RAM Plus (in my case) uses. My specs as well. The nice feature that came out recently, is the search box at the top of the UI, which can really be helpful. Also, you can enable full-screen mode to see and scroll the multiple options better. Some of the Preformance options I disabled from running in the background, and will run those on demand when desired. I also disabled the Background scan in the Security/Choose Scan/ options. I use another VPN, but Kaspersky's seemed pretty nice from when I did use it. Plus on Android has been performing very well on my device, with no battery drain or issues. Otherwise, there are quite a few notifications you can disable to quiet it down. Go to the gear icon on the bottom left of the main UI/Interface settings and scroll down to Notifications and below it. The best thing you can do as @Flood and Flood's wife mentioned, is to run a trial of it and see how you like it. Kaspersky does uninstall pretty cleanly as well.
  6. @Flood and Flood's wife that's the only thing I could figure, too. And in my Kaspersky Plus, as well as with your Premium, if I just leave that typed in the search box, it will stay there unless I hit the X. So if I just leave that search and click my mouse in the search box, it automatically goes to the Firewall panel. Unfortunately, it's not like we can go into Program Files (x86) and find a shortcut to link to the Desktop, but it seems like that's the best that can be done.
  7. Downvoted where? I just see some of us following this topic and that @Berny and I Like your post, that you said you'll keep us in touch if you get a solution from support?
  8. Hi @Terry753 I get those too. Kaspersky Plus on Windows 11 23H2. I just think it's Kaspersky? not knowing how to interpret it or from the app itself. It's never been a worry for me. And Kaspersky Standard beta on a Windows 10 22H2 PC.
  9. @LICIL It sounds like you pretty much answered your own question. Kaspersky Plus in and of itself is wonderful protection, along with our common sense web surfing, email, etc habits. I do the same thing, just run the occasional 2nd opinion scan which hasn't found anything else, anything new, either. Cheers 🙂
  10. @Flood and Flood's wife I admired the wonderful, succinct, and step-by-step instructions you provide here on the forum, thank you :) @Bav I know exactly what you're saying, and I may take @harlan4096 advice and fill out a feedback ticket for this option as well. I have 7 devices in my home office network, 4 of which have Kaspersky Plus installed, and the other 3 with a different AV that use Windows firewall. I use the Glasswire free version on my main PC, as to monitor those first-time outbound connections. So I know what you're saying, otherwise, I would probably use Kaspersky on that PC as well, as per your first post feedback. Just a simple pop-up option to notify, and then allow/deny outbound connections would be wonderful. And thank goodness in v21.15 allows a search within the app itself, it comes in handy in finding a feature or setting I'm looking for :) Kind regards.
  11. Agree with @Crylune I just tried it on my end, even running uBlock. Try disabling all your extensions, then re-enable them one at a time to see if one of those is causing the issue. Kaspersky Plus Edge v.119.0.2151.97
  12. I don't know about just disabling the firewall, as Kaspersky Plus has so many other background processes that could be running in tandem with the firewall (can it truly totally be disabled?), it may be asking for trouble, especially with how intense Comodo is by itself. I agree with @Berny let Plus function as how it was designed to, that's where it's getting some of the best protection ratings as in AV-Comparatives, independent tests etc. Just my opinion in trying to make things work together.
  13. Agree with the above two posts, no unnecessary prompts when you follow their screenshots. Two Kaspersky Plus installs and a Beta Standard are running smoothly and quietly on 3 PCs.
  14. Hi @shindegeist That's really not going to happen unless you use a 3rd party app, browser extension, and even those get circumvented by YouTube after a bit. So it's not a Kaspersky issue or setting that can take care of it. Go to Malwaretips forum and search "YouTube ads" for anything that may be of help. I spend enough time on YouTube to justify the cost of a Premium membership, so, fortunately, I don't have to deal with that cat-and-mouse ad game on YouTube. Regards.
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