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  1. Hello fanto666, sorry for the delay. Should be solved with the new patch (April 8, 2019 - Patch E). Please try again if you have the latest patch, verify here: https://support.kaspersky.com/13875#block1
  2. Hello sudip_basnet, from your GSI log there don't seem to be any particular problems. Please try to clean your Temp Directory, instructions here: https://support.kaspersky.com/1161 Then, reboot your PC > try again the installation (download your Kaspersky version here: https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/). Let me know.
  3. Hi dmw, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. For a better answer please contact Tech Support here: center.kaspersky.com They will provide you the best solution to prevent your child from uninstalling the application Safe Kids.
  4. Hello bgfrayman, thank you for your feedback. If the Tech Support provides you the solution, then you can post it here to help other users with the same problem.
  5. If you want to post the solution (provided by Technical Support), it could help other users. Thank you.
  6. Also, if the error is that you are "outside Australia", surely you will have active Kaspersky Secure Connection which is installed together with Kaspersky AV. Please check in the active applications if there is a Kaspersky Secure Connection icon.
  7. Hi sudip_basnet, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. Please upload your files here: https://www.getsysteminfo.com After that, reply with the generated link.
  8. Also, if you're not sure what you're doing please read this: https://help.kaspersky.com/KAV/2018/en-US/70886.htm
  9. Hello fbccherokee. Please contact Tech Support: center.kaspersky.com
  10. Hi saIamander, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. Then, when in Exclusions you exclude a file/folder from the scan, it will be excluded from all scans (Quick, Full, Selective). We can try with this: in your Exclusions list edit your rule and uncheck "Scan" (in this way the files will be scanned, see the attached); open Kaspersky > Settings > Scan > Advanced Settings > Full Scan settings > Edit scan scope for Full Scan > Add... > choose your folder and click Select > uncheck the newly added folder to the list; repeat step 2. for Quick Scan.
  11. Hi mike kapersky, thanks for the continuous feedback. You can contact the Tech Support for more information on solving the problem (and when it will be solved).
  12. Hi bgfrayman, it is most likely a compatibility issue with the firmware of your phone. You can downgrade the firmware or wait for an app update.
  13. Hi MHarrelson85, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. In addition to the above post, the best thing would be to completely remove the old version using the official tool provided by Kaspersky Lab: kavremover Then reboot the PC, install the latest version of Kaspersky you purchased, do a database update, reboot, database update again. Enjoy!
  14. Hello hobbitmann, if the result is "No threats detected in..." you can click Submit for analysis for further analysis. If after that, Kaspersky Lab says that it's safe then it is.
  15. 100% scam email. Obviously pay nothing. They make you believe that they sent an email from your account but they use software that makes you believe that it is. They don't have access to your mailbox. Keep the device and the software updated and always use different passwords for each site (a password manager can help you).
  16. I think that is not possible, the only way is switching using the taskbar.
  17. In addition, if you haven't found the version you were looking for: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/
  18. Welcome to the new Kaspersky Community. No chance at the moment. From Kaspersky Support: "We would like to inform you that with the introduction of the 2019 version, the Anti-Spam plugin in all versions of Outlook has been discontinued. That is why you no longer see it and even a re-installation would not work, it is by design. The reasons behind this decision are the decline in the number of customer using this feature and the fact that the majority of them use web-based email services. Bear in mind that this is the only change. The remaining parts of Anti-Spam will still be operating as usual (the component will be scanning and checking network traffic for spam). Mail Anti-Virus and its plugin were left intact, everything remains the same. Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause."
  19. In addition to the useful posts above: with Kaspersky Free installed, the Firewall protection will be active that of Windows Defender, since in the Free version of Kaspersky (KFA) it's not included.
  20. Interesting. I will send this feedback to Technical Support, to see if there has been any incompatibility problem. Igor Kurzin
  21. Some technical problems can always happen. I understand the frustration but by contacting Technical Support you will resolve. Be happy with Kaspersky products! :slight_smile:
  22. Domungo81, se necessiti un aiuto in italiano prima segui i passaggi elencati da Caos. Scarica il programma da lui suggerito (poi chiudi tutti i programmi in esecuzione e disabilita momentaneamente l'antivirus), esegui una scansione con esso e successivamente commenta questo post con il log generato dalla scansione stessa (il file generato lo trovi anche in questo percorso "C: \ AdwCleaner \ AdwCleaner [C0] .txt").
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