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  1. This looks like a good news. However even after complete KIS reinstall, KIS reports and nothing changed. I have updated just a while ago...
  2. I feel I have to repeat it for the fourth time: I want to turn web browsing control off, but leave parental control on, e.g. for time restrictions. This can be disabled globally by disabling "Web antivirus". However accounts with parental control have it enabled even when I explicitly disable web browsing for them. This has NOTHING to do with browser setup, only with KIS set up. Also: you should understand that HSTS means "HTTP Strict Transport security" which means that no security certificate (including KIS) will be accepted, except google's. That would require browser plugin. Fortunately,it existed in previous KIS versions even for seamonkey, because it's mozillabased, so firefox plugin worked. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available now.
  3. sure, this is the HSTS error on youtube: and this is the reason, KIS pushes own certificate between browser and web. This is taken from google.com because trying to access youtube I won't get even here (google.com has apparently HSTS turned off): This happens even when internet access restrictions are disabled: I understand that in order to restrict or control web access it is important to put kaspersky between web browser and the server, and that kaspersy can only provide its own certificate. But when I remove that restriction, KIS should not do that. I want to have at least time restrictions working but the web only works when I turn parental control off which is not what I want.
  4. I'm not asking to switch KIS language, since it is already set to english. When user's keyboard is switched to non-english, I can't switch keyboards using hotkey in KIS, because the hotkey does not work. I must switch using mouse keys on taskbar, which is annoying.
  5. Guys, I want to disable web browsing controls, not to enable them and add a bunch of exclusions. And while I have configured it to be disabled, it is not, and spoils web browsing.
  6. when entering password to KIS2019 application, the language switch hotkey (left alt+shift) does not work. is it a kind of safe keyboard handling? is it possible to make language switch hotkey working?
  7. When I enable parental control for my daughter, youtube access is blocked by browser with HSTS error, even when I disable any internet/web browsing control for her. https://www.seamonkey-browser.org/ works w/o problems, but not youtube. The only way to enable youtube is to disable parental control and reboot the computer. the web anti-virus is disabled, like safe money. is it possible to enable parental control without web access being crippled? windows 7, KIS (d)
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