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popup of kaspersky password manager crashes

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7 hours ago, Frans Dircks said:

Kaspersky password's popup crashes. When I request a ww I get a popup and it freezes, does anyone have a solution for this

Hello @Frans Dircks


  • Is it just the Sessy.nl portal or *every* request? 

IF it's just Sessy, they're in the process of upgrading their portal & a database migration & advise the work will be complete by the 23rd of Feb, 2024. 

IF it's *every* website, please share the following information: 

  1. macOS version, refer: Find out which macOS your Mac is using
  2. KPM version, open KPM, select Settings icon⚙, select About
  3. Browser & version used? 
  4. Has the issue always existed or is new? 
  5. If re-installing the software doesn't work, please contact Kaspersky Customer Service, on the support page, https://support.kaspersky.com/nl/b2c/nl#contacts - select either Chat or Email, then fill in the template as shown below; please include any screen images of the error & a *detailed* history. Support may request logs, traces & other data; they will guide you:


Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏

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On 2/18/2024 at 7:34 PM, Frans Dircks said:

It's with every password request. and I've already reinstalled the password manager. Mac version is Sonoma 14.3.1

3 minutes ago, Frans Dircks said:
  1. I turned off the extension in safari and so far it works. We'll wait and see

Hello @Frans Dircks

Thank you for the information provided 18th, Feb, 2024 & just now! 

  1. Excellent that you've found a solution, well done👏 Not so excellent if (you're) unable to use the KPM extension, would you mind sharing the extension *version* details please, so we can check? 

Thank you🙏

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