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Massive Bug while scanning!

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Guys I got a massive bug while using the scan function!

I started the scan and watched some youtube, then my computer warned me about my storage running low... I was curious becaus I was sure I had 70 GB left the I checked it was nearly full. I though it is a windows update so I unpluged my internet but the storage keeped decreasing and faster then my normal internet speed. I panicked and pulled the plug, now it does not increase anymore. I could not understand what the problem is but I guees that its the scan so I installed a software that showed me the actuall storage space and look at this:Untitled.thumb.png.1d110ba5489f852c59e22a835042a4e5.png


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I followed a youtube tutorial how to delete the folder and it worked

if you need this also: pause kaspersky then go into options and disable the self defense of kaspersky (this option normaly does not allow to mess with its files even when disabled), then I could finally delete it.

But how can I be sure this never happenes again???

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