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  1. I tried everything in this list and nothing helped me! At the end I reinstalled the programm and now it works. BUT I want to rant now how stupidly hidden the download button for kaspersky is! I searched for 40 minutes how to download something I paid about 500 € in my lifetime already! The layout of the pages are horrible! And whats with the new programms? Kaspersky Premium? I have Total Security for 2 years (625 days left), and they dont give me my free upgrade!!! I am forced to pay again to get the new programm, yes I would keep my days left, but still that is such a spit in the face for a longime customer! With the recent events and dont know if commiting for 3 years today is very wise. At the end I found Total Security and download it.
  2. Hey guys! Suddenly I cant update kaspersky anymore! I have several devices and it works there (same home connection, also Windows 10, everything same I would think). Can someone help me please. I did not change/install anything new.
  3. I followed a youtube tutorial how to delete the folder and it worked if you need this also: pause kaspersky then go into options and disable the self defense of kaspersky (this option normaly does not allow to mess with its files even when disabled), then I could finally delete it. But how can I be sure this never happenes again???
  4. Guys I got a massive bug while using the scan function! I started the scan and watched some youtube, then my computer warned me about my storage running low... I was curious becaus I was sure I had 70 GB left the I checked it was nearly full. I though it is a windows update so I unpluged my internet but the storage keeped decreasing and faster then my normal internet speed. I panicked and pulled the plug, now it does not increase anymore. I could not understand what the problem is but I guees that its the scan so I installed a software that showed me the actuall storage space and look at this: PLEASE HELP!
  5. Thank you everyone for the fast and helpful responses! I tried the first suggestion, from Moderator Schulte, and I think that is the function I was searching for (well, unfortunatly also many steps, but atleast I can add an app without starting it). I am very greatful for all your help. I hope in the future this process could be speed-up by right-clicking the file and managing it directly. Thanks again.
  6. Hey guys! Sometimes I need to block a program in the kaspersky firewall, I am doing it by clicking on the gear symbol, then firewall, then manage the programm rules. That are a freaking lot of steps on the one hand and on the other hand, sometimes the programs are not listed there before I start them the first time. SO I need to unblug by internet, start close the program and then again try to block it in the firewall. But even then some .exe are still not visible there! Is there a better step to block stuff in firewall? I want to right click an .exe and open it in Kaspersky with the option to reduce its rights and turn off the inet connection! Or atleast having a real search function in the kaspersky rule tab, because there I can only search for programs that have been yet started, I want to search by location and put in stuff that kaspersky is not aware of yet. I hope that I just did not find the function, and someone can teach me. But if there is indeed no function like this, it needs to be added very soon!
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