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How to get a genuine app verified by Kaspersky


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Hello everyone 🙂

We have developed a genuine Electron app for communication, but Kaspersky is categorizing our application under the Low Restricted in Trust Group. Upon reviewing the application rules, our certificate status is listed as Trusted (not approved).

As far as we understood, if our certificate's signature is verified by Kaspersky, the app should be automatically treated as Trusted. Is this assumption accurate? If so, how can we go about getting our app's signature verified by Kaspersky?

Best regards,

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Hey @Berny, Yeah sure!

We are basically facing that issue on Windows 11 Pro x64 with Kaspersky Premium installed.
As I softphone app, we require microphone access to perform the calls. As I can see other apps are automatically added to Trusted Group by Kaspersky and does not display the popup "Is attempting to access the mic".  As far as we understood in Kaspersky documentation, if our app certificate signature is verified by Kaspersky, the app should be automatically treated as Trusted. However, I didn't find much documentation on how to do that.





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 Please see  Webcam and Mic Control ?



→ Go to Privacy → Webcam and Mic Control settings → ⚙️ → Intrusion prevention
→ In the list, select the application for which you want to allow/deny webcam access.
→ Right-click  application name → select “Details and rules” to open  “Application rules” window
→ Select "Rights" →  Suspicious modifications in the operating system →  Access webcam
→ Action  →  Allow / Deny  → Save

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In addition to what @Berny explained to you, you can try to contact technical support → Technical Support requesting and asking for help to inform you of the technical characteristics that you must achieve for your application to be automatically placed in the trusted group.

Criteria that cause a given application to be placed in the untrusted and low and high restriction group:

  • Do not have a valid digital signature
  • Not known by KSN and/or does not have a good reputation
  • The origin of the application is unknown
  • The supplier is not trustworthy according to KSN
  • The application has suspicious behavior
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