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  1. i contacted support service, he did the same. Thanks a lot
  2. i recently updated my windows, now i am having a problem i.e. application is not starting, after some pause it is closing automatically. any solution please...
  3. that is the issue..if i do what u have just suggested, ksp internet security extension does not work in brave browser...there is trade off..by the way thanks a lot
  4. please help me with one more thing...how to enable kaspersky password manager extension in brave browser.
  5. thanks friend, same thing i was doing earlier, but unfortunately. it is working but after adding chrome.exe.. thanks a lot again
  6. internet security extension in brave browser is not working. application features like pc cleaner, privacy cleaner etc not working, but the same is perfectly fine with chrome browser. Any answer.. please
  7. hi i recently updated to windows 11 beta. Since then webcam protection is not working though it is enabled to block all applications from accessing it. Any answer.. please
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