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  1. Sorry I've taken so long to reply to you Harlan4096. I think I may have.
  2. Hello Kas Today I attempted to login to my.kaspersky account on my PC, after finding I couldn't remove an application. So I attempted the PC Clean in my Total Kaspersky Application. I was then requested a password, so I used what has been installed via my browser cookies. I have Google Chrome, Windows Edge and Firefox browsers. I found that none of the browser's will open my Kaspersky account, so I reset my password which seemed to go well, using the Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard until I tried to login again, but I cannot get access on my PC, but I can login on my phone, just no where else. Am also being asked for a 'captcha', but no captcha is being produced. Why am I being asked for a 'captcha' that's not being produced, as shown in my attached picture.
  3. Dear ElvinE5 Thank you for your reply. I should of placed a screenshot up, so am adding one here to help with understanding my view.
  4. Hello Everyone I am looking for help with a dialogue message box that requests a password to archive an item, but it seems that my passwords are not being recognised. I expected the password that would be used would be my MyKaspersky or MyPasswordManager Passwords that I would use, but these don't seem to work, as the message box keeps returning. I cannot understand why my password is not being recognised, can I get help for this issue please.
  5. Dear Kas Community Support I have noticed today that I my Kaspersky Password Manager on my PC is not logging in with my password, but my phones Kaspersky Password Manager does login with the password I have for my account. I have just noticed that my Total Kaspersky will not update the either. I have been having some other issues in the last month. My Windows and Java hasn't been updating for the past month and I uninstalled the Java to clean install and it hasn't been able to install since. Today I also noticed that I no longer have any space on my 1TB SSD, like something has been filling up my SSD. Why would I be able to login on my phone but not on my PC?
  6. Hello Kas Forum Users I was wondering if anyone can help me with this simple search issue I have. I would like to safely remove duplicate files from a folder from a external drive I have continually attached to my PC, but I cannot find the "Performance Tab" section which I believe should give me access my PC Drives, Folders and Files: Found in Google Search "https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=remove+duplicate+files+using+kaspersky+total+security&ei=BHr8Y9afEMvvgAa5obnwAQ&oq=remove+duplicate+files+using+kaspersky+&gs_lcp=Cgxnd3Mtd2l6LXNlcnAQARgAMgUIIRCgATIFCCEQoAEyBQghEKABMgUIIRCgAToICAAQhgMQsANKBAhBGAFQ0AhY0AhgzxtoAXAAeACAAc4BiAHOAZIBAzItMZgBAKABAcgBAsABAQ&sclient=gws-wiz-serp" Open the main application window of Kaspersky. Go to the Performance section. Select the search area in the drop-down list in the Duplicate Files section. Click the Find button. In the search results window, select the files and click Delete. " The Kaspersky application I have installed is: "Kaspersky Total Security" and it seems that it does not have a "Performance Tab Section", unless it is explained in a different way on this version app. I noticed that the "Kaspersky Plus" has the Performance Tab configured as a feature in its desktop application, as in the picture I have given as an attachment. I hope someone can guide me with this issue, please
  7. I have been getting this notification that the "authenticity cannot be guaranteed" for map.windows.com and given the option to disconnect or continue. When I look place the domain into my browser, it cannot be reached. Should I continue or disconnect this authorisation?
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