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Difficulty Login-In


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Hello Kas 

Today I attempted to login to my.kaspersky account on my PC, after finding I couldn't remove an application. So I attempted the PC Clean in my Total Kaspersky Application.

I was then requested a password, so I used what has been installed via my browser cookies.

I have Google Chrome, Windows Edge and Firefox browsers.

I found that none of the browser's will open my Kaspersky account, so I reset my password which seemed to go well, using the Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard until I tried to login again, but I cannot get access on my PC, but I can login on my phone, just no where else.

Am also being asked for a 'captcha', but no captcha is being produced.

Why am I being asked for a 'captcha' that's not being produced, as shown in my attached picture.


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