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VPN ver and DNS Leak Testing... leak detected/confirmed

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I'm running v21.3.10.391 of Kaspersky PVN (paid version).  The VPn seems to be working just fine.  But, when I run a DNS leak test on https://dnsleaktest.com/results.html, it confirms that DNS is routed via my local ISP provider, AT&T, through their DNS servers.  I can also confirm that while the DNS address is listed as and for "wi-fi" and is and for the Kaspersky Data Escort... the DNS Name is attlocal.net.  This is the AT&T DNS server.  My PC is connected to the AT&T router and that router can not be configured to change the DNS settings.

How do I enable a DNS tunnel to protect DNS queries from going to AT&T?  There's little point in using a VPN service if my traffic is visible to my ISP. 

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